What do our children complain most often

Children quickly learn the art of manipulation in adults. And among the masters to get attention at any cost, they have no equal. That is why we so often hear various kinds of complaints from children.

I have a stomachache

When you need to go to kindergarten or school, but really do not feel like it, the child may resort to extreme measures. Remembering that once his mother was very worried when his stomach ached, vomited and vomited, he said that today he feels something similar. Mom panics, the child, of course, remains at home, the goal is achieved. Be careful!

At this age, the child may really have a stomach ache and feel sick when thinking about school or kindergarten, especially if not everything is safe there. Talk with the child about how he feels there, whether he has friends, it will not be superfluous to talk heart to heart and with the teacher.

Sleepy ritual

Almost all children, as soon as it is time to go to bed, want to eat, drink and use the toilet. To avoid annoyance about this, take responsibility. Plan your evening sleep ritual. Bathroom, then we read a fairy tale, drink kefir with cookies, brush our teeth, visit the toilet and sleep. Explain to the baby in advance that after going to bed no walks are welcome.

Mom’s time comes and the baby (if he is older than three years) satisfies all his needs himself. He goes to the toilet himself, turns on the light, takes a glass of water, a toy. Since the mother does not demonstrate her attention, the need for walking is no longer necessary. In no case do not show irritation and do not swear, gently stand your ground.

You do not love me

Toddlers are sensitively tracking mom’s guilt. And also models of behavior in the family are taught. And if a model of manipulation with the help of love is fixed between parents or mother and grandmother, then the child will use it. Any prohibition, refusal will be perceived as evidence of your dislike for him. The child will blame you for this in order to get what you want.

This is a dangerous habit that can lead to a distorted perception of love when it is confirmed only by material values. And if you do not want such problems for your child, urgently review your behavior.

I’m tired

On a walk, the baby asks for pens, and the student does not want to do homework and is also “tired”. Familiar situation? In the first case, the child confuses fatigue with boredom. Because walking with my mom by the handle is incredibly boring! A child crawling in the wet grass on his knees and collecting ants in a box is unlikely to tell you that he is tired.

Another thing is that not every mother can calmly look at the spots of grass on brand new pants. And homework is often associated with unpleasant emotions, and the child thus tries to delay the execution of such an unpleasant action for as long as possible. But he really can be tired. In this case, planting a child for lessons immediately after school is not a very good decision. Give him time to take a walk or play active games with friends!

I’m bored

This complaint means that the baby still does not know how to organize his time, so he wants to fill it with communication with you. Help him, make a regimen of the day with him, convenient for both of you. Just make sure that it is as diverse as possible. Developing activities must necessarily alternate with active games and, of course, with communication with mom and dad!

Nobody plays with me / I do not succeed

Here attention, parents! This complaint means that your baby has a problem with self-esteem and self-doubt. Any failure knocks him out of balance and only strengthens his confidence that everything turns out extremely badly for him. The child cannot cope on his own, and you need to help him. Work on your relationship, praise and say that you are sure that everything will work out. This will provide you with great support for your baby.

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