Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart will teach you how to properly brush your teeth

At first glance, weighty package it becomes clear that the DiamondClean Smart – serious camera, in front of which you need to carefully study the manual and understand every object in the box.

The kit includes: handle (base of brush), four different nozzles with box, case, brush, manual, charging glass and charging station itself.


Special attention is given shockproof carrying case. In a hidden compartment is a USB charge, so the brush can be recharged during the journey from any laptop or a regular fork for a smartphone at 5 V and 1 A. the Case holds the brush and two heads. This case is a good option for travel and urban travel, but Hiking to take it all the same not very convenient: it is similar to the case for giant glasses and takes a lot of space in the bag.

Design and ergonomics

The brush is available in several colors, we got purple with Golden elements. All indicators are highlighted in yellow. Accessories transparent and will fit perfectly into any bathroom. Especially nice heavy glass for storage and charging brush, more like a fancy glass rocks from a good bar.

The pen fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is quite a heavy brush do not have to squeeze the teeth. Frosted case reduces the chance of slipping out of the device with wet hands. The degree of water resistance is unknown, but the accidental brush under running water there was no danger: all contacts are isolated.

Button on the handle is comfortable, moderately recessed for the benefit of water resistance, but respond easily to the touch.

One of the drawbacks DiamondClean Smart – space. It is necessary for special glass that could barely fit another brush. Storage tips use a separate stand. Conclusion: in a large family the owners of these brushes will need additional shelf.

How it works

Using the buttons on the handle can choose from five modes and three intensity levels. The brush works without a smartphone, so discharged the phone is not a reason to skip cleaning. But to use the DiamondClean Smart full have download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

To begin cleaning, you need to put the nozzle, moisten the brush and apply a small amount of toothpaste. The ordinary, out of the tube. Powder Thai toothpaste and other abrasives will not work. After applying the paste you need to go to the app and turn the brush.

First experience with the Philips Sonicare I was not the best: pasta twice flew with a vibrating brush, and the device itself in the mouth at first was associated with a drill bit of a drill (feeling painless but unpleasant). The saved intensity setting. You have to be very brave to start with a third level power. And the problem with the flying pasta is easy to solve: you must first put the brush to your teeth and then activate.

DiamondClean Smart she know what nozzle you have installed, and selects the appropriate mode automatically. The app will inform you what area to start cleaning and start the timer. Constantly look at the smartphone when brushing your teeth do not need to move to the next area, the pen will alert characteristic vibration. At the end of the process the Philips Sonicare offers to proceed to language, praise you for the successful cleaning and will show you what areas you did not thoroughly.

In the standard set of four nozzles: for deep cleaning, care of the gums, removal of stains, cleaning of the language.

Each of the nozzles recommended for use in certain modes, different algorithms brush work and time, going to the cleaners. It seems that it is difficult, and at first it really is: without studying the instructions and applications in all functions do not understand.

Fortunately, Philips has taken care to ensure that you clean the teeth correctly even under the assumption of some errors. Philips Sonicare persistently will show you which sections you have paid insufficient attention, the brush is highlighted in purple color if you push her too hard and need to replace the nozzle misleading as a smartphone, and a special indicator on the handle.

When cleaning is mastered, you can move on to other features of the brush. For example, to start earning achievements, look at the calendar and note the focal areas for thorough and careful cleaning.

Here’s what Philips says in promotext: “the Technology of sound vibrations Sonicare generates 31 thousand cleaning movements per minute, removing up to 10 times more plaque, and two minutes such cleaning is 30 minutes with a regular manual brush”. We don’t know how to check it, but the fact is: no matter how carefully you may clean the teeth with a regular brush with DiamondClean Smart will do better. The bristles don’t just go back and forth- they clean out all that remains between the teeth, not missing any area. Of course, if you keep it at the correct angle and follow the instructions in the app.


Serious gadget – serious price. In the official store Philips toothbrush DiamondClean Smart is 23 990 rubles. Prices on nozzle in the range of 2-3 thousand rubles, depending on the kit and shop. But if you think about the money saved on treatment and teeth whitening, the amount does not seem so crazy.

To fit DiamondClean Smart

If you are confused by low mobility and high price DiamondClean Smart – do not buy.

Brush from Philips will suit anyone who is looking for an electronic toothbrush for years to come. If you want to avoid caries, dental plaque, and trips to the dentist, take a look at DiamondClean Smart. Fully the dentist it is certainly no substitute, but most likely will save a lot of money in the long term.

If you visit the dentist every six months and each time it finds that to treat, it is likely that you are doing something wrong. For example, improperly brushing your teeth. Most of us were taught this in childhood, and many, unfortunately, wrong. If you have a shred of doubt in your technique, try DiamondClean Smart. Likely to a conventional brush to go will not want.

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