Glycine or Afobazole, which is more effective

The right choice of one or another remedy depends on the symptoms of a person. If maximum anxiety or anxiety is expressed, then Afobazol will quickly cope with the problem. When there is mild irritability, nervous tension, excitement, or upcoming hard mental work, you can choose Glycine.

Glycine is a more gentle means, because it contains an amino acid, so this drug is often prescribed for pregnant women and children. It relaxes nerves, improves mood, eliminates depression, all these symptoms are often found in expectant mothers. Students and adolescents need to start a course of admission in order to improve memory, increase strength and activate brain activity.

Afobazole is a strong drug, has a chemical composition. Helps people with prolonged stress, it is indispensable for refusing alcoholic drinks or cigarettes. A good tranquilizer that relieves severe pain, such as PMS in women.

If your work is related to driving a vehicle, then Afobazole should be chosen, it improves the reaction, and attention concentration increases when taking it.

The choice also depends on the price category, Glycine is a budget option, Afobazole is an order of magnitude more expensive. They can be used together, only at different times, an interval of about 30-40 minutes.

Each person is unique in nature, someone will be affected by a weak drug, while others need a strong remedy. Your doctor can help you in choosing, or find out on your own what suits you best. Before use, carefully read the instructions for use.

Every day, almost every person experiences stress or does work that is associated with a high load on the brain. At such moments, the body can not always cope with stress or overload on its own, then you have to start taking special drugs.

There are a huge number of drugs that act as tranquilizers. They relieve tension and relax the brain.

The drug “Glycine”

Glycine is a medicine that regulates metabolism. It normalizes all central nervous system processes and lowers stress. Increases efficiency and enhances brain function.


Indications for use:

  • Systematic nervous disorders, stress.
  • Insomnia.
  • Increased brain activity.
  • Uncontrolled behavior.
  • Heart attack or stroke.
  • Rehabilitation period after traumatic brain injury.
  • Vegetovascular dystonia.

How does it affect the body:

  1. Normalizes sleep.
  2. Eliminates panic attacks.
  3. Normalizes brain function.
  4. Improves blood flow.
  5. Relieves of a depressive state.
  6. Relieves nervous tension.
  7. Improves mood.
The drug has no age restrictions. The main purpose is the treatment of neurological diseases. Without a doctor’s appointment, they are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. When used according to the instructions increases the efficiency of the body. If an overdose occurs, then the opposite effect is possible.

Sold in white tablets.

The drug “Afobazol”

Afobazole is a remedy that relieves anxiety and has a stimulating effect. It relaxes and restores nerve cells. It has an anticonvulsant effect.


Indications for use:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Insomnia.
  • Premenstrual syndrome.
  • Withdrawal syndrome when giving up cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Oncological diseases.

How does it affect the body:

  1. Anxiety goes away.
  2. Improves mood.
  3. Relieves irritability and nervous tension.
  4. Returns memory and concentrates attention.
  5. Normalizes sleep.
  6. Restores nerve cells.
  7. Helps relieve smoking cessation easier.

The medicine has a number of contraindications, and side effects. Allergic reactions are possible, the head can sometimes be ill. It is forbidden to take people with lactose intolerance. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. It is also forbidden to use for children under 18 years of age.

Sold in pill form.

General characteristics

If there are problems in the form of insomnia and convulsions occur, then both drugs will restore sleep, and improve its quality. Beneficial effect on brain activity, return memory. Means soothe nerves, increase mood.

Each drug has almost no side effects, it is recommended to use when giving up alcohol. Available in tablet form. It is possible to abruptly stop taking the medicine, after which no deterioration will be observed.

What are the differences between the drugs
Glycine Afobazole
Regulates metabolism, normalizes all processes of the central nervous system. It is positioned as an anticonvulsant, and also acts more strongly in eliminating anxiety.
It can be taken by people at any age. Banned until 18 years.
It is necessary to put under the tongue and dissolve. The tablet is swallowed with plenty of water.
It can be used for lactose intolerance. It is impossible to apply at lactose intolerance.
Improves performance. It does not add energy.
It is necessary to take tablets in a course of 1-2 months. One tablet is taken during the period of exacerbation of depression, sleep disturbance and other indications.
As prescribed by a doctor, they are allowed during pregnancy and lactation. It is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy and lactation for women.
As a part of plant components. Composed of chemical components.
You can not drive any type of transport, because of the slow reaction. The ability to drive vehicles, as it increases the reaction rate.
Low price. High price.

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