How to choose a salt spray against the common cold?

It is known that for the prevention and treatment of the common cold are perfect saline sprays. But how to choose the appropriate option to the ratio of price and quality was the best.

Runny nose – an important issue

Inflammation in the nasal cavity facing every person. So-called rhinitis can be caused by bacteria, allergens or viruses. Usually rhinitis is one of the signs of any disease. If time does not take action, the rhinitis can become chronic form or give serious complications. Therefore, it is important to treat a cold at its first manifestations.

Whatever the causes of rhinitis, one thing is clear – the cold dramatically reduces the quality of life. The prolonged cold and, as a consequence, disruption of normal breathing, can cause sleep problems, headaches, General discomfort.

What are the steps to take?

First of all, you need to regularly clean the nasal cavity to remove mucus, crust, bacteria, dust and allergens. It will help the salt spray from the nozzle.

It helps to mechanically clean the nasal cavity, washing away all particles and contamination. As a result, significantly facilitates nasal breathing, reduces the swelling and inflammation.

Saline sprays are safe and are used both in the treatment of rhinitis, and as a regular prevention of the common cold in adults and children. Regular washing will help to increase blood flow and, therefore, increase the protective function.

If you want to prepare a solution for treatment or prevention of rhinitis at home, use sea salt. Not to be mistaken with concentration, it is best to use metered-dose sea salt in sachets, designed for a certain volume of liquid.

What is the significance of the atomizer?

Evenly distribute the solution on the mucosa by using a nozzle-sprayer. Drugs with the most comfortable sprayer to use. Due to the multifunctional bottle (reusable bottle with a removable nozzle) such a drug would be beneficial to vary in price from the more expensive counterpart with the same composition, because this bottle can be used repeatedly. That is why quality spray with saline solution, having a more favourable price and comfortable multi-functional bottle, be sure to be in high demand.

If you treat a runny nose “sea” water…

Salt spray Akvamaster of helping to save the family budget. Akvamaster – this is both a spray for the treatment of rhinitis, and convenient device for nasal lavage.

Unlike conventional sprays , the AquaMaster has a removable spray nozzle that allows you to use it multiple times, re-filling with fresh solution of sea salt, 10 bags, which are given as a gift. Indications: rhinitis, sinusitis, cold and flu, adenoids. Children 1 year of age and adults 1. 10 times more profitable! 2

Compare prices of JSC “DSM Group” (the average price in 2017). Analogue for comparison is selected according to the current components.

1 In combination therapy. Together with the device to irrigate and wash the mucosa of the nasal cavity “Akvamaster Evalar.”

2 compared to a drug Akvamaster without a gift.


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