Why we touch the interlocutor during a conversation

We are all individual. But this personality extends far beyond our physical appearance. As, however, and beyond our personal characteristics.

Everyone has habits and characteristics that make him what he is. But, in addition, at the same habits it can be read like a book if you know what to look for.

Psychologists are sure that the people that are barely noticeable or actively relate to the interlocutor in conversation, I want him to say something. What? The eight most probable variants search in this material.

Expression of interest

According to the language of the body, touch can be a sign of physical attraction. However, the act of touching does not in itself necessarily acts as a manifestation of sexual interest (so don’t flatter yourself). But often it really shows that people want to get close to whomever he touches.


A person can touch another person and even when he had a genuine, non-sexual emotions to the listener. If you feel very comfortable talking to anyone, and are absolutely sure that carrying on a conversation with a nice person, you can touch him during conversation, not realizing that you are doing.

Please help

One study referenced speeli.com showed that person who touches the source before asking for help, the sooner you get this help, unlike someone who does nothing of the sort. People who know about this unusual function can sometimes use tactile contact to increase their chances of success.


Many people, scientists say, touching others during conversation to encourage someone to do something and/or show that they are acting in good faith. Banal, but very illustrative example: the coach in the gym can touch one of the visitors on the shoulder, having in mind that one works fine.

Improving communication

Despite the fact that scientific data on this subject is still not too much, some researchers believe that the “tangent tactics” can facilitate communication (if already held), or help you make contact (if this has not happened yet). Unconscious gesture means that the person tends to make the dialogue more smooth and comfortable. Both for themselves and for the other.


People often touch others in conversation when I want to quiet down. It is usually observed during verbal attacks or lively discussions, but can happen in the most ordinary at first glance, the dialogue, which is actually full of internal tension.

Attracting attention

Touch is the best way to get attention when we’re talking about a group of interlocutors. And there are no pitfalls and unconscious factors. Only good judgment and polite attempt to take the floor, when you for this or other reasons, not provide.

Emotional intimacy

We have already mentioned that touch in the conversation may testify to the physical attraction of a person. But, in addition, it may be an attempt to create emotional intimacy between the interlocutors. Psychologists say that this should be regarded as that man is as honest in conversation with you. And at the same time as the fact that he cares about you.

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