Top 10 Potty Learning Tips

Teaching a baby to a pot causes sacred horror in most mothers. It is not clear where to start: throw out diapers, plant by the hour, buy a singing seat with stickers?

No panic: we put everything on the shelves.

Calm, only calm. Be patient: most likely, in the first days you will need to plant the baby on the pot every 10 minutes in order to succeed. Then it will happen once every 20 minutes, once an hour, and so on. And the learning process itself can take a month or more!

Being naked is normal. During the development of the pot, allow the baby to walk around naked from time to time: this way he will be able to better control his urges and quickly do his own thing.

Timing is our everything. Closely monitor the baby while he is still wearing diapers: try to note at what time they usually have to be changed. This usually occurs after sleep, walking, eating. Try to plant it on the pot at these points.

Do not forget about the rewards. Think in advance how you will encourage the baby for potty victories. A good option is to stick colorful stickers on the “honor sheet”.

Dad can! Oddly enough, dads usually perfectly solve the “potty issue”. Maybe because men have more patience? Do not skimp on praise.

Exaggerate the baby for every victory! Rejoice, clap your hands, you can even dance together.

Find the right place. Do not insist that the pot is in the toilet: if the baby is more comfortable the first time doing his business in the living room (or even in the kitchen!), So be it. Over time, you will change everything.

Do not be afraid of sudden movements. Sometimes “shock therapy” works well. One day throw away the remnants of diapers, buy your baby beautiful panties and a pot – and set new rules. Do not scold the child for mistakes, be patient, but do not return the diapers.

Do not multiply entities. Training panties, reusable diapers, three interchangeable seats – all this will only confuse the child. One pot and instructions on how to use it are enough.

Teach by example. Take your baby to the toilet with you – literally. Do not be shy, he should see that mom (or dad!) Do their work just like him. This means that it is safe and possible.

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