Cut the eye teeth: the symptoms than to help a child

With eye teeth associated fear and anxiety of most parents. This is not surprising, because their teething many children is hard and often is the cause of various problems.

In this article we will discuss the symptoms and characteristics of eruption of the eye teeth in children and also learn how to help your child in the event of related complications.

But first look into what exactly the teeth has the term “eye”? Oddly enough, but to my eyes these teeth are irrelevant. It’s canine teeth – the third largest teeth in the tooth row of the person which are located in pairs on the upper and lower jaws. Side by side with side cutters, they act as separators between the front and rear teeth.

According to experts, canines to people are called “eye teeth” because of the anatomical features of the upper jaw. In the immediate vicinity of the canines you’ll facial (eye) nerve, while the closer it is to the gum, the more painful for a child is the eruption of these teeth. The fact that the facial nerve transmits impulses from the Central nervous system to the upper part of the face. That is why during the eruption of the eye teeth, very often there is watery eyes, runny nose and other ensuing illnesses.

The symptoms of teething eye teeth in toddlers

As the practice and the doctors say, the eye teeth are almost always cut long and strong painful sensations. Therefore, to ignore this period is almost impossible.

The main features of the eruption of the canines specialists include:

  1. Watery eyes that often develop in conjunctivitis.
  2. The gums swell, redden and become painful. When touching the inflamed gums of the baby can cry.
  3. Nasal congestion and/or runny nose.

With the eruption of the teeth can be linked to the separation of small quantities of transparent mucus.

If a child is allocated snot yellowish or greenish hues, then it indicates the presence of infection.

  1. Frequent waking up during night sleep, a kid can dream moan or even cry.
  2. The child becomes more whiny and cranky during the day.
  3. Excessive drooling, often bringing on the chin and around the mouth appear irritation. Amid profuse salivation in children often has wet cough in a mild form.
  4. The increase in body temperature. According to experts, including Dr. Komarovsky, during the eruption of the eye teeth, the child’s body temperature may slightly rise, but not more than 37.3 degrees. If the figure reaches 38 or above, you need to urgently contact your pediatrician for examination, since such a temperature can be associated with the development of any ailment. That is to justify when you have a fever teething eye teeth in any case impossible.
  5. Worried about itching in the gums, therefore the kid pulls into his mouth everything will fall under his arm, including his fist. Quite often the result of these actions is a symptom.
  6. Indigestion and diarrhea. But it is necessary to understand that these symptoms also are symptoms of intestinal infection, to eliminate the probability of which is possible only with the help of analyses.
  7. Disturbed diet. The child may refuse to eat or to ask for more frequent initiation of breastfeeding.
Possible problems during the eruption of the eye teeth

It is important to know that according to the world health organization (who), these symptoms can be associated with teething only 40% of cases. In other situations, several factors superimposed on each other.

For example, the eruption of the eye tooth is indeed the case, therefore, reduced immunity, and on this background:

  1. The child can pick up rotavirus or intestinal infection, because they are constantly trying to shove things off the floor or dirty pens in the mouth;
  2. The kid can catch SARS from family or talking with a sick child.

Since the immune system is already challenged, infectious disease can occur very hard, and the crisis period is usually delayed for a week.

Make sure that you are dealing only with the eruption of the teeth, is possible only with the help of a doctor and done in a timely manner tests.

The timing of eruption of eye teeth

The who established the approximate time of eruption of primary teeth:

  • from 6 to 9 months usually appear on the upper and lower Central incisors.
  • approximately a year erupt lateral upper and lower incisors. That is, the celebration of his first birthday, babies can have 5-8 teeth;
  • from 13 to 19 months – the first upper and lower molars;
  • from 16 to 23 months – upper and lower canines;
  • from 23 to 33 months – second upper and lower molars.

Deviation from the accepted figures for six months in either direction is considered normal.

In General, all the milk teeth in the amount of 20 pieces are cut in children to three years.

But it is understood that this is only the approximate time, because the body of each individual child is developing and working on his individual plan. Therefore, the sequence and time of appearance of the teeth may be very different from the usual.

As for the fangs, in practice, most often, they begin to erupt in the period from 12 months to eighteen months. However, the cause of concern among kids, they begin long before its introduction: before the eruption of incisors in the upper canines may experience swelling and redness of the gums. Generally the eye teeth are actively climb immediately after front teeth, then the eruption will be suspended until the molars, after which the process of active growth resumes.

Parents, panicked due to the lack of the baby teeth within the prescribed period, should pay attention to several crucial rules which were voiced by Dr. Komarovsky:

  1. Despite the violation of the approximate timing of eruption of the teeth, to three years your child will be guaranteed the whole set of milk teeth.
  2. Inappropriate “book” sequence of teething is a normal phenomenon.
  3. The appearance of the teeth six months before or after the deadline is acceptable, because it is a highly individual process.
  4. There are no medical ways to speed up or change the sequence of teething. Here science is powerless.
How to help baby teething eye teeth

Naturally, every parent, seeing how difficult is it for the baby next tooth, can’t stand quietly on the sidelines, and just watch the process. However, if you want to help your child is very important, as they say, not to overreact, otherwise the result of such parental support can be very poor.

