Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis in house conditions

In recent decades, lumbar fusion has become much “younger”: even completely healthy people often have an acute or nagging pain in the lumbar region, coldness of the extremities, and other unpleasant symptoms of this disease.

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease and usually, home. Before you start the treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis in house conditions need to be examined by a orthopedist and get advice on treatment.

In the early stages of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar out, and in advanced forms – significantly improve your condition.

Most doctors mean lumbar osteochondrosis dystrophic lesion of the intervertebral discs, although the General term “pain” brings together a variety of problems of the spine. Each disk performs the role of a shock absorber, allowing the spine to bend in various movements, and bounce and evenly distribute the load when lifting weights.

With age, as a result of injury or for loads exceeding the physiological norm (sedentary work, physical labor), the spine is compressed, squeezing the intervertebral discs and roots of nerve endings. Most often it affects the lumbar, because the lower vertebrae have the most load.

Therefore, the correct way of life when degenerative disc disease of the lumbar plays a huge role. The good news is that people with lumbar degenerative disc disease do not need any specific and difficult conditions.

Straighten your back

The first thing to do when dealing with a sacral-lumbar degenerative disc disease, is to remember the trite wish of “don’t slouch!” When walking, in sitting position back should always remain straight. This reduces the load on the lumbar.

In sedentary work, the patient with osteochondrosis it is necessary to pay attention to your workplace:

  • the chair should not have too high a back bend (for lumbar support);
  • the height of the chair should match the length of the legs;
  • the seat should be pretty tough to spine fully supported by the lumbar and gluteal muscles.

Even sleep also properly. The bed of a patient with osteoarthritis should not be too soft, it is best to buy orthopedic mattress or a mattress of medium hardness. Before bedtime is useful to perform a simple exercise: lying on your back, straighten your legs and stretch your arms up, stretching her whole body. In this simple way, you can remove the small spasms of the muscles of the back.

Least discomfort the spine experiences in the supine position. If the patient does not suffer from excessive body weight, it makes sense to choose to sleep in this position. The following according to the degree of load on the vertebrae position – on his side and then stomach.

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Physical activity

To get rid of the pain associated with lumbar osteochondrosis, it is necessary to adopt a simple motto of “don’t stand if you can go.”

A sedentary lifestyle impairs blood flow, disturbs nutrition and, ultimately, accelerate the development of lumbar osteochondrosis. Gentle exercise – walking, skiing, aerobics and especially, swimming is recommended as a treatment for degenerative disc disease and for the prevention of disease.

Office workers every hour you need to do a light workout: bending, turning the torso, stretching. And if it is for some reason difficult, then at least don’t need to miss any opportunities to rise from his chair and walk.

With a diagnosis of a “lumbar fusion“, you should not get involved in power sports and in life you need to learn how to lift weights: not at arm’s length, bent and with a straight back, slightly bending your knees.

Not the last step in the treatment of degenerative disc disease is and the rejection of bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol contribute to spazmirovannah muscles and narrowing of the arteries, disrupts the normal distribution of fluid in the body. This leads to poor nutrition of the cartilage and can provoke attacks of low back pain.

Therapeutic massage

Traditional medicine makes extensive use of massage for treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease and related diseases.

Of course, it is best with this task will manage the certified professional. However, the massage brings tangible benefits only when performed regularly, no less than ten times. If you can not see a specialist, there are several indispensable at home methods.

Help loved ones. Massage at the Sacro-lumbar degenerative disc disease does not require special skills. Instead, avoid intense impact, preferring the simple soft manual techniques that can master even the person far from medicine:

  • straight and spiral rubbing with fingertips;
  • sawing motion with the edge of palm;
  • vibrating, podrachivaya effects;
  • the kneading of muscles of the base of the palm.

The self-massage. Osteochondrosis is necessary to avoid overstrain of muscles, therefore it is not necessary to carry out the self-massage of the lower back for longer than ten minutes. You should begin with stroking circular motions, then heated muscle RUB with your fingers in the direction of the hands to the center and back. The massage continues in a circular motion from top to bottom, running his knuckles and ends with transverse friction. The final stage of self-massage should be performed grasping and upper gluteal region.

Cupping massage. This type of massage had a good performance in terms of strengthening blood vessels, normalizing the blood flow and lymph, and promotes the processes of tissue repair. Its essence lies in the fact that when exposed to a vacuum to certain areas of the lower back there is a rush of blood to the desired areas, which speeds up metabolism. Along the way, is a kind of “training” and strengthening blood vessels of the back, increases the elasticity of muscle fibers. However, this type of massage is contraindicated in any violation of the skin.

