New pathogen strand helping virus spread faster

Mr McDonnell – formerly the number two figure in the party during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – will also call for social care to be nationalised in the same way health care was more than 70 years ago.

Kick-starting his new policy initiative, Claim The Future, he is set to urge the government to “complete the unfinished business of the Attlee government”.

‘We need a minimum income guarantee’, says McDonnell

Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell has renewed calls for a universal basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hayes and Harlington MP will say in an online speech this evening: “The precarity facing workers has been exposed as the furlough ends and unemployment soars.

“Even before the pandemic, the economy was stagnant and wages no higher than a decade ago.

“That’s why we need an immediate minimum income guarantee.”

The proposal would see all citizens paid a base amount by the state irrespective of their employment status. A rate of £221 per person per week has been suggested by the New Economics Foundation think tank.

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