In the beginning I would like to note that to think about the upcoming tooth period should from the very first days of baby’s life, as a very important role in this process is the state of his immunity. It is proved that in children with more robust immune protection cutting eye teeth is somewhat easier. However, such accompanying the appearance of the symptoms, such as fever, gastrointestinal disorders and other illnesses, including viral, the “strong” kids are much rarer. That is, it is important to regularly feed a child’s immunity.

Best friends reliable immune protection of the baby are:

  • set the mode of the day;
  • a healthy lifestyle (fresh air, regular exercise, proper nutrition, etc.);
  • useful natural products;
  • multivitamin complexes;
  • psychological comfort (the lack of stress, good family relationships, etc.).

If your child has already come a difficult period, and his eye teeth “are not spared”, then useful and appropriate are the following tips that will help you to make the process of eruption. By the way, the same methods of reducing pain with the appearance of the eye teeth recommends Dr. Komarovsky.

So, effective ways to help your child include:

  1. The use of special children’s teethers, which are presented on the market in a huge range: pacifiers, teethers, rattle normal on a rubber base, cold teethers. The last great numb due to the chilled liquid placed inside. Before use of this teether should be placed in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. It is worth noting that there are universal cutters, suitable for all teeth, as well as usecasecontrollers, among which you can find a “helper” for canines. Selecting the appropriate option, you need to remember about the main criteria – safety. Therefore, it is better to buy furniture from trusted brand manufacturers (Nuby, Tommee Tippee, RaZ baby, Canpol, Nuk), since it is at least certain, but still a guarantee of quality.
  2. Massage the gums of the baby finger (perfectly clean) one parent it sometimes helps to reduce the pain from teething. It is important that the nails on his hands were his hair was cut short, so as not to accidentally injure the delicate gums. Also for such a massage you can purchase special silicone tip on the finger with bristles, which can not only massage the gums, but also clean the food residue existing milk teeth. Gum massage can last no more than 1-2 minutes, since longer exposure can damage the mucous membrane of the child.
  3. Spend as much time and attention the baby during the difficult period. Give him affection and love, distract, and then the eruption of the tooth will be for it less noticeable and painful.
  4. Medical care for your baby. It is important to understand that better when the period of teething child dispenses any medication, and the pain relief is quite enough for him. However, in more complex situations (dangerously high fever, very severe pain, diarrhea and other complications) you should contact the pediatrician who examined the child, will prescribe all necessary medication.

Medications aimed at solving various problems during the eruption of eye teeth:

  • high temperature. To reduce fever children usually prescribe Paracetamol, Panadol and Nurofen (active ingredient – ibuprofen) in the form of syrup or glycerin rectal suppositories. These funds are in addition to the antipyretic action also possess analgesic effect;
  • diarrhea. This problem can cope congee or Smectite;
  • runny nose. Young children are shown to the nearest drugstore and Throat;
  • strong pain in the area of the teeth. In such cases, use painkillers or gels for local effects or syrup or candles based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. As for the gels, the main active ingredient in their composition, as a rule, is lidocaine (Dentinox, Kalgel, Kamistad) or benzocaine (dentol baby -). Also available in gels, analgesic effect which is provided only by plant extracts (Baby doctor, Pasoral). However, most often, these drugs have a mild action though are more safe for children.
Dr. Komarovsky on teething eye teeth

Well-known pediatrician, believes that cooling gels severe pain you can use, but in minimal quantities. But the use of gels on plant-based he believes to be unjustified, as they bring virtually no relief to the baby, but their composition is highly allergenic.

Security of the child is paramount

In their zeal to help the child, relatives often pass all reasonable limits. Many parents, to be sure, there was already a long-awaited tooth, almost every hour trying to look the kid in the mouth, while not always remembering the necessary clean hands. As a result of such parent’s impatience increases the risk of various inflammatory processes in the oral cavity of the baby.

But even more dangerous effect adults in this complex for a child, the company is “slipping” him, as if to relieve pain in the gums, this alternative special children’s teethers, such as food products, namely:

  • crust of bread;
  • bagels;
  • carrots;
  • Apple.

This approach can have dire consequences, especially if the child has not yet learned to eat on their own, and already has at least one tooth, or even the tip. The danger of the situation is that a toddler can accidentally take a bite of the product and inhale it.

The specialists underline that during the eruption of the eye teeth, the best help for a child is love and attention from parents, and of course their prudence and patient behavior.

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  1. The gums swell, redden and become painful. When touching the inflamed gums of the baby can cry.

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