Bicillin 3 and Bicillin 5, drug choice

We can say that this is one and the same drug. He has only indications, contraindications, side effects. Available in the same form. They belong to the same pharmacological group.

The difference in composition in the amount of contained basic substances. Bicillin-5 is used in the treatment of children. It is used only intramuscularly.

Bicillin-3 is prescribed for patients with infectious diseases, the causative agents of which are microorganisms sensitive to the drug. It is used when a prolonged presence of the drug is required in the blood.

For instance:

  • Pharyngitis or tonsillitis caused by streptococci.
  • Systemic venereal disease is syphilis.
  • Erysipelas caused by group A streptococci
  • Rheumatism in the acute stage.

Not suitable for individuals with individual intolerance to antibiotics included in penicillin, cephalosporin groups and novocaine. Patients diagnosed with hay fever, urticaria should carefully approach treatment with Bicillin-3.

The drug causes erythema rashes in patients with acute lymphovenosis / infectious mononucleosis. Diabetes mellitus reduces the absorption of active substances. The use of a medicinal product is prohibited during the period of gestation, lactation and for the children’s category.

Bicillin-5 is used in all cases, as is Bicillin-3. The doctor decides what dosage and in which case it will be required. The main purpose of the drug is prophylactic. To exclude recurrence of rheumatism in all groups of patients.

It is used only in the form of intramuscular injections. The dose for children 3-8 years old is 600000ED / 1 time after 3 weeks.

After 8 years of age – 1200000 units / 1 time after 4 weeks. The course of therapy is prescribed by the attending physician and is 3-12 months.

The adult category of patients is administered 15000000ED / 1 time after 4 months. In the preparation of the suspension for the treatment of children, novocaine solution is not used.

Infectious diseases caused by a number of bacteria are difficult to cure without antibacterial agents. It’s even harder to find an antibiotic that can cope with sensitive pests.

Even if the instructions for the drug have indications for this, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage of the main active substance. For example, Bicillin-3 and Bicillin-5. When is it better to apply each of them and what is the difference between them?


The drug is a white powder mixture, sometimes acquiring a yellowish tint. A suspension is prepared from the mixture by dilution with special solvents. After that, they are used for intramuscular injections.


The drug is included in the group of antibiotics used systemically. It is in a combination of penicillins that affect the action of a group of bacterial enzymes.

The powder is in glass vials. Each will intervene in 600 thousand units of a mixture of bicillin-1 and benzylpenicillins.

The dosage form has an antibacterial effect by slowing down the binding of mucopeptides of the cell wall of gram-positive / gram-negative / anaerobic microorganisms. The drug is not active against protozoa, viruses, fungi, mycobacteria and many gram-negative bacteria.

Bicillin-3 is indicated for intramuscular injection. For an hour it is distributed in muscle mass, body fluids, reaches fibrinous tissues. When excreted, it is found in saliva, milk, bile, sweat, urine.

Bicillin-3 can cause negative changes in the central nervous system in the form of:

  • Nervous overexcitation.
  • Headache.
  • Gagging.
  • Nausea.
  • Myalgia, arthralgia.
  • Involuntary muscle cramps.
  • Coma

If these symptoms are present, therapy is discontinued. Symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

The medicine causes a number of undesirable effects from various life systems:

  1. CNS: ear noise, headache with periods of dizziness.
  2. Immune system: rashes on the skin, accompanied by itching, fever, chills, swelling; different types of dermatitis; erythema.
  3. Respiratory organs – spasms of the bronchi, larynx.
  4. Digestive system: nausea; vomiting reflex; inflammation of the gums, tongue, gall bladder, large intestine, liver; diarrhea.
  5. Genitourinary system – inflammation of the kidneys.
  6. CCC: drops in blood pressure; cardiopalmus; myocardial impairment.

The medicine is not combined with other solutions for injection.

Bicillin 5

The drug is in powder form. It looks white / yellowish. It is used to prepare a liquid with suspended fine solids of a substance that is injected. The powder is packaged in penicillin vials of 1.5 million units of a mixture consisting of bicillin-1 and benzylpenicillin.

Bicillin 5

Refers to the antibacterial group used systemically. It is among the penicillins that affect Ol-lactamases.

It has an antibacterial effect on gram-positive bacteria, except those that secrete penicillinlinase. Gram-positive and anaerobic microorganisms fall under its influence. Resistant to mycobacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.

Bicillin-5 can be administered parenterally, but only in adult patients. In general, it is used intramuscularly. The tool is prepared before injection. The powder is diluted with sodium chloride 9% / novocaine 0.25-0.5% / water for injection. The first two solvents are analgesic.

A drug product that crystallizes in the needle. Therefore, after the suspension is prepared and drawn into a syringe, it is necessary to quickly and deeply insert the needle into the outer upper square of the buttock. If the medication is not included with the introduction, you need to pull the syringe plunger slightly towards you. If there is no effect, it is necessary to replace the needle and repeat the manipulation.

A few hours after the injection, the concentration of the substance is determined in the blood of the patient. The action is carried out for a month. It is excreted by the urinary system. Partially: sputum, salivary and sweat glands. It penetrates into breast milk, which is a warning to nursing mothers.

The drug is not combined with NSAIDs. Affects the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and ethinyl estradiol.

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