Baby stroller rating

The choice of a pram should not be taken lightly. After the acquisition, it may be bulky or too cramped, clumsy or unsafe for the child. Let’s make a rating of successful models of strollers for a newborn, note their weaknesses and strengths.

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

When choosing, you need to be guided by the appearance, equipment, safety, comfort for a child and convenience for adults, at a price.

Safety and comfort for the baby are determined by good cushioning, a sufficiently large basket of strollers, high sides, a comfortable hood, a windproof and waterproof cape.

When studying a stroller for a newborn and compiling a rating of the best, such an indicator as its convenience for an adult is of no small importance. It includes maneuverability, ease of folding and other similar properties.

Not the last criterion in assessing “child transport” is its cost. Of course, more expensive models “grow up” not one or even two generations. But if the budget is limited, then it is worth considering the goods of a cheaper manufacturer.

Which company is better?

Leading positions in the market of baby strollers belong to Italian manufacturers such as Peg Perego, Chicco, Inglesina. Also in the ranking of the best baby strollers for newborns are Hartan (Germany), Silvercross (Great Britain) and Bebecar (Portugal). The strollers of each of these brands have their own zest. For example, “Italians” are good in the summer and in the offseason. English models are very practical. In Portuguese carriages everything is thought out to the smallest detail. It is very difficult to compete with the quality of German manufacturers.

In recent years, Polish companies have worthily declared themselves – TAKO, Lonex, Caramelo, Roan, Baby Design. The rating of prams for newborns can be replenished by Chinese brands (Baby Care, Geoby) and budget domestic options (Little Trek, Sagittarius).

Best winter strollers

Consider the most successful models of winter strollers.

Tutiz zippy

In the ranking of the best strollers for newborns, Tutiz Zippy (Lithuania) stands out.

Its advantages:

  • Maneuverability and good cross.
  • Easy upholstery care. The stroller fabric is treated with silver ions, making stains easy to remove.
  • Adjustable handle height.
  • Rubber wheels and reinforced frame.
  • The stroller is equipped with such convenient trifles as a bag for mom, a warm cover on the legs, a rain cover, and a mosquito net.
  • Wide cradle, comfortable for the child.

Among the minuses, we note the high cost.

Valco Baby Quad X

The model of the Australian manufacturer is in the lead in the ranking of strollers for winter for newborns.

It is positively characterized by:

  • A large hood that shelters the baby from rain and wind.
  • Large inflatable wheels, front – swivel.
  • Spring shock absorbers for a smooth ride.
  • High maneuverability.
  • Adjustable handle height.
  • Adding a stroller in seconds with one hand.

This walking model was created for kids over six months old. Its disadvantage is its high cost.

Tako captiva mohican

A universal model that appealed to many domestic buyers.

Their choice was determined by such characteristics:

  • Big wheels.
  • Wheelchair maneuverability.
  • Wide cradle.
  • Compliance with a cold climate.
  • Compactness.
  • Convenient folding “book”.

Among the minuses can be noted a large weight (16 kg) and an uncomfortable shopping basket.

Roan marita

It is characterized by good maneuverability, a comfortable cradle with the bulkiness and compactness of the model. Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning the incomplete complete set with additional accessories (lack of a mosquito and raincoat), unreliable foot brake that is afraid of sand and dust.

Noordline edel

Its main advantage is a comfortable, roomy and warm cradle. The sides are not blown, the headrest is adjustable, the hood folds silently. The fabric upholstery on the cradle is easily removable, it can always be washed.

The stroller has a soft ride thanks to the large wheels and shock absorbers. The hood on the walking block is large, it reliably protects the baby from the wind or the sun.

The stroller is equipped with a warm sheepskin envelope, which can be used as a plaid or mattress. In addition to the envelope, a warm case for legs, a rain cover, a mosquito net, a bag for mom are attached.

The model is suitable for climatic conditions of Russia.

