Revalid or Pantovigar, the choice of drug

During pregnancy and lactation it is better to choose “Revalid”. “Pantovigar” is allowed only in the 3rd semester and with the approval of a doctor. When feeding it can not be taken.

The first complex is perfect for healing the body as a whole. The second is more intended to strengthen curls. Also, the latter should be chosen for inflammatory and fungal processes of the nail plates, problems with hair and scalp with hormonal failures.

“Pantovigar” should be selected for violations of the structure of nails. It will also be preferable for damage to the hair rods by ultraviolet rays and chemical exposure.

If you want to save money, you should buy Revalid. In addition, he suggests a shorter course of admission.

Hair health problems arise for a variety of reasons. Loss, slow growth, split ends, brittleness and dullness provoke many negative factors. You can restore strength and a healthy appearance to your hair with the help of special tools. There is a huge variety of therapeutic shampoos, procedures and folk methods. Also, drugs are very popular. As a rule, these are vitamin complexes. They give the body the necessary substances, the lack of which can adversely affect the hair. Separate products also have other advantages: they strengthen nails and improve skin condition.

The main difficulty in choosing such a tool is deciding in favor of one or another. “Revalid” and “Pantovigar” can be called the most prescribed drugs.


“Revalid” is a multivitamin complex, which is released in the form of capsules from gelatin. The tool is made in Hungary.


The main active ingredients in the composition of the drug are yeast and aminobenzoic acid. The former contribute to the full absorption of substances necessary for the body in the intestinal tract and normalize the microflora. The second component is a powerful antioxidant. This compound activates the processes of protein breakdown and assimilation.

The complex also contains other ingredients that provide a common effect:

  • Iron prevents increased hair loss.
  • Zinc prevents dandruff and premature baldness.
  • Copper strengthens the follicles and brightens the color of hair.
  • Extracts of wheat and millet germ are rich in trace elements and vitamins that strengthen hair and enhance their growth.
  • Other additives have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nail plates.
“Revalid” is produced in two types: packages of 30 and 90 pieces. The daily dosage is 3 capsules. The drug is taken with food or before it. If there is a need, then you can increase the number to 6 pieces. The course of therapy lasts from 2 to 3 months.

The main indications for the use of the drug are:

  1. Deterioration of hair and nails due to diseases.
  2. Loss of curls, which is associated with various factors.
  3. Strengthening strands (for example, when dyeing and bleaching).

The tool has some contraindications. It can not be taken with:

  • Inflammation or fungal pathology of the nail plates.
  • Hair loss and damage to the scalp caused by hormonal disruptions.
  • Individual sensitivity to any component of the drug.

Tolerance “Revalida” is quite high. However, in some cases, some possible side effects are possible: allergies and digestive upsets.


“Pantovigar” is a drug that is produced in Germany. This is a Merz product that has undergone many clinical trials. Just as the previous tool is available in the form of gelatin capsules. The preparation contains a balanced complex of necessary substances for healthy and beautiful hair. The main components are medical yeast and aminobenzoic acid. Also in the composition are:

  • B vitamins that normalize the activity of hair sacs and stimulate the production of keratin. accelerate recovery processes in the dermis.
  • Keratin, which promotes the regeneration of curls. gives hair shine and elasticity.


“Pantovigar” is sold in packs of 90 and 300 pieces. The dosage is the same as that of Revalid.

The main indications for use are as follows:

  1. Intensive hair loss, triggered by stress, illness, medication and other causes.
  2. Damage to hair rods due to ultraviolet radiation and chemical exposure.
  3. Damage to the structure of nails.

The German complex has few contraindications. It is not recommended to take:

  • To the children.
  • Pregnant in the 1st and 2nd semester and nursing.
  • Personal intolerance to active or auxiliary components.

For the treatment of children, special vitamins should be preferred. In the 3rd semester, therapy is acceptable after consultation with a medical professional.

The course of treatment “Pantovigar” varies from 3 months to six months. Side effects are similar to “Revalid.”

Similarities of funds

Both described complexes have both similarities and differences. They are not analogues of each other, differing in composition. Means have the following common features:

  • Available in the form of gelatin capsules.
  • Both contain yeast and aminobenzoic acid.
  • They have similar indications for use.
  • They have similar side symptoms.
  • The daily dosage is also the same.

When choosing a drug, it is important to consider not only similarities, but also differences. Each organism is individual. And if “Revalid” is suitable in one case, then “Pantovigar” would be the best solution in another.

Comparison and differences

The consumers rated the quality and effectiveness of these complexes at 3.7-3.9 points according to a five-point system. It’s hard to say which remedy is better. The drugs under consideration differ:

  1. Release form – the first can be purchased in packs of 30 or 90 pieces, and in packs of the second 90 or 300 pieces.
  2. The cost of “Revalid” is lower than “Pantovigar” (90 capsules) – 1100-1200 and 1500 rubles on average.
  3. The second contains keratin, which is necessary to maintain a good condition of the hair and nail plates. the first has a richer composition and is suitable for general recovery.
  4. “Revalid” can not be taken with inflammation and fungal diseases of the nails, it will not work with hair problems due to hormonal imbalance.
  5. The first is allowed during pregnancy and lactation, the second is permissible with the permission of the doctor in the 3rd semester, but is prohibited during feeding.

Before making a final decision, consult a healthcare professional. He will select the drug based on the state of the body and its individual characteristics. In the case of self-medication, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions and pay attention to the existing contraindications.

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