Nuances in the adoption of a newborn baby

Some couples who are unable to conceive their children come to the decision to adopt a child. Many of them want to go through all the parental joys and trials: do not sleep at night from the nightly colic of the baby or teething the first teeth, see the first uncertain steps of the baby and much more.

In this case, they decide to adopt a newborn baby – “refusenik”.

Adopting a child directly from the hospital is not an easy procedure. A large number of couples want to adopt a newborn child in order to begin their upbringing themselves. Citizens of Russia and foreign citizens can take a child from the hospital, subject to all necessary rules.

Guardianship Queue

The demand for abandoned children is very high, so if you are determined to adopt a newborn child, “take” the line. To get on the list of families who want to take their child up, contact the guardianship and trusteeship authorities.

While waiting, you need to collect all the required documents for adoption. The procedure takes place through a court with the participation of guardianship authorities and the prosecutor.

The list of documents is as follows :

  • Photocopies of two passports (future adoptive mother and father);
  • Application for guardianship authorities;
  • Health certificates for future adoptive parents;
  • The consent of the husband or wife, notarized;
  • Act (conclusion) on the inspection of living space by the housing commission;
  • Act (conclusion) on the inspection of living space by the guardianship and trusteeship authorities;
  • Personal account statement;
  • Extract from the house book;
  • Certificate of income for both parents;
  • Description from the place of work (position, duties, discipline).

Mandatory requirements for adoptive parents :

  1. Certificate of no criminal record for both parents (given in the internal affairs department);
  2. Adoption permit certified by a notary;
  3. Certificates for the absence of diseases (it is necessary to visit a tuberculosis, skin-venereologic, narcological, neuropsychiatric, oncological dispensary, to pass tests for AIDS). The certificates must be issued on special forms issued by the guardianship and guardianship authorities, contain the commission’s conclusion, the signatures of the commission’s members, individual seals, the seal of the medical institution, and the resolution of the therapist and neurologist;
  4. An extract on the number of people registered in the apartment and the right to housing, an extract from the personal account of the apartment;
  5. Copy of marriage certificate;
  6. Brief autobiography.

After the turn has approached and all the documents have been collected through the guardianship and guardianship authorities, the process of registration of adoption begins. The total time depends on the speed of providing the data requested from the adoptive parents and on the appearance of the desired child in the hospital.

Recommendations for guardians

The requirements for adoptive parents are very strict and serious: they are healthy and energetic people who can get positive reviews, have regular wages, the necessary conditions for living with a child. The created commission will evaluate the possibilities for adoption, check all the documents and information provided, and draw up a written opinion. A negative opinion can be challenged in court.

Also, the total family income should be greater than the cost of living and consent to adoption should be mutual. Be sure to discuss all the details with your spouse so that during the interview, the commission is confident in your honesty and decency.

Information about newborns that are officially denied is immediately reported to the authorities. Among maternity hospitals where it is possible to adopt a newborn child, it is better to choose maternity hospitals in large cities, since many come to births from the regions. This will significantly reduce the waiting time.

Try not to be nervous, calmly and decisively go towards your goal in order to prepare as best as possible for the procedure for adopting a newborn baby and, despite the large number of nuances, make this event quick.

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