Parents File Lawsuit Against Tri-County Health Department Over Mask Mandate

A team of moms and dads in Adams, Arapahoe and also Douglas areas filed suit Tuesday versus Tri-County Health And Wellness Department over its mask required in colleges.

Tri-County released a public health order in August requiring teachers and administrators to impose the mandate or face criminal penalties.

Becky O’Guin, Communications Supervisor for Tri-County Health, said in a statement that “TCHD supplies education as well as support in an initiative to acquire volunteer conformity” yet she also informed CBS4’s Shaun Boyd “an infraction of a public health order can bring jail time.”

Lawyers Suzanne Taheri and also George Brauchler are standing for the parents. They say only the legislature can pass laws with criminal repercussions, not a health department with an unelected board.

The mask mandate, they state, does not allow exceptions for special requirements students, indoor sports or religious arguments and also, they say, it is arbitrary, “TCHD’s very own public health data really suggests youngsters ages 2-18 are the least most likely populace to be harmed, hospitalized, or killed by COVID19, and that colleges are not major transmission factors that bring about community rise in hospitalizations or fatalities brought on by COVID19.”

Tri-County does not call for masks anywhere else. The legal action says, “Adults, consisting of elders, in TCHD’s territories, while at a dramatically higher health and wellness risk according to TCHD’s public health information, are able to participate in huge gatherings, interior performances, showing off events, without a mask mandate in position.

Even more, all Coloradoans, despite age, presently have the selection to not wear a mask in every establishing other than colleges or childcare centers.”

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