Actovegin or Solcoseryl, which is more effective

These medications are included in one pharmacological group. They are designed to stimulate metabolic processes, improve cellular nutrition, cerebral circulation. Positive effect on the nervous system.

They contain the same active substance, therefore they have a similar effect on the body and the principle of work. Endowed with general indications for use, contraindications, adverse reactions. Both are prescription drugs, so you will need a form from a doctor before you buy.

In addition to these similarities, there are certain differences between them. The main ones include:

  1. Country of origin. Actovegin is produced in Russia, Solcoseryl is a Swiss drug.
  2. Release form. Domestic remedy has a tablet and injection form. The analogue can be purchased in the form of injections, gel and ointments. In the form of tablets, it is not produced.
  3. Cost. Both medicines are quite expensive drugs, but Actovegin has a lower price – about 600 rubles per pack of 5 ampoules. Solcoseryl will cost 1800 rubles for the same package. This difference in price due to different production technologies and raw materials used.
Since both tools have a completely identical composition, it is allowed to replace each other. The advantage of Actovegin is the price, which is 3 times lower than the cost of Solcoseryl. For this reason, many people prefer the domestic remedy. In terms of efficiency, it is in no way inferior, and it will be possible to save money.

Also, the choice will depend on what form of release is required. If you need an oral dose, Actovegin is suitable, if you need an ointment or gel, then you should take a closer look at the analogue.

These medicines can not be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. Only he can decide what is suitable for each patient, depending on the diagnosis, the characteristics of his body, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases. Self-treatment can lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, do not delay the visit to the doctor.

Disruption of the cellular nutrition of the brain can lead to adverse consequences. To improve the metabolic processes of the nervous system, rapid tissue repair, special medicines are used. It is important to choose the necessary remedy, on which the effectiveness of the therapy will depend. Doctors often use Actovegin and Solcoseryl in their practice.

Characteristics of the drug Actovegin

It is a drug that activates tissue metabolism, as well as improves cell nutrition and regeneration. It has a metabolic effect, protects brain cells from damage, enriches the blood with oxygen. In addition, it increases the speed of capillary blood supply, improves the general condition of the central and peripheral nervous system. It is released in the form of film-coated tablets, injection solutions, gel and ointment.


It has the following indications for use:

  • Memory problems, decreased mental performance compared to baseline data (including conditions after strokes)
  • The breakdown of mental functions.
  • Slowing blood circulation within certain organs, as well as its consequences.
  • Impaired muscle function in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Contraindications include:

  1. Increased susceptibility to active or excipients.
  2. Acute heart failure, in which the organ loses its ability to deliver blood.
  3. Fluid accumulation in the lungs.
  4. Decrease in the daily urine production rate.
  5. Discontinuation of urine into the bladder.
  6. Children and adolescents under 18 years.

During pregnancy and lactation, the use of this medication is undesirable. It is allowed to apply in the case when the therapeutic benefit may exceed the potential danger to the child.

During the reception, the occurrence of side effects is not ruled out:

  • An increase in body temperature, symptoms of anaphylactic shock.
  • Nettle rash, redness.
  • Acute or dull muscle pain resulting from a spasm.

Due to the possible risk of an acute shock reaction, it is recommended that a hypersensitivity test be performed before the injection.

Characterization of the drug Solcoseryl

It is a drug that stimulates tissue metabolism, as well as improves trophism, regeneration processes. It supplies cells with oxygen, glucose, activates the repair system, increases the synthesis of collagen in the walls of blood vessels. Available in injections for intramuscular and intravenous administration, as well as in the form of a gel and ointment.


Indications include:

  • Deterioration of peripheral arterial or venous blood supply.
  • Occlusion of lower limb arteries.
  • Chronic venous insufficiency with concomitant trophic disturbance.
  • Deterioration of cerebral circulation, including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, as well as mechanical damage to the skull.

Contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Persons under the age of eighteen.
  2. Pregnancy, breastfeeding (due to insufficient safety information).
  3. Intolerance to incoming components.

It is recommended to take increased caution in patients with renal failure, heart rhythm disturbance, and an increased concentration of potassium in the blood.

Of the undesirable side effects, nettle fever, fever, bruising in the injection area can be detected. If these symptoms appear, it is recommended that you stop taking it and take appropriate symptomatic therapy.

Sold according to the doctor’s prescription form.

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