Izadrin instructions for use of the drug

The drug “Izadrin” appointed in various pathologies of the respiratory system, accompanied by severe bronchospasm. The proposed instructions for use will tell you what are the indications and how to calculate single and daily dose.

At the core of the drug is the active substance izoprenalin, its Latin name isoprenaline. Produced tablets at a dosage of 0.005 g and in the form of a solution in special bottles with dispensers. The concentration of active substance in solution for inhalation is 0.5%. Instructions for use recommends the use of only on prescription, which should calculate the exact dosage depending on age and body weight of the patient.


Pharmacological action of the drug based on its ability to moderately expand the lumen of large and small bronchi. Pharmacokinetics bronholitika well studied.

There are certain indications “Izadrina” – they include:

  • preventive treatment of bronchial asthma with the aim of preventing the development of asthma attacks;
  • relief of asthma attacks bronchial asthma of different Genesis;
  • emphysema and bronhoektaticheskaja disease;
  • the bronchiolitis with obstruction of the lumen of the bronchioles;
  • chronic and acute bronchitis with asthmatic component;
  • violation of intracardiac electrical conductivity;
  • in the complex treatment of some types of arrhythmias;
  • pulmonary fibrosis and other pathological changes in lung tissue.

When all the specified conditions in contact with the ciliated epithelium of the bronchial tree drug “Izadrin” stimulates the adrenergic receptors of the beta group. As a result, aktiviziruyutsya cell adenylyl cyclase responsible for the production of enzymes that prevent the excitation of the myocytes of the smooth muscles of the bronchial tree. There is an effect of forced relaxation of the muscular wall of the bronchi. The patient can breathe in relief.

In addition to the expansion of the bronchi, the drug “Izadrin” has an effect on the cardiovascular system. Enhanced by the fullness of heart choice, slows heart rate, internal organs receive more blood. However, all this has a side effect of the heart muscle begins to need more oxygen, glucose and nutrients. In case of serious pathologies of the vascular coronary bed increases the risk of acute myocardial infarction.

When properly designed dosage can cause a fall in blood pressure, acceleration of renal blood flow due to which there is an increase in daily diuresis. Decreases contractility of smooth myometrium of the uterus. In the long run the product effectively blocks the release of histamine that prevents the development of subsequent asthma attacks in bronchial asthma.

Instructions for dosing and application of “Izadrina”

Instructions for use “Izadrina” offered by the manufacturer, indicates that to calculate the dosage for each patient should the doctor. The doctor takes into account not only age and body weight, but also the presence of co-morbidities renal, cardiac, and vascular systems.

In any case, you cannot use this drug without prescription. It is potentially dangerous to life and health.

There are specific instructions on dosing “Izadrina” proposed to read them. First – it is recommended to apply it in the form of inhalation. Tablets are not as effective and can cause serious side effects. The vials are intended for a special pocket inhaler. One single dose for an adult is 0.5 ml. Usual dose is a single “puff” of the standard vial.

When resistance to therapy with this medication the doctor can replace the 0.5% solution 1%. In this case, a double dose will provide longer-lasting protection from bronchial spasm. Maximum daily dosage should not exceed 5 doses. If this amount of the drug enough to control or prevent seizures, replace the drug drug from a different pharmacological group.

The drug “Izadrin” tablets are intended for sublingual use 1 thing to completely dissolve 3-4 times a day. In emergency situations allowed injecting a special solution of ampoules for injection. The maximum single dose that is not more than 1 ml of solution with a concentration of active substance of 0.5%.

Contraindications and side effects

At the laboratory

Improper application and the appointment of a drug “Izadrin” it may be a side effect if you suspect which you must immediately discontinue use and consult your doctor for replacement medication. Often patients noted significant increases in heart rate (tachycardia). On the second place by the frequency of side effects is irregular heartbeat. Also you should know that this drug significantly reduces the efficiency of “Amiodarone” and some other anti-arrhythmia. In severe cases, and overdose ventricular fibrillation with a lethal outcome.

At the laboratory

It is not excluded side effects such as dry mouth, feeling of nausea and dizziness, weakness. Can also be trembling of the upper limbs.

People with abnormalities of the thyroid gland should be cautious to use the “Izadrin” and only in the lowest possible dosages. You should also know that with prolonged use may develop resistance (resistance) of bronchial muscle layer to its effects. This means that the entire treatment effect of it disappears.

Contraindications to the use of “Izadrina” include the following diseases and States:

  1. pregnancy in the first and last trimester;
  2. acute myocardial infarction and severe heart failure;
  3. coronary heart disease in the stage of decompensation;
  4. arrhythmias ventricular and atrial origin;
  5. atherosclerosis of the coronary and cerebral vessels.

Absolute contraindication to the use of “Izadrina” is individual hypersensitivity to the main active ingredient. In this case, it is not recommended to use other medications with similar active substance.

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