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Any mother easily understands her child without words, but development standards dictate to us that a baby of a certain age should have a required number of words in the vocabulary. What to do if this supply is scarce: panic or wait calmly?


The most true is to study the age norms of speech development. And to learn them not only from your pediatrician, but by reading modern (!) Books on child development and consulting with a pediatric neurologist, speech therapist and psychologist.

Then you should ask your grandmothers about how the formation of speech in you and your husband took place. Perhaps this is a family feature – to accumulate knowledge for a long time, and then immediately begin to use it.


The lifestyle of the baby adopted in the family, of course, affects the development of speech. If the mother is silent by nature and she is with the baby almost all the time, then speech can be late for the following reason: the mother guesses the baby’s needs without words, and he simply does not need to speak. In this case, mom urgently needs to change tactics. Every action must be accompanied by words. “Now we will put on panties, first the right leg, then the left leg, we will tighten the belt.

Come on, put on a sock. Do you like such bright socks? ” In other words, mom should talk incessantly, describing everything she sees and does. This will allow the baby to significantly enrich the passive vocabulary. And to increase the active, ask questions, “do not understand” the baby when he explains with gestures, of course, when appropriate. The kid points to the mug, and you say: “But what does Sasha want? Maybe play with a mug? ” If the baby is still not ready to pronounce the words on his own, then help: “Sasha is thirsty, now mom will take the carafe and pour Sasha in a mug of water. Do you like some water, son? ”

Diversify the environment of the baby, he must hear different speech in order to learn to recognize words. Grandmothers, friends, other children who can speak – connect everyone, but do not make the problem of speech the only focus of your attention.


Remember that children are very sensitive to stress, this can lead to some developmental delays, most often temporary. The child was seriously ill, you moved somewhere, the regime of the baby changed dramatically or the atmosphere in the family became tense – all this can cause a delay in the active manifestations of speech, and this is normal! Do not take part in competitions of other mothers in the playgrounds regarding the development of children. Firstly, all babies are different, families and parenting conditions are also different, so comparisons do not make sense. Secondly, wanting to boast about the successes of their child, mothers often well-embellished reality.

When to sound the alarm:

  • if you notice that the child has stopped speaking the words that he said earlier;
  • if he clearly does not understand the speech addressed to him;
  • if by the age of two he doesn’t try to build phrases of two words, but uses only sound designations: “kis-kis”, “pi”, “ma” and so on;
  • if there is a strong distortion of sounds, so that speech is almost impossible to make out;
  • if you are fixated on the problem of your baby’s speech;

All this does not mean that the child has any kind of pathology. This is just an excuse, without delay, to turn immediately to several specialists – a pediatric neurologist, speech therapist, ENT doctor, pediatric psychologist, pediatrician. Their consultation will allow you to complete the picture and identify the cause of the speech delay. And most importantly, it will calm your mother and allow you to move on from action of senseless worries.

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