The use of tablets in the treatment of neuralgia of various types

Treatment for any ailment takes a decent amount of time and money. Usually patients prescribed the pills or ointments for a full recovery.

Cases of neuralgia of various types also involve treatment of a group of medicines that will not only eliminate the causes of problems with the nerves, but also to have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole.

The causes of neuralgia

Earn the disease is quite simple. For this, a number salchev, even do not need to perform any action, for example, simply sit in the draft and a nerve will be supercooled.

In addition to the adverse climate the development of the disease contribute to:

  1. The bruises and injuries.
  2. Inflammation occurring in the body.
  3. Of the tumor.
  4. The use of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Stress and depression.

Any of these reasons can lead to damage to the nerves, which cause severe pain in the region of their location. Usually the nerve is pressed by the muscles that are in spasm and are unable to function properly.

It should be noted that neuralgia is rarely accompanied by high temperature, however, this can occur if there is a poisoning or an inflammatory process.

What treats disease

It should be noted that neuralgia are of several types, because the treatment may have some difference from case to case, but in General the principle of healing is similar. Doctors first try to manage your symptoms of neuralgia, and only then the disease, which has caused a problem with health.

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

The exception is the defeat of the trigeminal nerve, under such circumstances the treatment is performed, starting from the basic disease.

For example, neuralgia of this type is shown at:

  • caries;
  • the sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • meningitis;
  • arachnoiditis;
  • tumors of the brain.

Thus, to get rid of neuralgia, it is necessary to eliminate the disease that is causing inflammation.

For that doctor prescribed remedies, relieving pain and inflammation, such as:

  • analgin;
  • phenylbutazone;
  • phenacetin;
  • amidopyrine;
  • reopirin;
  • acetylsalicylic acid.

These tablets effectively fight the disease, allowing to facilitate the existence of the patient in the acute phase of neuralgia.

In addition, to consolidate the effect and aid the body prescribed various supplements and stimulants, for example:

  • the was;
  • the vitreous body;
  • tablets containing vitamin b complex;
  • suxilep;
  • Finlepsin.

It is interesting to note that earlier Finlepsin used only to produce the treatment of patients with epilepsy, but recent studies have shown that these tablets can prevent the development of paroxysmal pain or gain disease.

Healing of neuralgia of other types

If struck by any other nerve, except for the trigeminal, is the treatment of its symptoms. For example, so treat a neuralgia of occipital and intercostal.

So, apply the tablets of the following types:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal type.
  2. Muscle relaxants and antispasmodics.
  3. Blockers containing analgesics or corticosteroids.
The use of anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal type

Treatment of almost any disease is not possible today without using this group of medicines. Medications help reduce discomfort and lower temperature if it is available.

However, not all of them are able to help with neuralgia, as the pain has a very nasty temper and are not always able to be jammed.

It is therefore necessary to use drugs in the last generations, which have a distinct orientation to suppress pain, such as:

  • naproxen;
  • tiaprofenic acid;
  • promedol;
  • Ketoprofen;
  • menovazin;
  • Ketorolac.

In addition, of the drugs of the old school shows good results diclofenac. On the other hand, should not be used in neuralgia are medications such as meloxicam or celecoxib, as they do not cope with pain of this type.

Great help in relief of pain and inflammation of pills that contain venoms of snakes or bees. Drugs of this type are often supplied in the form of ointments or injection, but among them are apifor, which is sold in pill form.

However, drugs containing poisons have a number of contraindications. So, they cannot be used when:

  • heart disease;
  • lesions of the kidney or liver;
  • fever;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased sensitivity to poisons.

It should be noted that the use of injection and injections will be more effective than pills, but the latter is much easier to use and does not require a visit to the medical office, which saves time and money of patients.

The use of muscle relaxants and antispasmodics

Since the main cause of neuralgia is muscle spasm, it is necessary to produce its resorption. This is why the doctors prescribe antispasmodics – drugs that eliminate the causes spasm, and relaxing the muscles, which leads to reduction of discomfort.

A particularly good effect is achieved when they are used correctly in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs, however it is not necessary to carry out this treatment at home as this may lead to bowel problems.

On the other hand, observing precautions antispasmodics can be used alone, but carefully read the indications in the instructions. Pills in this group include the following medications:

  • galidor;
  • no-Spa;
  • besalol;
  • spazmonet;
  • papazol.

Market offer is extremely high, because the attending physician will select the appropriate medication based on individual symptoms of the patient.

In addition to antispasmodics doctors can prescribe muscle relaxants, but they may not be used without the supervision of a doctor as they have a number of contraindications.

Among the most effective drugs such as:

  • baclofen;
  • sirdalud;
  • clonazepam.

Treatment muscle relaxants occurs only in extreme cases, as their negative impact on the body is stronger than antispasmodics. Of course, they better suppress neuralgia, but if it is possible to do without them, it is necessary to use it.

Blockers and their use

Treatment of hormonal products, which are corticosteroids – the most extreme method. If the patient is not helped by conventional tablets and medicines, only the blockade of the nidus is able to numb the discomfort.

Because of the peculiarities of the use of drugs, use them only under the direct supervision of a spinal cord specialist or neurosurgeon, who will prescribe the correct dosage and time of medication being used.

Neuralgia treatment is best done under the supervision of a specialist, because a wrong medication can only aggravate the disease.

However, it should be noted that in the absence of a quick visit to a professional, it is possible to use some anti-inflammatories and antispasmodics to relieve pain.

However, the treatment of neuralgia is impossible without the use of a number of other means such as massage, physiotherapy and electrophoresis, so that relying on medications is not necessary, as this can lead to withdrawal symptoms, but will not eliminate the cause of the disease.

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