Treatment of hemangioma of the spine

The tumor develops in the area of the vertebral bodies. Mainly localized in the thoracic and lumbar spine. According to new research oncologists, it occurs more often in adults.

Rarely hemangioma accounts for children’s age. Most cases have a long asymptomatic. It is known that men are less affected by this pathology.

A hemangioma spine is a benign education. Occurs mainly in the female half of the population, the age group which is 20 to 30 years. Therapy of hemangioma of the spine depends on the degree of symptoms and its location.

In search of the causes of the doctor converge on the two etiological aspects. This is a genetic predisposition and a high background hormones (estrogens) female newborns. Factors affecting the formation of other benign tumors about hemangiomas, are not leading.

Symptoms appears:

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  • painful sensations along the nerves that the tumor during the growth compresses;
  • or numbness on various parts of the body, a violation of their functions;
  • pain at the seat of tumors;
  • possible fractures of the vertebrae, the pressure caused by the hemangioma.

The detection itself of the above symptoms is reason to seek medical attention.


The choice of method of therapy is dependent on the time when you had a diagnosis. Main indications for treatment are:

  • the occurrence of acute symptoms;
  • confirmation of these manifestations the MRI image;
  • the final diagnosis after biopsy of the tumor tissue.

Small hemangiomas on the patient may not be subjected to therapy. Doctors often propose to refuse medical intervention, but to keep the development of the tumor under regular MRI control.

Such a proposal may come in the presence of non-aggressive forms of the tumor. Such education can exist with a person all his life, does not prove itself. Learn about it by chance on routine examination.

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Pain, development of various neurological symptoms (numbness to paralysis) is an indication for starting treatment one of the existing methods of therapy of hemangiomas.

Known methods of treatment:

  • the classic operation for excision of the lesion and the intervention of the vertebra (resection of its parts);
  • the introduction of ethanol to the location of the tumor (alcoholism);
  • the introduction of special solutions that violate recharge hemangioma (embolization);
  • radiation therapy;
  • method of puncture vertebroplasty;
  • symptomatic therapy of associated clinic.
The medication

Treatment of hemangioma presented symptomatic therapy and two invasive interventions (alcoholism and embolization of the tumor) through which drugs are delivered to the hemangioma.

Medical symptomatic therapy is aimed at the desire of the patient to get rid of pain. Used NSAIDs: Nise, Nimesulide, Ketorol, occasionally antispasmodics. Severe pain syndrome involves the administration of steroid means that effectively and permanently able to remove the pain.

Neurological symptoms therapy are not exposed, they are after the reduction or complete disappearance of the tumor.

Alcoholism tumor

The methodology allows to do a hemangioma less by the introduction of ethanol in the blood vessels that feed it. The effect is achieved quickly, the swelling decreases and ceases to compress nerves and surrounding tissue. But because of the side effect, manifested in the destruction of bone tissue of the spine, the procedure of wide application not found.

Embolization of blood vessels

The principle of this method is similar to alcoholism hemangioma. The effect is a violation of replenishment of the tumor from the vessels and a decrease in size or total elimination.

The procedure is performed by introducing into the hemangioma or feeding vessels of a special drug. Stuff gets inside the tumor, thrombosing around her blood stream, not allowing her to get blood nutrients.

The disadvantage of this treatment acts as a possible violation of the integrity of the vertebra. Or incomplete thrombosis with emboli with subsequent recurrent growth of tumors.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment, the doctor performs two ways. Or in its classic operation for excision of the tumor or applies a method used in pvp.

Classic operation

Surgical removal of hemangioma is currently being conducted for several reasons:

  1. Strong compression of spinal roots, which causes pain and the appearance of severe neurological lesions.
  2. Children, when not applied vertebroplasty due to the possible delay of growth of the spine.

A narrow range of indications due to massive complications after surgery. The neurosurgeon usually has normal access to the tumor, because of this, it is possible to resect only partially. Often during and after surgery developed bleeding from the vessels of the hemangioma, which are very difficult to eliminate. The possible emergence of risks of violation of the integrity of the operated vertebra. The decrease in normal blood supply of the spinal cord and, as a consequence, insufficient food.

Percutaneous vertebroplasty

The first time this method of treatment is used in France. Minimally invasive intervention was quite effective in order to use it as the main method of treatment of hemangioma. Patient while awake during surgery, he lies on his stomach. Local anesthesia, and then in the damaged tumor of the vertebrae is introduced a special mixture. Its objective is to halt the growth of hemangiomas and to stabilize the vertebra on the type of “cement”, resulting in a reduction in the risk of fracture.

In pediatric surgery hemangiomas method has not found application because of the complications associated with growing spine, which will prevent “cement”.

A little bit about radiation therapy

The main use of radiation therapy is found in the destruction of malignant tumors. Strict contraindication to its use is pregnancy and infancy. Hemangioma treated with irradiation only on vital indications, despite the fact that radiotherapy is extremely effective.


