Rocefin and Ceftriaxone, the choice of drug

The most significant and important discrepancy between Rocefin and its analogue are contraindications.

Drugs “Rocefin” and “Ceftriaxone” belong to the group of antibiotics that have a powder structure. The medicine “Ceftriaxone” is an analogue of “Rocefin”.

Both powders are used to create solutions, have a variety of areas of action.

The most common reasons for the introduction of a solution of drugs are either hormonal disruptions in the body, or the presence of any foreign microorganisms that adversely affect a person.

If there are contraindications for the first proposed medication only for people with hypersensitivity to a number of antibiotics, then Ceftriaxone has a huge mass. These include the following:

  1. Contraindications to the analogue itself are attributed to the same antibiotics from the first row.
  2. It is dangerous to use the medication in the first three months of pregnancy, since the fetus has not yet matured.
  3. At risk are nursing mothers or women in later pregnancy.
  4. People with kidney failure.

It is forbidden to use a medication in the treatment of premature babies, as this threatens with either death or serious injuries.

“Rocefin”. Description, spectrum of action

The drug is represented by a powder having a yellow-orange tint. Method of its application: creation of a solution and introduction to the desired area of ​​the body.


Area of ​​drug control:

  • Diseases of the abdominal cavity.
  • Many diseases associated with joints and bones.
  • Diseases that develop against a background of special immunity.
  • Inflammatory reactions.
  • Problems with the kidneys and the genitourinary system of the body.

Also, the drug is prescribed, in some cases, for prophylaxis after surgery.

If we talk about the dosage of the drug, then it is prescribed by the doctor individually. The number and volume of doses used depends on age, gender, weight, illness and many factors.

There is a special rule of use for pregnant women, which is performed in any case. It consists in the following: if a woman is breastfeeding, then this procedure is stopped for the duration of the treatment. No effects negatively affecting the female side in the application process were found, so you can not worry about the course of childbirth, the possibility of becoming pregnant, and more.


For the drug “Rocefin”, side effects are also characteristic. Among them, you can find the “standard”, which are inherent in many antibiotics:

  • Violation of the stool, as the drug interferes with the intestinal microflora.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • It can cause an allergic reaction, which is expressed in the appearance of spots, swelling, etc.

Among other causes, you can detect febrile fever, or vice versa, chills.

Ceftriaxone. Description, spectrum of action

This drug is a cheaper analogue of the previous one. You can find a drug that costs 20 less than Rocefin.


The spectrum of action of the analogue coincides with the drug. It can also include diseases of the skin, bones and joints, weakened immunity, and after surgical prophylaxis.

Treatment by a doctor is prescribed, its doses are prescribed based on the template, which presents the dosage for various diseases. Specialists only need to calculate the required volume, suitable for age, weight of a person.

It should be noted that this drug can be exploited both inside the vein and directly into the muscle.

Among the side effects and manifestations of this drug, real patients note the appearance of fever, or the formation of large hematomas in places far from the solution injection area. In general, the preparations are very similar to each other, which indicates the quality of the analogue produced. At the same time, its cost is much lower. It is possible that the price depends on a larger number of contraindications compared to the original.

The total number of complaints, their causes, after using this drug are quite similar. These include headaches and blood stasis, a characteristic allergic manifestation.

Recommendations for choosing a drug: what and who is like

As already indicated above, there are a number of contraindications, from which it can be judged and belonging to any group of people of a particular drug.

For pregnant and lactating women throughout the entire period of pregnancy, only “Rocefin” is recommended. This drug is much more expensive than its counterpart, but its use guarantees the safety of the fetus and the health of the unborn child. The use of an analogue can provoke a miscarriage, or develop any inferiority in the fetus.

For people suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency, it is also recommended to use “Rocefin”. The operation of the analogue can lead to negative consequences: a line of diseases provoked by exposure to a lower quality product.

If possible, children of different ages should also be given a more expensive drug, since the child’s weak immunity is simply not able to withstand the effects of an analogue that can provoke further disability or chronic forms of many diseases. In order not to be at risk and not to test the body for strength, it is better to purchase a better and more expensive product and entrust it into the hands of specialists.

In all other cases, it is allowed to use both the original and its analogue, but strictly under the supervision of a doctor. Everyone has the right to decide on the purchase of a medicine, because the first remedy costs about five hundred rubles, and the lowest cost of an analogue is thirty rubles. One should be wary of poor-quality and unverified manufacturers, especially if the health of not only an adult, but also an unborn child depends on the use of this solution.

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