Not what it seems: the whole truth about the sex lives of the users of Tinder

New work, dedicated to the popular app for online Dating and published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, says that Tinder’s not a lot of people looking for short term sex relationships, as is commonly thought.

About this declare with all responsibility, scientists from the Norwegian University of science and technology (NTNU), which was attracted to the study of more than 600 University students, asking them questions about using apps for Dating, Dating and sexual behavior.

And you also think that Tinder is an app for casual sex? You are not alone. I think most people, including its active users. But if you wanted to install it, but I am afraid that in addition to sexual relations for one night looking for something meaningless, then it’s time to throw away all doubt. Because the researchers found the unthinkable: it turns out that Tinder, the fans have more casual sexual partners than those who never used it or even has no idea what it is.

So scientists managed to establish that the majority of people using apps like Tinder, really interested in casual and non-committal sex. But it remains at the level of their fantasies, because in real life casual sex they have is no more than the average person their age.

Out of 641 students aged from 19 to 29 years, which were connected to the study, nearly half admitted that they occasionally used “apps for Dating with pictures”, while every fifth Respondent called himself an active user of these applications.

Scientists believe that users of Tinder and similar apps to demonstrate a high level “sociosexual orientation”, that is, interest in sex outside of existing relationships or sex with different partners. But this, however, does not make them potential traitors and lovers of casual sex. Data analysis showed that further conversations they come rarely.

“Indeed, users of apps for Dating no more casual sexual partners than other people of the same age and with the same, we can assume that sexual freedom,” says Gizmodo Bendiksen Mons (Mons Bendixen), Professor, Department of psychology, NTNU.

In addition, the study allowed to understand that men and women use Tinder differently. So, women tend to spend more time in the application, plus pay more attention to each of the men with whom communicate. On the other hand, men are “more effective” in its approach in the sense that they make decisions more quickly and more often bring it started to end (not necessarily to sex, but, for example, bye).

Scientists also emphasize that, despite the fact that the majority of Tinder users are focused (at least mentally) to have sex, both men and women often use it for entertainment. In other words, for many such applications turn into a fun online game that fills the time when nothing else to do. Here is a twist.

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