Do diapers harm baby

Doctor Komarovsky, talking about diapers, says that there is no difference for a child whether he is kept in gauze or purchased diapers. But for the mother of the baby is much more convenient the second option.

Komarovsky reminds those who argue for and against diapers that skin contact with urine and feces is very harmful. And the newly-made mother does not always have time to notice the “accident” on the diaper, which often leads to diaper dermatitis. In the case of disposable diapers, the problem is solved by itself – the discharge is immediately absorbed and the baby’s skin remains dry.

Komarovsky responds positively to pampers.

But gives farewell to parents:
  • do not use diapers in extreme heat;
  • check if the baby is overheated: the body part in the diaper should not differ in color from other parts of the body;
  • during wakefulness, as well as in case of illness with fever, keep the baby without a diaper.
How to choose diapers

The choice of diapers is carried out according to the weight of the child. To choose the right diapers, you need to consider not only the weight, but also the complexion of the child. For example, if the baby’s body weight is 8.5 kg, but it is very plump, it is better to buy diapers from 9 kg.

Then the belt and velcro will not squeeze the tummy and cause discomfort.

What diapers to choose

The best diapers do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin. There are many manufacturers, but if you do not know how to choose the diapers correctly, give preference to proven diapers.

Inquire if the product has passed a hygienic check, as well as an assessment of quality and effectiveness.

Tips for choosing diapers
  • Always pay attention to the integrity of the packaging.
  • Do not buy diapers with strong fragrances and excessively bright pictures.
  • Pick up diapers for the weight of the child, do not take a lot of packs in reserve – the children grow quickly.

Pampers – a convenient and indispensable invention. By themselves, they are not harmful if used correctly and changed in time.

The benefits of diapers

To make the child feel good and calm, it is important that the mother is rested and contented. Here the benefits of diapers are obvious. The baby who sleeps in a diaper is always dry and more often calm. It is not required to change diapers and change sliders every 15 minutes. Thanks to the velcro and elastic bands, the child is comfortable, he easily moves the arms and legs.

The benefit of the diapers is also indicated by the fact that they avoid diaper rash and diaper dermatitis. In diapers, there is a special absorbent layer, due to which skin contact with urine and feces is almost excluded. Dry skin is less susceptible to irritation and inflammation.

But diapers are useful for the child only if they are properly used:

  • Change the diaper to a maximum of three hours. And to do it immediately, if the diaper is full or the child has gone “big”.
  • For the baby’s skin to rest, you need air baths several times a day for 20-30 minutes.
  • The diaper should not crush or be too loose.
Diaper damage

In newborns, thermoregulation is imperfect, the body quickly heats up. And if the temperature in the room is high, then the child can be very hot.

So that diapers do not harm the newborn, it is necessary that the room is fresh – no more than 22 degrees Celsius.

Damage to diapers – possible causes
  • Violation of tactile reactions. The child caresses the mother, contact with various materials and her own body. If the baby is deprived of these sensations, he can lose the natural reactions. During the experiments, it was found that children who have worn diapers for a long time are afraid to touch new things, they have violations in the emotional sphere. Such harm to diapers is obvious.
  • Loss of urination control. Enuresis can occur if the baby wears diapers after 2-3 years. As a result, self-esteem decreases, and the psyche suffers.
  • The inability to fully study the body in a diaper. The complete picture of the child’s self-image is lost, and as a result, a developmental lag may occur.
For boys

It is believed that diapers are harmful to boys. Allegedly there is a so-called “greenhouse effect”, genitals overheat. However, the diapers let the air through, making it impossible for the body temperature to rise.

Moreover, the sperm begins to be produced no earlier than 7 years, and until that time its products cannot be affected.

For girls

It is worth noting that the harm of diapers for a girl is more obvious than for a boy. Untimely change of a diaper can provoke an inflammatory process in the bladder, and, as a result, cystitis.

In the event of such a disease, the use of diapers should be discontinued until complete recovery.

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