The disadvantages include an overly deep shopping basket that catches borders.

Best 3 in 1 Strollers

Let us single out the five leaders in this segment.

Camarelo carmela

Camarelo Carmela (Poland) occupies a leading position in the ranking of strollers for a newborn 3 in 1.

In addition to the cradle and the walking block, the stroller is equipped with a car seat. Assembled, the weight of the model is 11 kg. Mom may well go for a walk on her own without outside help.

The advantages of a stroller include the type of addition – “book”. Big inflatable wheels positively characterize this model. The rear wheels are swivel, so the stroller is maneuverable. Good shock absorbers provide a smooth ride and patency of the model. Separately, it is worth noting a capacious cradle, which can be used for more than six months, even by large kids.

Cam dinamico

The main difference and advantage of the CAM Dinamico model is its ability to fold easily. Therefore, the stroller is ideal for transporting babies in a car. You do not need to purchase a car seat separately.

The carriage is much lighter than analogues. But the cradle in it is smaller, the basket is not spacious, and the wheels are inferior to competitors.

Tutis zippy new

One of their successful options is Tutis Zippy New. The model is not new, but the manufacturer constantly makes adjustments to it, taking into account the shortcomings discovered during operation. The design of the stroller has become more convenient, a more advanced depreciation system has appeared, which adapts to the type of road.

Given the complete set of models (shopping basket, raincoat, mosquito, bag for mom), the average cost among analogues with high quality performance, it can be called one of the best.

Tutek Tambero ECO Leatherette

Another model of the Polish manufacturer Tutek Tambero ECO Leatherette deserves to be included in the ranking of strollers for newborns. Its main advantage is a comfortable place for the child.

Tutek Tambero ECO Leatherette has the following features:

  • The upholstery is made of eco leather.
  • The big hood.
  • The height of the handle can be adjusted.
  • Large inflatable wheels, the front has a swivel mechanism that is easy to lock.
  • The stroller frame is made of aluminum to lighten its weight.
  • The cradle and the walking block can be installed both in the direction of travel, and against.

Users note the following disadvantages:

  • The stroller is bulky and bulky.
  • Eco-leather upholstery will serve well in the cold season. But in the summer, the baby can be hot in such a stroller.
Geoby C703-H

A universal model of Chinese production is declared as suitable for babies from birth to 4 years. Has a steel frame, 4 positions of a back, the cross over handle. The wheels are large inflatable, no swivel mechanism. The walking block is installed both facing the mother and from her.

The stroller is equipped with a carrycot, a shopping basket, a raincoat, a mosquito, a bag for mom, a canopy and a cape for legs.

The main disadvantage of this model is its weight (20 kg). However, given the low cost and good cross, the stroller will become a reliable assistant to mom.

Best 2 in 1 Strollers

The 2-in-1 baby stroller rating includes Mima Xari, Camarelo Sevilla, Adamex Barletta, Sojan Zippy Lux.

Mima xari

The rating of strollers for newborns 2 in 1 opens model Mima Xari (Spain). This is a representative of a new generation, reliable, stylish, beautiful and comfortable. Not only the first, but also the second and third children can grow in a stroller.

It is equipped with a walking block with a built-in cradle, a mosquito net, a rain cover, a mattress, a cape on the legs. The stroller is highly maneuverable, it can be operated without difficulty with one hand. The model is not dimensional and light.

This option is not budgetary. Many are frightened by the cost of a stroller. It makes no sense to buy such an option for a family that does not plan large expenses for a children’s dowry.

The stroller is designed taking into account the climatic features of southern Europe. Therefore, its main plus is maneuverability. It is lost on snowy, poorly cleared Russian roads.

Camarelo sevilla

The main advantages of this universal model are its reliability, ease of use, compactness and lightness (weight up to 12 kg). It has large inflatable wheels, front – swivel. The handle is adjustable in height.

As disadvantages, many users note a small shopping basket and a low bumper.