  • the impossibility of surgical intervention because of severe pathologies of the heart muscle, respiratory system;
  • the deterioration of the organs peculiar to senile age;
  • persistent contraindications to the use of other methods.

In the absence of these indications radiation therapy is not used. This is due to strong side effects after the irradiation.

Side effects of radiation:

  1. Modify the properties of blood, its components. Decreases the number of erythrocytes and platelets, which are responsible for clotting. Can develop life-threatening condition.
  2. General weakness, depression, prolonged emotional decline.
  3. Disorders of the stomach and intestines, full and partial loss of appetite.

The number of side effects does not justify the use of this technique for the treatment of hemangioma.

Treatment with physiotherapy and massage

Physiotherapy and massage places the location of the tumor is contraindicated. Specialist imposes a strict ban. Several reasons for this:

  1. Heating of the formation may cause increased blood flow and increased growth of hemangiomas, followed by a sharp deterioration. This is due to the possible compression of the growing tumor.
  2. Massage can cause spontaneous internal bleeding from a vascular bed, entangling the tumor. This will entail failure of the whole treatment plan and emergency surgery, which will reduce the patient’s quality of life.
Other contraindications

Tumour requires, in addition to the exclusion of massage and physical therapy compliance with a number of rules:

  1. Prohibited taking any vitamin complexes, immunostimulatory drugs. They can influence the formation of in the spine, creating conditions for uncontrolled proliferation and worsening of the clinical picture.
  2. Lifting weights leads to the deterioration and the implementation of radical operational techniques.
  3. From the time of diagnosis of a person to full recovery, you need to dose finding in standing up to 4 hours a day. More time in this position and a long walk can cause trauma to the vertebra. This will lead to serious complications.

Traditional methods of treatment of hemangioma

Therapy folk remedies in respect of medicine critically perceived by neurosurgeons. Most of them prefer traditional treatment.

Occasionally allowed the use of certain infusions to reduce the proliferation of pathological tissue. Before you start using recipes definitely need the advice of your doctor.

  1. The herbs to reduce the swelling is prepared by mixing leaves of plants: plantain, burdock, mother and stepmother, hazel. Sometimes add marigold flowers, geranium. The total number of herbs in dry form 50 g. All plants are taken in equal proportions. Aged in boiling water 0.5 l Drink is warm, 4 times per day.
  2. Insist the crushed roots of ginseng vodka, usually in a pot of 500 ml. of 2/3 months kept in a dark room. After take 2 times a day 5 g, after a week reduce the intake up to 2.5 g. Drink for 30 days.
  3. When hemangioma, prone to spontaneous bleeding, use a special herbal. Lingonberry leaves and birch, part clover, bird knotweed and calendula flowers mix. Collect to cook according to the principle specified in the first recipe.
  4. Outer lotion with celandine reduces tumor growth, can be used only after the consultation with the doctor. To prepare the infusion, soak in warm water for a few hours. A lotion to apply on the location of the hemangioma, to change every 60 minutes.
  5. Another similar method of treatment is based on the preparation of decoction from parts of oak bark with moss. Ratio when mixed 1:5. About 30 minutes to keep the mixture on low heat. Insist 2 hours in a sealed container. Lotions to apply the same as in the previous recipe. To start the application after consultation with the doctor.
  6. Small tumors can be treated “kalinovy honey.” Prepare the tool from pressed juice of viburnum berries mixed with water. Then pour into molds for ice and freeze. Applied as a compress to the region of localization of the hemangiomas, while mold will not melt completely. To start this type of treatment should be only after permission of doctors.
  7. You can reduce the size of tumor masses by using the juice of the herb St. John’s wort. The recipe allows you to use externally and internally. For lotions squeezed from the plant juice, is also connected to the celandine, by keeping the ratio of 1:1. Pour the alcohol, put to the place of the lesion for 3 hours. Treat about 21-23 days. The use of the juice of St. John’s wort inside involves twice-a-day intake of 60 ml of pure means.

Attention! Alcohol causes an increase in heat production. You need to consult a physician. The temperature increase in the area of the tumor may lead to negative consequences.

The recovery period

Each disease requires prevention before its occurrence, and after any successful treatment outcomes.

The recovery period after the treatment suggests a complete rejection of physical activity. At this time, preferably, finding the patient in the home.

Strict contraindications are superimposed on chiropractic treatment, massage application, any physiotherapy means and methods.

The prohibitions makes the situation worse, there are severe fractures of the spine, leading to disability and inability to cure the hemangioma.


Hemangioma of the spine requires proactive measures, which include several key General and specific recommendations:

  1. Regular medical examinations, which will reveal a tumor at an early stage. The citizens for a free medical examination every few years.
  2. A careful study of the family tree the family members of hemangiomas. Upon detection of a required genetics counseling, which will tell you more about the possible risks.
  3. Constant moderate physical activity, no heavy loads.
  4. Prevention of trauma to the spine.
  5. Balanced proper nutrition.
  6. Full or partial waiver of the adverse and harmful habits.

Compliance with all preventive measures greatly reduces the risk of hemangioma of the spine.

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