Toys that will please dad and son

If you present these gifts to your husband and son on February 23, they will be very happy. After all, they will have a great opportunity to spend time together with interest and benefit.

We will immediately agree that we exclude computer and online games right away – as not the most suitable occupation for spending time together between father and son. There are much more useful and exciting things!

Toy No. 1: Railway

This gift is probably the dream of every boy, no matter what decade (century) is in the yard. We advise you to choose the railway to which you can buy suitable cars, entire trains, as well as elements of interior and decor.

Toy Railroad is good not only for its direct and obvious destination. Games with it can be diversified by inventing various stories about passengers: who they are, where they go, and what happens to them along the way. Maybe, for example, you get a good western of your own composition.

Age: 3-5 years old

Toy No. 2: Prefabricated transport models

To assemble a legendary sailing ship or a car is not a jigsaw puzzle for you with a still life. Modeling is a matter for real men. Starting from a very young age, many of them are extremely interested in building their own tank or plane. For the first experience, choose options from cardboard: they are both cheaper and mostly easier to assemble. By the way, you can find on the Internet simple models for bonding in the public domain.

Do not confuse the terms. Assembly of models is modelism. Modeling – designing clothes or creating computer images in 3D-graphics. Modeling – the construction and study of models of real-life phenomena and processes.

Age: from 3-5 years – depending on the material and complexity of the model

Toy No. 3: Mototrack or circuit

Driving cars is one of the main men’s joys! Give the “strong half” of your family a racetrack or a motor track, and you will immediately earn the status of “best wife and mother.” That’s just the drawback of such a toy – the size of our apartments. Not every room has enough space for a motor-track or a race track. But there is a solution: in order not to buy a mini version (and not to deprive a son and husband of a significant part of the pleasure), choose the mototrack or race track that is easy to understand.

Age: from 3 years

Toy No. 4: Familiar Sea Battle – New Version

A person who has mastered the “Sea Battle” can never be bothered by any of the most boring lectures or meetings (just don’t tell your children about this – they will come to this conclusion themselves). For this game you can use familiar sheets of paper and pencils. Or you can buy a special kit that contains the necessary ships and playing fields (yours and your opponent’s).

Age: manufacturers indicate 7 years, but most likely, the game will interest four-year-olds.

Toy No. 5: Radio-controlled equipment

Cars and helicopters “on the remote control” are a classic toy that can captivate both father and son. And it is not known who more.

Immediately after acquiring a radio-controlled helicopter or airplane, close the airspace of your apartment for flying. Only open area.

Age: from 3 years under the supervision of an adult

Toy No. 6: Everything for the hunter

How to interest an adult man with toy pistols? Give him weapons that look similar to the present, and “declare war” on the neighboring state. For summer time, the best option is a water gun. Buy more models at once: there aren’t many toy weapons.

Age: from 2 years

Toy No. 7: A “Real” Scout Campaign

Nothing brings people together like overcoming difficulties together. If you want to give pleasure to your husband and son, as well as strengthen their male friendship, arrange a scout-style trip for them, where you will need to learn how to make a fire, set up a tent and cook food. If you wish, you can join – then the status of “the most brave” mother is guaranteed to you.

Age: from 7 years

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