Why is it important to read your baby bedtime stories?

The baby asks him to read a fairy tale before going to bed, but you are tired and do not want to think about any night readings. Get together! Here are 5 important reasons why you should still find 15 minutes for this activity.

1. Spend time together

The fast pace of life, work, television, the Internet – this and much more takes away the time you could spend with your child. With age, he himself will need you less and less. In the meantime, be with your baby as much as possible and make reading at night your good tradition. The baby will see how you love him, because it is so important! Fairy tales will further strengthen your warm relationship.

Read clearly, clearly and correctly pronounce the words. The future speech of your child depends on this.

2. We develop speech

When you read books, your baby learns new words and understands how to use already known ones. At the same time, his speech, thinking, ability to think logically develops – the child becomes smarter. A rich vocabulary will help the baby to be more sociable and easy with peers, and in the future will make him confident and active in the team.

3. Developing the imagination

Together with you, the baby emotionally lives the life of various heroes, travels to different countries, falls into the past and future. He concentratedly draws all the events and descriptions in his imagination, and then he will certainly apply this in his games and drawings. A rich imagination and imagination develops the creative abilities of the child, which will certainly help his success in life.

Read your baby emotionally and enthusiastically. Let your child see that reading books is not a boring necessity, but a fun and exciting event.

4. Develop moral qualities

In fairy tales, everything is very simple: you can always see who is good and who is bad, and good in them always defeats evil. With such simple examples, the baby learns to be kind, responsive, generous and responsible. Find a story where the main character looks like your baby. Then the child will be able to pass an important lesson with him and adopt the right example of behavior.

5. Tune in to sleep

It is very important to fall asleep in a good and peaceful mood. If your kid is upset and worried, for example, because of a quarrel with his friend, find him a good tale with a good ending, where the main character always finds a way out of a difficult situation. The child will calm down and fall asleep happy. Now he will surely find a way to fix everything, because the world is actually not as hostile as it seemed to him before. Do not forget to kiss your son or daughter before going to bed and wish good night!

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