The ultimate guide to recycling your beauty products

And while we’re committed to mindful consumption, reducing our plastic footprint and zero waste packaging, knowing how to recycle your beauty products can be confusing.

From shampoo bottles and old lipsticks, to hair straighteners and makeup palettes, it can be a struggle to find out the safest way to dispose of our beauty waste.

With sustainability at the forefront of everybody’s minds right now, there’s no better time than the present to explore ways we can be kinder to the planet with our beauty practices.

With one in four Brits admitting they value environmentally friendly beauty products, but a clear lack of understanding when it comes to actually putting our empties in the right bins, there’s plenty of work to do to ensure our choices are eco-friendly. So, with the help of Currentbody, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to recycling the contents of your bathroom shelf.

Currently recyclable:

Hairdryer – must be taken to a recycling centre
Shampoo bottles – ensure you remove the plastic cap, and wash and dry the bottle thoroughly
Deodorant cans – made of steel or aluminium, both of which are recyclable. Make sure the can is completely empty and detach any removable parts

Partly recyclable:

Mascara – whereas mascara tubes are often made from recyclable material, applicators typically aren’t recyclable but they can be donated to animal sanctuaries.
Foundation bottles – currently no pumps on the market are recyclable. If the bottle is glass you can recycle it, but ensure you’ve washed and dried it first
Makeup palettes – most palettes contain magnets and mirrors which aren’t recyclable, so these parts need to be disposed of separately

Not currently recyclable:

Make-up wipes – unless labelled as biodegradable, makeup wipes are not recyclable. Consider buying reusable makeup pads or cotton pads instead
Nail varnish bottles – due to the hazardous toxins found in nail varnish, the glass bottles are not recyclable, even when thoroughly rinsed
Make-up brushes – neither animal hair nor vegan brushes are currently recyclable

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