Advantan cream or Advantan ointment, drug choice

What is the best ointment or cream? Even an experienced specialist will not be able to give an exact answer to this question, because the use in the treatment of various forms of the disease is purely individual in nature and depends not only on the diagnosis, duration of the disease, but also on the structure of the skin. The choice of funds must be approached with all responsibility and understanding of the problem, which must be addressed.

For example, an emulsion or cream is often used for the baby’s skin, since they have a light texture and fast absorption, which helps to protect the baby from getting the product on the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory organs.

Most often, ointment and less often cream are used in the treatment of adult patients to alleviate or eliminate severe skin diseases that have a chronic form, as well as in the treatment of patients prone to frequent exacerbations and suffering from diseases such as allergic dermatitis and all types of eczema.

To summarize, I would like to tell everyone who values ​​their health before using the Advantan drug to definitely get the advice of an experienced specialist and carefully read the instructions. Remember, not everything that works flawlessly and helps one patient will fit another. Know the price of your health and use only high-quality drugs that have proven themselves in the market from the best side for treatment.

Modern pharmacy products have a wide range of functions. Their purpose is an individual orientation in the application and often plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable human life. Consider in detail the popular drug Advantan and talk about the features, scope, processes and reactions in which it is used.

The tool has several forms of release:

  1. Cream.
  2. Ointment.
  3. The ointment is oily.
  4. Emulsion.

Consider the first two points that are used more often than others, and therefore are in great demand in the market for quality pharmacy products related to epidermal diseases.

Advantan’s advantage is the peculiarity of the work of an effective composition, the components of which find the inflamed area and eliminate it. Plus, the fact that the use of this tool does not have a negative effect on the body system.

Features of Advantan – cream

The cream is represented by a therapeutic composition that contains a minimum of fatty components and a maximum of water. Experts recommend using the cream with a mild lesion or with an exacerbated inflammation, but without an obvious discharge of the anemone or pus, which sometimes occur in skin cracks. The cream is intended for sensitive as well as oily skin and it is used both on the smooth and on the hairy surface of the epidermis.

Advantan Cream

Features Advantan – ointments

The ointment consists of therapeutic components, which are represented by mild liquid paraffin, water and paraffin. The treatment product has an equal content of fat and water. Experts advise using it in chronic diseases with a clear focus of inflammation, but without a pronounced discharge of the syringes or pus. Ointment has a beneficial effect on the epidermis, relieves the skin of a lack of moisture, nourishes it and restores balance.

Advantan Ointment

Common features of the two components

Ointment and cream, despite a different composition, have some similarities. These 2 formulas are the same when it comes to high-quality treatment and restoration of the epidermis. They are equally applicable for diseases such as:

  • Dermatitis of various types.
  • Eczema (normal, degenerative and dyshidrotic)

Advantan, regardless of the form of release, has the correct composition and is filled with therapeutic components that not only eliminate small foci of inflammation, but also solve global problems – they fight allergies, itching, peeling, redness and swelling. Often inflammation and itching occur in the process of combining prostaglandins with leukotrienes, but the drug slows down the synthesis and thereby eliminates inflammation and relieves the skin of unpleasant sensations.

There is similarity in the external structure of the drug, which is represented by a light, white, sometimes yellowish substrate.

The common features of the two forms in question are distribution and scope. Advantan, regardless of the constituent components, is applied several times a day to the inflamed area in small quantities and, without rubbing it to the end, is left on the skin.

Despite the difference in composition, the price of ointment and cream is almost the same and the shelf life is also the same – 3 years from the date of production. It is also important that the remedy is very popular, and most importantly safe, as evidenced by the use even for treating babies from an early age.
Application Differences

When choosing a base, the determining criterion is the type of epidermis of a patient suffering from inflammation of the skin. With normal and dry type, ointment is used. It is prescribed by specialists in chronic diseases, since this form accelerates regeneration.

For oily and combination skin, it is preferable to use a cream. Its advantages are the ability to quickly absorb and perfectly moisturize the skin from the outside and from the inside. The cream is usually used in the treatment and elimination of mild forms of skin diseases, when the epidermis does not require long-term hydration and long-term comprehensive treatment.

Each form is distinguished from each other by such important factors as:

  1. Consistency.
  2. The penetration rate of the constituent components.
  3. The composition of additional excipients.
  4. The ability to use the product on a specific area of ​​the skin.

You should understand the importance of using different forms of Advantan, which requires, first of all, consulting an experienced dermatologist, determining the diagnosis, and after an individually selected form of a medical product with a detailed application scheme.

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