Anxiety can be useful especially at work

Nobody comes to mind to indicate “anxiety” as a special skill summary. But maybe it should be done taking into account the latest scientific discoveries.

Doctors say that anxiety and depressive disorders in the modern world is suffering more and more people, and the speed of propagation of the state also increases.

But if every second person is confronted with anxious thoughts, if only that some evolutionary advantages? It turns out that indeed, there is. Especially when it comes to work.

How useful anxiety

A study published in Science Direct, showed that people with high levels of anxiety are making more effort to their work than their less anxious counterparts. And this is understandable: if you’re worried about, and without, in the workplace you almost never are in a state of “I don’t care”. You want to keep your job, you do not want to fail colleagues, you want people to know what you can do… These and many other disturbing thoughts that keep you at the peak concentration, allowing you to do everything every day.

Psychoanalyst Ken Eisold (Ken Eisold) believe that anxiety can and should be perceive in a positive way. “Anxiety is a normal part of life, a kind of danger signal,” he says, The Greatist, noting that it’s not just about the physical (e.g., fear of meeting a bear in the woods), but also about the emotional part of it.

The study, published in Psychological Medicine, found that teenagers with a low level of anxiety are more likely to die in an accident up to 25 years. Sounds awful, right? Nevertheless. It seems that the anxiety really helps people to avoid many potential dangers, even if we are talking about high-risk Teens.

Well and combine the benefits of simply being alive to the fact that disturbing employee is less likely to break a leg during a parachute jump in a legal output that is economically feasible from the point of view of the authorities.

But why worrying should be in moderation

Although anxiety can indeed be an advantage in the workplace, this does not mean that anxiety can spiral out of control. In the same study which showed that anxious people are less likely to die from an accident of up to 25 years, it was found that very disturbing people’s higher death rates from accidents in the future. And because anxious people, probably experiencing a high level of stress, it does not seem surprising.

The American psychological Association (American Psychological Association) reminds us that chronic stress can lead to coronary disease, depression and significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease in General. In addition, like Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, stress suppresses the immune system the more, the longer you are exposed to it.

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