Child falls asleep independently: what to do?

Up to a certain age the child needs the closeness of mom there to sleep and feel safe. But there comes a time when even the practice of a joint dream, when the child needs to learn to fall asleep independently.

Well, if he gradually got used to it since birth, but sometimes putting you to sleep is a problem, “dances with tambourines” and crying, screaming and the nerves of parents. If the child cannot sleep alone, clamoring for mom or dad to yourself, how critical is it?

Child falls asleep independently: problem or not?

If we are talking about the baby, then it is quite normal its need and usually the parents don’t Express complaints about this. They practice co-sleeping until a certain time, usually until the completion of the GW, or rocking in the crib with a pacifier and stories and songs. But as time, years with 2-3, the question arises, why baby is not sleeping on their own and whether it can be on this train.

By and large, is the problem of the parent, with age, children gradually refuse from sleeping with parents and laying, realizing their adulthood. But many of us banal laziness no time to devote time to a child in 5-7-10 years for reading books, storing and sleeping.

The child needs attention and care, and that is one of the manifestations, the time to be with mom-dad, to feel their closeness and love. Do I need to wean children from the habit too early? This question everyone decides for themselves individually. We will discuss on how to form the correct rituals of bedtime and to teach your baby to fall asleep himself.

Sleepy rituals for babies: why they are needed?

Children are conservative in many things, including in respect of security measures regarding food and sleep. To ensure that they are well covered and had not experienced difficulties in waste to sleep and self-laying, it is important for them to create special rituals and traditions. They follow them exactly and persistently, if they are systematic and not broken ever.

What are the recommendations feasible in this case can be given, depending on age:

  • If we are talking about babies first year of life, is to accustom them to the tradition after feeding to sleep in the crib (especially if it is a kid on FC), from the period when not to bother the colic. It is not necessary to promote the game and fun after feedings, should be clearly formed Association “feeding the dream”.
  • To a half to two years is possible in the evening to associate bathing with subsequent feeding before bed, and then laying in bed with sickness and livers, reading, quiet monotone talking to your child to calm and relaxation.

After this age, you can develop an interesting and pleasant for the baby ritual that is convenient for you. It’s putting a favorite toy, carrying out hygienic measures (wash, brush teeth, go potty) and laying in bed listening to stories or songs. Today you can also use a phone application or technique for playing them. It is not necessary to forbid to take to bed favorite toy, she acts on children as a stabilizer, a close friend.

It is important to remember, the more active the child, the more will emerge the ritual and then follow it relentlessly in all circumstances.

It is not necessary to put the child in complete silence, to the sound of the house clean too, if you want more formal parents. If you teach a baby to sleep only in silence, the darkness, perfect order, any small stimuli will awaken and disrupt your sleep. Valid soft music, the sound of the TV from neighbouring rooms, dim lights.

Whether rocking to sleep?

In the womb the baby used to rocking movements that helped him to fall asleep. Therefore, after birth, it is also necessary sickness, but to a certain period, especially if we are talking about parents.

At an early age all the rhythmic movement, whether it’s sucking on the breast or pacifier, rocking or singing a lullaby of certain motifs helps to synchronize the brain and the functions of internal organs, form the right phase of sleep and quiet sleep, followed by sound sleep till morning.

No wonder the culture of almost all peoples had the cradle with rocking mechanisms – cradles, rocking cradles, which rhythmically swayed hands. And the tradition of singing lullabies is also effective in view of their special rhythm, synchronized breathing and carotid processes.

For older children in the day time useful playing on the swing, the carousel, physical activity energy output, so that the fatigue of the body, preparing the physiological basis of sleep. It is important to understand the fact that rhythm is formed in the first years of life, then it is difficult to form. To sleep in the crumbs need to rest any anxiety and pain, tormenting the baby in the night, leading to the release of stress hormones, suppressing the immune system and stimulating the nervous system. A baby crying in noses it is necessary to immediately eliminate, soothing and nursing, turning on his tummy sludge back feed or watered.

Forming the habit of independent sleep

Closer to three years, when the need to reach parents is not so spicy, you can gradually accustom your baby to fall asleep independently and sleep. But the rituals and training, it will help to work out a routine and habit to fall asleep at a certain time. Without such preparatory moments of the processes of sleep can easily go astray and putting can become a torture for children and parents.

There are a number of simple recommendations to facilitate the process:

  • Departure time in bed is strictly corresponds to the age and always the same, the spread in the range of not more than 15 minutes including the last day of fatigue, daytime sleep and mood, the degree of excitation.
  • It is important to pay attention to the baby before bed, surrounding it with affection and care and attention, laying aside all business and not being distracted by any other things.
  • To start half an hour before bedtime to create a “sleepy” atmosphere with muted lights and turning off computers and televisions, canavesana Windows, airing and analysis of the bed. Stronger and quieter sleep in a dark, ventilated and cool nursery. Suppose dim night light in the distance from the bed and the child’s eyes.
  • For a half hour or a little less is to abandon the noisy classroom and mobile games, exciting of sights and sounds, even if dad comes home from work late and he can’t wait to play with the baby, tossing it to the ceiling or running to catch-up. To soothe the troubled child, who soon sleeping difficult, so it is important or to choose a different time for games, or move bedtime to a little later. Instead of the noisy games can be monotonous and offer quiet activities – reading, drawing, crafts or other things.
  • In the period romps and walks to note signs of fatigue and instantly switch to quiet activities, to get off the streets. Overexcited and parietalnae children don’t sleep well.
  • During the day, adequate physical activity, walking and energy expenditure, the need to sleep when the children are really tired, in this case, difficulties falling asleep will not.

Always go to bed in a good mood, to sleep was quiet. Frustrated or tearful children have trouble falling asleep and restless sleep. They are also worried, excited and anxious. To sleep in tears no kids, is to give time for calm and transition to the quiet state, and only then sleep.

Rituals to independent sleep

At any age in order to tune in to the sleep, need sleep rituals, consisting in a sequence of specific actions. With them, the brain associates the reflex prepares the body is still in the initial stage to sleep.

Every family is different actions, here is an example of the averaged rituals:

  1. Remove toys in the room
  2. go to drink milk
  3. wash and brush our teeth
  4. go potty (toilet)
  5. we read the book
  6. Gasim (included) night light
  7. kiss mom and sleep.

Seen, people in adulthood sleep problems are related to the fact that in childhood they have not formed the proper sleeping rituals.

Useful tips for independent sleep children

It is important that all the rituals were smooth and not covered at the time. No need to start to get ready for bed two hours before him, the process should be quick. Bedtime stories or songs talk should not exceed 15-20 minutes, they need to speak a quiet and soothing voice that calms and relaxes the baby, you should not choose a scary or unpleasant episodes of history. To relax the child can stroke his back, Pat with palm, to a light massage, if the sleep restless, is to enter into the ritual of a warm bath with herbs or pine extract.

Don’t forget favorite toys as substitutes for mothers, give them their powers and give the child, let them hugs. By the way, is to vilify this animal in his body, to absorb a parent’s scent, it will create a sense of security and proximity to mother. And you can never ignore the fears and worries of children, they should allay and soothe baby before bedtime, to kiss and caress.

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