Everything you need to know about enrolling in kindergarten

The topic of registering a child in kindergarten is of concern to many mothers. It’s no secret that enrolling in a kindergarten line is not difficult, it is difficult to get there on time.

A lot of life stories are known when parents unknowingly went to the institution with the baby at the very last moment and simply remained without a legal place. They were told that there were no seats or that they had a long line, and they were standing somewhere at the end of it.

The first thing that working parents think about is how to arrange their child in a kindergarten. Those who have financial opportunities are considering private institutions, but most mothers and fathers want their baby to go to a municipal institution.

In order to avoid such situations it is necessary to take a responsible approach to this problem. Because don’t say it, but this is really an acute and painful problem. Parents need to work, but they can’t do it, because they don’t have the opportunity to leave their child with someone. Not everyone has grandparents. It’s unprofitable to hire a nanny, and many are scared. And in a children’s institution, they are engaged in your baby.

He will definitely be fed, they will take him out for a walk, and he will receive the communication with peers that is so necessary for him by his age. So, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the ways of recording in the queue in the kindergarten at the place of residence. There are several of them. And then you must remember that you should take care of the issue of registering a child in kindergarten in advance.

When to enroll a child in kindergarten

Many parents worry when to start worrying about planning a trip to the kindergarten of their child. As a rule, recently, adults think about this in advance. It is no secret that in many areas there was a problem with the device in this institution. Therefore, the sooner you write down the baby, the calmer it will be for you. This should definitely not be done at the last moment.

Despite the complexity and overcrowding of preschool institutions, recently the authorities are trying to facilitate the procedure for placing crumbs in the institution. First of all, the plus and big help is that today you can arrange your son or daughter in kindergarten in various ways. This is very convenient for forever busy parents, for example. Here we can add that at the moment many additional preschool institutions are under construction. But, nevertheless, some problem still remains.

What documents are needed for kindergarten

An application for kindergarten can also be written via the Internet, but before you do this, you must collect certain documents for registration of the child in kindergarten:

  • Passport of the person who writes the application.
  • Document indicating acceptance:
  • out of turn (in particular, for children of military personnel who had radiation sickness in Chernobyl, investigators and others),
  • in the first place (relevant for families with more than 2 children),
  • the right to assistance for children in difficult situations (for example, children of single mothers).
  • Medical documents, if you want to give the baby to a group of a specific direction.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Health certificate, this paper is not required for this procedure.
  • Certificate of marriage (may be asked by the RONO if the applicant has different surnames in the passport and in the document on the birth of his son or daughter, but the MFC does not need to provide such a paper).
  • It happens that RONO ask for a postal envelope with a stamp. They do not have the right to demand it, but they can completely ask.

These documents for the queue in kindergarten must be collected in advance, but so that they retain their effect. This applies mainly to medical certificates.
Pay attention to point number 2. Usually, parents who fall under the category that has the right to go out of turn, know about it. But at the same time, if you have questions about your situation, it will not be out of place to consult with a specialist in this field.

And yet, at first glance, it seems that the list of necessary documentation is so large that it will be dreary and practically impossible to collect it. But this is not so. Gathering the right papers is a snap. It is more difficult to choose a good worthy preschool institution and get there in turn. Remember that the timeliness of writing an application can save you from problems with admission to kindergarten.

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