A newborn is not sleeping and shouting: possible causes of the problem

Since the birth of the key signal for the child until he learns to speak normally and explain words, is crying. At an early age he belongs to a universal mechanism of communication, they are scarce expresses the whole palette of their feelings and emotions, and demonstrates his desires and emotions.

Often this situation is that often newborn baby screams and cries without giving rest to yourself and the parents. What can be related to sleep problems and his screams? How to recognize the child’s signals and eliminate their causes?

The development of crying and sleep problems

Newborn crying is a way to send signals about any unpleasant, uncomfortable or painful sensations.

When a newborn is healthy and well fed, it did not bother, he most of the time in the first weeks of his life holds in his sleep. So, for the most part due to the crying the child expresses their emotions, complains of feeling unwell, and to ignore these signals, parents should not.

But young parents often wonder why a baby cries inconsolably crying and could not sleep. Gradually, as the time they have on the tone and strength of the Creek, his tone and behavior crumbs distinguish the source of the problem. There is a relatively simple and easily treatable causes of lack of sleep and crying, although it is possible and more severe painful and dangerous condition.

The main causes of crying in newborns

There is quite a physiologic and obvious causes of crying in children, because of which he cannot sleep. These include:

  • fear and instincts to be near the mother. In this case the child inconsolably cries and does not sleep as long as it does not take the hand, not shake. In this case, immediately comes the calm, and the baby peacefully asleep on the mother’s hands. It is associated with instincts, the innate mechanisms that the baby feels fear, being separated from the mother, it cannot exist separately from her, so immediately demands attention through crying. For peace of mind and normal sleep he needs finding the mother around, so he could feel her breathing, heartbeat and warmth, then he can calm down and relax. It is important to give the child a lot of time not worrying about what it is possible to spoil on his hands. Through contact with mom and baby not only calms, but also develops physically and mentally. As they grow older he will need less of such contacts.
  • the feeling of hunger and thirst. The most frequent reasons why the child is crying and doesn’t want to sleep – it’s a banal desire to eat or drink. It is the most important needs for children and their desire in the first months he may claim only such methods. This is usually crying after groaning or upon awakening, he is demanding and insistent.

When breastfeeding or when the baby give a bottle of formula, he calms down and calms down. To quench the thirst of infants can also through breastfeeding, and iskusstvennym need to give water in the bottle. For the first time, has not yet established an approximate rhythm of feedings, your baby may often cry when he is hungry.

It is important not to ignore the requirements of the crumbs, waiting for nourishment of a certain hour, otherwise the crying will go into a tantrum, during which soothe and feed the raging baby will be extremely difficult. If the baby understood immediately and fed on time, he usually falls asleep.

Crying and sleep problems with the Overdrive

Most often a child can’t sleep and cries and cries because of the overstimulation. His nervous system is very vulnerable and immature, she often needs to rest to recover, to monitor the work of all organs and systems and to develop.

The depletion of neural processes comes the sooner, the smaller the age of the baby.

If simultaneously with the fatigue, the child received too many new impressions and emotions, this will lead to more fatigue of the nervous system. In the end, the child can not fall asleep, although very tired, why he cries and cries and cannot calm down. As a result, generated hysteria with choking cries and laments that scares parents.

It is important to prevent overwork and hysteria, watching the status and health of the baby. This can be achieved by adhering to a strict regime of the day, where will be enough time to sleep, all the necessary hygiene procedures and all conditions for comfortable stay and sleep. It is a cozy and clean room, well ventilated, with comfortable temperature and humidity. It is not necessary to create from birth to sleep in crumbs perfect silence, he has to sleep under normal conditions of family life, this will help to make sleep not so sensitive and intermittent.

The child is not excited, the doctors do not recommend its presence in a noisy and public events, concerts and on long trips. Worth it at least for the first time to protect him from a large number of guests and strangers. This will not only give the child calm and protect from unnecessary meetings with infections which can also disrupt sleep and lead to crying.

If the child is tired after visiting guests, long sleep and shouted, take him in his arms, to attach to the breast, to swing hands and to calm down. Some children are helped by tight swaddling or zakutyvanie in a blanket, others a warm bath, relaxing and soothing your baby.

Sleep problems and crying in disorders of natural departures

Often the child cannot sleep and cries constantly if you have problems with the natural needs of the defecation or urination. Many children may cry or whine in front of the emptying of the bladder, even if there are no health problems, just not knowing what is going on with them, being afraid of this fact. To worry in this case is not necessary, it is usually light podnikania with subsequent wetting of the diaper. However, disorders of sleep and constant crying, the section legs and cries when urinating or a strong straining before you wet your pants – this is a worrying sign. It can be a symptom of anomalies in the structure of the urinary tract, inflammation of the region of the wall of the bladder, and the boys ‘ penis and its structure.

If a child is constantly restless, the process of urine output leads to the screams when the body temperature rises, you should immediately contact your doctor and be tested (or at least a General urine and blood).

Often problems with bowel movements also lead to sleep disorders and crying, shouting. Especially against the background of artificial feeding, resulting in the wrong selection of the mixture, its inaccurate dilution or deficiency of fluid in the body to constipation. A particularly nasty bowel movement in the presence of cracks in the anus due to natureline and tight chair. In this case, the baby will toss and turn and groan, wince, and much shouting, especially given the prolonged absence of the chair. From the cries and constant fruitless attempts, the baby does not sleep, it swells the belly, and it is important to consult a doctor to identify and remove the causes of constipation.

