Choose the size of clothes for newborns

Clothing sizes for newborns are usually associated with the growth of the child. The smallest size is 50 cm, then goes 56, 62 cm and so on with a step of 6 cm. The average growth of newborns is from 46 to 58 cm.

Before the baby is born, determining the size of clothes will not work. In any case, clothes of the smallest sizes, namely 50-56 cm, should not be taken more than 1-2 sets.

Children of the first months of life grow very quickly, after washing at high temperatures, many things will shrink, so it is better to take clothes on growth. In addition, the baby can be born with a height of 57-58 cm, and then clothes of the smallest sizes will not be useful to you at all. And if necessary, you can always go to the store and buy everything you see fit.

But choosing sizes for newborns only by height is not worth it, it is necessary to take into account the cut, the style of one or another product. After all, full and thin babies of the same height can wear different sizes. If in doubt, what clothes to choose, it is better to stay on the model more freely, kids do not like tight clothes.

Clothing selection by month

If you choose clothes for a newborn of European brands, then everything is very simple: 50 sizes go for growth 45-50 cm, 56 for 51-56 cm, 62 for 57-62 cm, etc.

There is another popular grid of newborn sizes by month:

  • from birth to 3 months – 56 cm;
  • from 3 months to six months – 62 cm;
  • from six months to 9 months – 68 cm;
  • from 9 months to a year – 74 cm;
  • from a year to a year and a half – 80 cm;
  • from one and a half years to two – 86 cm.

There are other dimensional nets, for example, sizes 20 or 40 correspond to a height of 56-62 cm; 22 (44) size – 62-68 cm; 24 (48) – 68-74 cm; 26 (52) – 80-92 cm, etc.

Headgear Size

You should also pay attention to the selection criteria for another important item of clothing for the baby? hats. To choose the right hat for a child, it is important to know the size of the circumference of his head. The first such measurement is carried out by a neonatologist in the hospital and serves as an important indicator of the development of the baby.

The size of the head of a newborn by month :

  • newborn – 35 cm;
  • at 3 months – 40 cm;
  • half a year – 44 cm;
  • at 9 months – 46 cm;
  • per year – 47 cm;
  • a year and a half – 48 cm.

The circumference of the head in centimeters is the size of the hat you need for the baby.

When choosing clothes for a child, give preference to items of clothing made from natural fabrics with external seams that will not cause discomfort to the baby, because the skin of newborns is very vulnerable.

Baby clothes should be not only beautiful, but also practical, and most importantly – comfortable!

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