Adamex barletta

The main advantage of this model is maneuverability. The wheelbase is narrower than that of analogues. Due to this, the stroller easily fits even in a small elevator. The next plus is reliable wheels with a swivel mechanism, which are able to overpower curbs. A spacious cradle characterizes Adamex Barletta positively.

The disadvantages of this model include its weight – it is much more than similar options.

Sojan zippy lux

The model has many advantages. This is maneuverability, ease of operation, a spacious cradle, good cushioning, a comfortable hood.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting a lot of weight. Therefore, the stroller is not suitable for houses without an elevator.

Best carrycot

Consider the most successful models.

Happy baby charlotte

You can include Happy Baby Charlotte in your baby carriage rating. This is a stroller with good cross, thanks to large inflatable wheels. The model weighs a little more than 13 kg, so it is suitable for houses without an elevator. The advantages of a stroller include its democratic price.

Peg-perego culla-auto

This stroller can sing endless praises. On the one hand, it is an eternal sweet “classic”. On the other hand, the model was created taking into account all the requirements of the present. The stroller is made very high quality. It is worth noting the successful design. The “trick” of this model is the presence of a system that regulates the air flow in the cradle. The basket is comfortable, not cramped, and its inner upholstery is made of natural fabrics.

Deficiencies in general and not noticeable. If we find fault, then we can note the lack of a raincoat and a bag for mom in the configuration.

Baby care sonata

This is a classic version of the stroller for babies up to six months. The model is distinguished by large inflatable wheels, good cushioning, a warm cradle. Convenient folding mechanism “book”, height-adjustable handle, volume hood, pleasant little things in the kit (mosquito net, pump, rain cover, bag), low weight (12 kg) and affordable price make it attractive to customers.

Inglesina Sofia

Has a high quality performance. The conservatism of design is offset by the convenience for both infants and adults.

The base of the stroller is made of aluminum, so the design is as light as possible. Inglesina Sofia has large inflatable wheels, good cushioning, a spacious cradle.

Best Transformers

Among the strollers of this type stand out Cura Cybex, Hauck Montana Air B-12, Marimex Marsel, Slaro Kiddo 09.

Cura cybex

Tops our ranking of the best baby stroller transformers. This stylish stroller of the German manufacturer is distinguished by the thoughtfulness of every detail, maneuverability and lightness. Its weight does not exceed 11 kg.

PVC wheels. It is possible that the softness of the ride loses a little, in comparison with inflatable rubber.

Hauck Montana Air B-12

Provides comfort for the baby. Has a cross over handle, inflatable wheels. The package includes a carrycot, a convenient shopping basket, a cloak for legs, a mattress and an insulated envelope.

The disadvantages include the large weight of the stroller. This disadvantage is inherent in almost all transformers.

Marimex marsel

Tarnformer of the economy option, combining good cross-country ability, rich equipment and comfort for a child with poor maneuverability and heavy weight (18 kg). Suitable for parents who do not need to climb a small elevator or stairs every day who want to buy a stroller from birth to three years for a small fee.

Slaro Kiddo 09

Interesting design, stability, good cushioning, an adjustable handle, high cross-country ability makes it attractive for modern parents. A convenient place for the baby, a spacious shopping basket also positively characterize this model. The disadvantages include heavy weight and bulkiness.

The best strollers for twins

Among the strollers for newborns in the ranking of the best for twins, the following five leaders can be distinguished.

Tako jumper duo

Among the strollers for newborns in the ranking of the best for twins, one can distinguish the model of the Polish manufacturer Tako Jumper Duo. The stroller has swivel wheels, a separate cradle for each baby, a lightweight aluminum frame, a height-adjustable handle, and a beautiful, modern look. She is steady and very maneuverable.

The cradle and the walking block can be installed both in the direction of travel and against it. The carriage easily develops “book”.

The disadvantages include a base width of 92 cm. Therefore, it cannot be transported in a regular passenger elevator.