A bad dream and crying in the background of colic

In the period from about three weeks of age to three months, when gradually Matures, the intestinal wall and the formation of microflora, many children suffer from colic, which is literally plaguing some of the children and deprived of rest and sleep. Colic is not a disease, it is temporary and transient phenomenon associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestines. They stretch the loops of the gut and irritate the pain receptors, creating spasms and discomfort, especially towards evening, when the nervous system is already exhausted and irritated. On the background of a colic baby often sleeps badly, wakes up crying and cries out, in the evening, the periods of crying can last up to several hours until the spasms and pain will not retreat.

Signs of a sharp colic is crying and screaming with urging of the legs and straining, with redness of the face, bulging Fontanelle, sometimes with transitions to a tantrum. The cry is sharp and loud, painful, bulging arms, tension of the belly.

It is important that parents know how to assist the child to facilitate his condition. You need to massage the tummy, bend the legs, helping the discharge of gases, wear it on the hands down the belly, rocking and calm. If the cramps are daily and strong, sometimes you can help through medications that can suggest a doctor they choose individually, they help not always and not all children.

Violations of the temperature regime as the reason for the laments

If adults, with everybody to the thermoregulation system and opportunities to dress or undress for the weather, not suffer from temperature swings, the newborn is a serious problem. They are very uncomfortable in conditions of freezing and overheating, but they raskutti or dress warmly, they can not, therefore sleep badly and cry. At an early age is dangerous hypothermia, eating it is strong and long-lasting, you need to get the kid undressed had been at least half an hour in a very cool room, and even in the cold. In other cases, when light freezing children by waking up, screaming and crying, the active perturbations legs and hands against this background, activate metabolism and keep warm. It’s a defense mechanism. After they calmed down and warmed up, normal sleep.

But overheating for a child is much more dangerous than slight freezing, as in this case, the protective mechanisms do not work, especially if you have tight swaddling or large quantities of clothes, carefully put on the little mothers and grandmothers.

Overheating leads to the inhibition of metabolic processes, immune suppression and altered brain development.

In the neonatal period and the first about six months the sweating mechanisms are imperfect, the baby cannot cool the body. Then suffering sleep baby can’t sleep and cries and cries, blushing. In the field of skin folds on a background of overheating can be diaper rash and prickly heat on the body that only enhances the discomfort and suffering of the baby. Itching and pain of the skin, redness and risk of infection even more break the sleep and constantly provoke crying. In this case, it will be a constant and monotonous, one-note, with the transition to hnike, or spill over into a tantrum.

Restless sleep and crying

Many parents are extremely worried about bad children sleep with constant waking and crying during sleep, after which they are difficult to re-lay. This is due to several reasons, usually easily removable and not dangerous, but requiring the attention of mom and dad.


  • too large emotional stress that lead to nervous fatigue, which leads to jerks, twitching during sleep, sobs or crying spells,
  • abdominal pain due to colic or other factors that lead to crying, as a signal for help,
  • fear, discomfort, loneliness, when no ones around,
  • terrible, frightening dreams.

It is not necessary to wait for full Wake and cries of crumbs, you should immediately respond to his signals, took his hands and calming, attaching to the breast or giving a bottle pacifier. This will help not to go into hysterics and calm down, quietly asleep.

External causes, discomfort and crying

If baby is not hungry and not tired, he cries and does not want to sleep, the reasons can be quite trivial inconvenience from wet diapers, potekshego or overflowing diaper, rubbing the seams of clothing. It is crucial to choose a diaper size, so they are not pressed and rubbed the tender skin and promptly change them to the stool and urine was not troubled by the crotch and did not lead to pain.

Painful causes sleep disorders and mourning

Can cause poor restless sleep or difficulty falling asleep and causes hysteria and laments the presence of skin diseases, allergies or teething. So, on the background of pathologies of the skin and allergic rashes usually occurs severe itching of the skin, which just does not sleep, the baby cries and rubs against the bed, anxious to alleviate his condition can apply to the doctor and determining the cause of damage to the skin, applying by the doctor of local or systemic medications against inflammation and itching, allergies.

In most children teething starts after six months, but some may see this phenomenon before. Therefore, one of the leading problems in the second half, which leads to tantrums, crying and sleep disorders, is the discomfort in the gums, with itching, swelling and discomfort. Often the child puts in his mouth, tries to chew on toys and sucks her fists, he has a lot of saliva. To help in these cases, special cooling teethers, drying, rubber toys, as well as the use case of strong anxiety gels teething.

What is the danger of frequent crying and sleep disorders?

Many parents and the older generation do not see the cries of children nothing wrong with giving them a “procriate” and without attempting to pacify. This non-physiological method of dealing with laments, whatever its cause, especially if the child still badly sleeps.

Crying loads and perevozbuzhdenie nervous system, threatens the development of “zakatyvaniâmi” with periods of pauses in breathing and acute hypoxia of the brain. This would negatively affect the child’s development, leading to his nervousness and anxiety, learning difficulties and disinhibition of the processes of excitation.

When the screams worse, not better, as many think, the lungs are ventilated, and this leads to tissue hypoxia and prerequisite pneumonia, bronchitis with obstruction, as well as various anomalies in the structure of the lungs (atelectasis, bronchiectasis).

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