Some doctors strongly advise to conduct sessions during exacerbations of degenerative disc disease, while others reasonably argue: it often happens that massage is the only treatment available to the patient at home. In General, the recommendations of doctors are reduced to the observance of reasonable care: you can apply a light gentle massage techniques for quick pain relief, but only in case if the patient noted the deterioration of health during the session.

Proper nutrition

For the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease do not need special healing diet, smart enough to balance your diet so that the body can get enough protein and minerals:

  • calcium (contained in dairy products, black bread, nuts, herbs);
  • phosphorus (cheese, fish and other seafood, figs, cabbage, broccoli, celery);
  • magnesium (nuts and pulses, seaweed, cucumbers, millet, bananas);
  • vitamins a, b, C (any available fruits and vegetables, sauerkraut, rosehips, green peas, dried fruit);
  • vitamin D (butter, fish and seafood, eggs, liver).

Another goal of proper nutrition osteochondrosis – to prevent or eliminate excess weight: extra weight accelerate wear and tear of the vertebrae. It is therefore desirable to restrict the use of not only fat, giving preference to vegetable, but the salt, which promotes fluid retention in the body.

The energy value of the recommended diet is quite conventional boundaries, so everyone can choose for themselves the right diet. The average daily rate for men with osteochondrosis is 3000-3200 calories, and for women 2300-2500 calories (based on the fact that the patient does not have problems with excess weight).

So, the table should always have fruits and vegetables, and salty, fatty, smoked and flour better to get rid of. Thus it is necessary to drink enough water: lack of fluid leads to loss of elasticity of the intervertebral discs.

Sweet, carbonated drinks and alcohol have high calorie content and yet give only a temporary feeling of thirst. The reason is that for processing of ethanol, sweeteners and other additives the body must expend nearly as much fluid as he received it with a SIP of beer or lemonade.

Physical therapy in osteochondrosis

An essential part of overall therapy in osteochondrosis of the lumbar is physical therapy (physiotherapy). To start better in the group with an experienced instructor, having mastered the complex, it is possible to study independently.

A properly selected set of exercises should involve the whole musculoskeletal system and not just the affected with osteochondrosis of the plot. Classes are conducted exclusively in the period of remission (acute exacerbations exercises should be postponed).

An exemplary set of exercises in the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease:

  1. Starting position: lying on your back, arms along the body. On the inhale hands up, exhale to lower. Repeat the movement 4-6 times.
  2. Alternate pulling the knees up to your chest 8-10 times.
  3. “Bicycle”. 5-7 approaches: excellent tones the lumbar.
  4. Lying on its side centrifugal vertical movements of the foot, the approach by 7-10 times.
  5. The knees up to the chest.
  6. Position: lying on the stomach. Flexion and extension of the legs in the knee joint, up to 20 times.
  7. To allocate hands back, lift legs and upper torso. 5-7 approaches.
  8. Standing on all fours – “cat’s back”. Smooth bending back at the waist to the floor and back: a very effective exercise for low back pain.
  9. “Swallow”. Alternately pulling parallel to the floor of the left hand and the right foot (and Vice versa).

During exercises need to control the heart rate (HR). The pulse should not “speeding up” and exceed 140 beats per minute.

Folk remedies

Drugs that can quickly and effectively relieve pain in osteochondrosis not always have on hand. Folk medicine knows many ways to treat lumbar degenerative disc disease, but to apply them you need taking into account individual peculiarities of each case.

  1. RUB the skin of the lumbar honey. Movement should be easy: pats, pats. In fact, this is a simplified and inexpensive version of the popular honey massage, which has long been known in folk medicine.
  2. Bags of dense tissue needs to be filled with salt, sand or rice, and warm on a pan in the oven. The purpose is to provide lumbar dry uniform heat. Attention! In some types of lumbar osteochondrosis heating is strictly contraindicated before using this remedy, you need to consult with your doctor.
  3. For the treatment of degenerative disc disease use this recipe: take equal parts of birch leaves and wild strawberries, grass, knotweed, cloudberries. 5 grams of the mixture pour 1 Cup boiling water and infuse for two hours. Make the drink three times a day, in the course of two weeks.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar part has become so familiar and common disease that the mention of it causes patients particular alarm. However, be aware that running stage degenerative disc disease can lead to serious complications, surgical interventions and even disability. And that is to listen to the recommendations of the doctor and begin treatment as early as possible without waiting for the irreversible effects.

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