12 unbanal gifts for February 23

For some reason, it is believed that if you have lived together for many years, then choosing a gift for your beloved is as easy as shelling pears. But every year there is a birthday, February 23, dating and weddings, professional holidays. And for the winter holidays, the fantasy is already running out.

It is easier if the beloved man has hobbies and hobbies. Then, by giving regular sneakers for volleyball instead of worn ones, you are guaranteed to receive an enthusiastic “thank you”. But if there are no obvious preferences, then old proven gifts will come to the rescue.


A couple of tickets for the match of your favorite team or favorite group. If your game of Lokomotiv itself does not cause a surge of enthusiasm, and you don’t want to send your husband alone, arrange with his friend’s wife. Most likely, she will also be glad to shake off the burden of choosing a gift and send her beloved to the match in a fun company. Well, you can go to the concert together.

Leather bag or purse

Fortunately, they tend to lose their appearance every couple of years of active use. Look – maybe a replacement is already needed? Many men, point blank, do not notice that a thing is worthless until they suddenly give them a new one.

Car gadget

Is there a navigator and auto-recorder? Then a thermos mug for a car that runs on a cigarette lighter. Portable massager if you have to sit in traffic jams. Car pump. Certificate for free washing.

Driving course

Another welcome and, by the way, a very practical gift for a motorist. Teaches you how to professionally deal with drifts on the road, dodging unexpected obstacles. It will be useful for both beginners and experienced drivers.


Parachute jump, balloon flight, check in on a map, jeep. Paintball game. Even “home” men sometimes want to shake themselves and play the “war game”.

Boxing punching bag

If office work is associated with stress, a man willingly or unwillingly carries a bad mood in the house. Let him vent the annoyance on the pear. And if the work is so dangerous that a man endlessly eats buns with cookies, then a table-top vacuum cleaner in the form of an apple or a cow will also not be amiss.

RC quadcopter

Indulge your harsh adult husband’s inner child – when, if not on New Year?


An inexpensive symbolic gift is also given to someone who likes to walk, and as a subtle hint to someone who has “stayed too long”.

Electronic darts

A good and expensive option for a fun office pastime, home gatherings with friends.

Poker Set

If a loved one basically likes card games. There are economy options, and absolutely luxurious, in special suitcases.

Good earphones

For fans to listen to music on the road, high-quality headphones that give a clear sound, a valuable and welcome gift. But you need to know in advance which form of headphones is comfortable for a man.

Straight razor

Comfortable shaving with five blades (or how many are there already?) Becomes unfashionable, giving way to a brutal dangerous razor. Only a sharp blade, only hardcore, softened with a brush made of boar bristles.

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