Cozy duo

This twin model is manoeuvrable and comfortable. Seats can be installed facing your mother or in the direction of travel. The wheels are big. This provides a high cross-country stroller even on bad roads. The stroller has a small width, so it fits in standard doorways.

CasualPlay S-Twinner

Convenient model. The frame is made of aluminum, which facilitates the weight of the structure, while maintaining its strength. The seats are located “train”. They can be attached both facing each other and facing mom. Narrow chassis allows you to fit the stroller in an ordinary passenger elevator and easily go into any doorways.

Hauck Roadster Duo SL

This is an easy walking model for twins. It is compact, maneuverable. It has large rubber wheels, good cushioning, which makes it easy to operate. The advantages of this model include a convenient shopping basket.

Bugaboo Donkey Twinn Oll Black

This elite-class stroller is notable for its high cost and workmanship. Bright, comfortable for both mom and kids. And the cradles, and walking blocks, and car seats can be fixed in any position. This model can be easily transformed into a weather option.

Best Walking Sticks

Here are the most successful models.

Maclaren globetrotter

In the ranking of the best cane strollers for newborns, one can note the light and comfortable Maclaren Globetrotter. Its weight does not exceed 5 kg. Of the pluses, simplicity of folding, an adjustable back, a large hood, floating double wheels, a built-in belt for carrying on the shoulder, and a removable seat that is easy to clean stand out. A rain cover is included.

Chicco snappy

Simple, light (5.7 kg) and elegant cane is suitable for city walks and travel. Equipped with a large visor, double-sided mattress, seat belts and rain cover. The back of the stroller is adjustable in two positions.

Geoby D208DR-F

It has an attractive modern design. It is made of cotton fabric with impregnation, so it does not get wet and is less contaminated. The carriage easily develops, has a back which is leaning back to horizontal position. The front wheels are equipped with a swivel mechanism with the possibility of fixation. The weight of the stroller is 7 kg.

Espiro Metro

A good option for a six-wheeled stroller cane for babies from six months to 3 years. Its weight is 7 kg. Espiro Metro has an adjustable backrest in several positions, including horizontal. The stroller is maneuverable, comfortable for both a child and an adult. Among the minuses is a non-removable cover. Washing it is problematic.

The best lightweight strollers

In the ranking of lightweight strollers for newborns, the following models are leading.

Bugaboo bee

An expensive, stylish, lightweight stroller weighing up to 8 kg for modern mothers. If you purchase an additional cradle insert, then this model is allowed to be used for newborns. The stroller has a length-adjustable seat, good maneuverability and cushioning, a large shopping basket.

Of the minuses, you can stop at the lack of a bumper, a thin hood, a small size of the wheels and their uncomfortable locks.

Silver cross dazzle

Very lightweight stroller (5.3 kg). It has the ability to tilt the back, a large hood, a shopping basket and a carrying strap on the shoulder. The disadvantages of this model are the same as all the canes: these are small wheels, which affects the patency of the stroller, and a small shopping basket.

But in general, the model is successful, deserving of positive reviews.

Phil and Teds Smart

The carriage is light, maneuverable, compact. It fits easily in the car and apartment. It is worth noting the stylish appearance. The cradle can be used as a car seat.

Of the minuses, the absence of shock absorbers, hard wheels, small cradle sizes, a small shopping basket stand out.

Cybex callisto

The expensive Cybex Callisto stroller deserves positive feedback on the following characteristics. She is very maneuverable, quickly folds into a cane. Single wheels with good cushioning provide a smooth ride. A large hood reliably protects the baby from the sun and wind. If you buy a car seat and a cradle, you can use it from the birth of the child.

It’s not easy to make a rating and decide which strollers are better for newborns, because parents have different requirements for this item. In any case, this purchase should last a long time. Therefore, its choice should be taken seriously, having studied the positive and negative characteristics.

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