What to do if you got sick on the plane

Workers of services of air travel are often faced with a sharp deterioration of the physical health of the passengers. Many complain of headache, tinnitus, nausea, dizziness, a feeling of tightness, panic attacks and many other unpleasant symptoms, significantly aggravating the process of flight.

Why may become ill in the plane?

The main reason for many of the problems associated with the deterioration of the physical state of passengers during the flight is a significant overload of the vestibular system, compared with the usual daily condition. The Commission of pilot maneuver during landing and takeoff, and the duration of the trip, overcoming of areas of turbulence cause the nervous system to experience continuous stress, the result of which is reflected in the work of the heart and blood vessels, and gastrointestinal tract.

Gradually the body will get used to the increased stress and symptoms will disappear, but not everyone wants to spend a long time trying to fight with the beginning of symptoms. Besides a long and unexpected overload of this plan may adversely affect a person and lead to extremely dangerous for life and health conditions. To flight turned into an urgent visit to the hospital, is attentive to the preparation for air travel.

Who may become ill in the plane

Those who are going to choose the flight as a way to get around, it is worth remembering that many chronic diseases during a flight can significantly worsen due to abrupt climate change, which is unprepared, weakened body may deem critical.

At risk are passengers suffering from the following diseases:

Those who recently underwent various operations, is recovering from a heart attack or stroke, and pregnant in the later stages is not to refrain from flying in airplanes to choose another method of travel.

How to help the person during the flight

There are a few rules, observing that you can reduce the chances of ill health of the aircraft to the minimum:

  • Before flying is to minimize any physical and mental stress and to have a rest day. You need to go to bed early and get up later than usual, it will also help to compensate for the difference in time zones.
  • Before the flight on the day should you give up alcohol, strong tea and coffee, energy drinks, oily and junk food, fast food. The load on the gastrointestinal tract should be minimal. Heavy digestion and abuse of energy in the plane before it can adversely affect the nervous system.
  • Many passengers complain about the high humidity or dry air in the cabin.

This largely depends on the humidity outside.

If the humidity is reduced, the passenger can complain to:

  1. dryness of the nasopharynx;
  2. burning in the eyes, sensation of drying of the iris;
  3. irritation on the skin.

In order to avoid this it is necessary during the flight, more likely to drink clean water and avoid drinking sweet juices, coffee and tea, which can only trigger dehydration. In addition often dry eyes during the flight can cause the wearing contact lenses.

Many airlines recommend before landing to change lenses on the glasses or simply remove the lenses in the container and try to sleep during the flight.

Suffering from chronic diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system do not drink diuretics before the flight. You should not right in my face a jet of air from the fan in order to avoid further loss of body moisture. A large amount of fluid in the body will also help to avoid dizziness and pressure changes during the flight.

Clothing for travel should be comfortable, not inhibit movement and not impede breathing. Should give preference to natural, absorbent fabrics so your skin can breathe freely.

Passengers should avoid overeating before and during the flight. Should pay attention to light, balanced dishes that are easy to digest. The plane white meat need to prefer red, and completely abandon foods that trigger flatulence.

Long sitting in an upright position worsens the blood circulation and provokes a sharp reduction blood vessels, which leads to exacerbation of cardiovascular conditions, headache, noise in ears, swelling of the limbs.

For flights it is better to bring warm socks and take off one’s shoes in the cabin.

To avoid wicking of muscles, you can do a light, relaxation exercises, so as not to disturb other passengers. Sometimes it will be useful to get up and slowly walk around the cabin.

Sometimes passengers experience discomfort due to fluctuations in air pressure. In the plane, such a phenomenon can cause stuffy ears, and also to cause exacerbation of respiratory diseases.

To avoid this, you should protect yourself:

    1. in order to remove congestion from the ears need to suck on candy or chew gum. Sometimes to stabilize the pressure in the ear passages helps yawning;
    2. some doctors recommended for congestion of the ears, close the mouth and nose and try with force to exhale;
    3. 30-40 minutes before boarding the plane, you can use vasoconstrictor nasal spray. It doesn’t allow the subsequent shrink the air passages.

If sitting feels dizziness or nausea, switching attention can help.sometimes for getting rid of discomfort enough to look out the window or focus on any object in the cabin. To eliminate nausea will help pre-prepared medications to reduce the severity of travel – Dramina, Kokoulin. They remove the feeling of a lump in the throat and stabilize the vestibular system when unusual conditions of flight.

Before landing, if disturbed, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, you need to prepare a set of medicines in case you become ill in the cabin. Often take on Board sedatives, and means to lower pressure. Sedatives are useful also in cases if during the flight was a panic attack or aerophobia.

It is important to remember that with any complaints you can refer to the flight attendant, whose duties included the provision of a comfortable condition of life and health of passengers during flight. The staff instructed the aircraft in the event of any pathology of the passengers and the duty to assist.

If the state threatens a serious violation of health of the passenger or fatal, the pilot will put the plane at the nearest airport and the victim will be hospitalized immediately.

Very often the ailments in the plane are caused by a neurotic condition of the passenger. Before planting you need to calm down, to remember that air travel is considered the safest way of travel, modern pilots and flight attendants are highly professional, and therefore, life and health of a passenger is not in danger.

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