Blood pressure medication for elderly without side effects

People of older and middle-aged, suffering from hypertension, often complain about the abundance of side-effects caused by the designated complex medicines. This often occurs due to improper intake of pharmaceutical preparations of non-compliance with dosage regimen and sometimes a simple intolerance to the body of the active ingredients.

The main problem is that some, listening to incorrect and unprofessional advice of friends, and appoint themselves lowering drugs pressure, often without knowing the reasons for his pathological condition. Such an irresponsible self-medication leads to deterioration of all organs and body systems.

It is important to remember that a one-time suppression of the attack of hypertension is not a treatment. Find out why it constantly increases the pressure, and to consult a doctor about what drugs will help to normalize the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

Are there safe blood pressure medication?

Properly selected drug, taking into account the causes of hypertension and the individual characteristics of the organism, is by definition safe for the patient. It is necessary to clarify that it is absolutely safe blood pressure medicine does not exist, since the regularly increasing pressure each person is individual. It can be regular stress, individual feature of the body, the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, increased cholesterol and blood sugar, and many other factors.

You can only choose one of the most advanced and clinically tested preparations.

Medicines of new generation, regularly tested by specialists-cardiologists, have significant advantages over the most famous of old for the following reasons:

  • one of the main objectives of developing a new drug is to minimize the risk of side effects;
  • it is best to use drugs with prolonged action. Thus will not be reactive, sudden edema attack and the body will be able to adjust gradually to the slowly advancing antihypertensive effect, which, by the way, the tablets and capsules of the prolonged action lasts much longer;
  • on the production of a new generation of drugs has a positive effect urbanization pharmacological production and application technologies of the new time. A higher degree of purification of the active substance easily digestible and additional components increase the safety and efficacy of the drug;
  • due to the complex combination of active ingredients in one preparation today do not need to take 3-4 different tools to achieve the antihypertensive effect and neutralize the side effect of one pill taking the other. Modern combined medicines guarantee reduction of the negative actions due to the gradual activation of several active ingredients in the patient.

We should not lightly treat medicines from the pressure, even if the list of side effects is minimal. Before applying to consult a doctor.

Funds from pressure with minimal side effects

In order to reduce the risk of adverse action of the drug, it is necessary to use comprehensive and modern drugs in small doses, such as:

  • Physiotens. Quite fast acting and safe drug to reduce the pressure. Among its side effects a dry mouth and a little lethargy. There are several doses of the drug, therefore, to purchase a minimum is not difficult. Physiotens is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs against hypertension thanks to its mild action on the cardiovascular system, and increases sensitivity and insulin, i.e. the drug can be taken even in patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • Lisinopril is a drug whose effect is based on the diuretic effect. This method of reducing pressure sufficiently safe for hypertensive patients whose pathology was triggered is not yet known reasons. The drug lowers AD fairly quickly, so after taking it should be for some time to restrict physical activity and allow yourself to rest;
  • Monzonites and Albarel. Can lower blood pressure by acting on specific receptors, causing the activity of the heart muscle and blood vessels is significantly reduced, the organs come into a relaxed state. Drugs are safe, as no effect on myocardial contractility, blood flow, the processes of excretion and absorption of substances in the body. Great deal with high blood pressure, and their list of minimum contraindications;
  • Benalal, Labetalol, Carvedilol – drugs with complex effects. At the same time exert a vasodilator and long-lasting antihypertensive effect, it does not affect heart rate and cardiac output value. They are able to prevent the consequences, usually provoke a significantly high pressure, without causing different side effects;
  • Hydrochlorothiazide – simple enough a drug providing a diuretic effect. In milder forms of hypertension it will be enough, because the excretion of excess fluid from the body always brings blood pressure back to normal. Hydrochlorothiazide is often prescribed to women in menopause.

These drugs should be taken only in those cases when the use of the most simple of pharmaceuticals from arterial hypertension (Andipal, Losartan, Dibazol, Papaverine) has no effect, what usually happens with people older and older.

Additional recommendations to reduce pressure

In order to get rid of high blood pressure, the pill is sometimes not enough.

In the period of the attack the patient is more attentive to their health and adhere to the following rules, designed to normalize his condition:

  • remove clothes that inhibit movement and cause difficulties to the access of air to the lungs;
  • when pain in the heart to dissolve under the tongue one tablet of Nitroglycerin;
  • try to relax, take a comfortable sitting position and not to worry;
  • the room where hypertensive should be fully ventilated, but it should not be the risk of catching cold.

In single cases, attacks of hypertension, and sometimes these simple measures will be sufficient to reduce the pressure without taking any medication. However, this condition is not normal and regular formations as soon as possible to consult a specialist to determine the cause of the permanent increase of heart pressure.

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