There is a question: is it normal to be jealous of a loved one to the star

We all feel jealous, that’s how people are. Jealous more or less permanently or from time to time. Jealous it is possible not only cute co-worker or childhood friend, but men are completely meaningless in terms of their availability. More precisely, just unavailable because we are talking about celebrities.

He’s a fan of Angelina Jolie, and every time you go crazy when he mentioned it? Or it is impossible like Matthew Lewis, so a second series of “Deathly Hallows” you have seen five times (and last week), and it is, frankly, a bit annoying? Whatever it was, jealousy of the star, a phenomenon known. Another question, is it normal.

Generally speaking, jealousy is quite an ugly emotion that pulls to the surface all those qualities that are usually hidden somewhere deep. On the other hand, jealousy of the star – the best of the possible forms of jealousy, a kind of fantasy on the theme. Most likely, your partner will never meet this person. But even if we assume that they are somewhere intersect, the chance that the star will pay attention to it, is about 0,0001%. Not to mention the probability with which these relations will develop in a romantic context.

I bet all of the foregoing, you understand. But this, alas, does not negate the fact that every time you hear from your partner something like that, you’re jealous.

“Maybe it’s not like the “real” reason to be jealous. But jealousy, however, in this case it is real. Your feelings are real,” says Refinery29 Holly Richmond (Holly Richmond), Ph. D. and clinical psychologist. But although there is nothing wrong with that, what annoys you passion someone special with a celebrity, you might want to understand why you feel like this and why the difference between fantasy and reality in these moments erased.

“Celebrities become the subject of romantic and sexual fantasies for most people, says Richmond. – The easiest way to overcome your jealousy is to recognize that the object lives in the head of your partner, and nowhere else. Yes, he may like to look at a star and dream about her. But you remain the person he really wants to be there”.

However, there is one important point: if the star in question, your the complete opposite in terms of appearance, it can be seen as an allusion to the necessity of change. I understand that it bothers you more than others? The best way to solve the problem, according to experts, will be a Frank conversation with those around. This honesty can provoke not only a more in depth discussion on the topic of relationships, but, most likely will help to understand this once and for all.

“In addition, people usually there is no single type of appearance that they like, even if they claim otherwise. But because that celebrity to which you are jealous, not like you, does not mean that the partner finds you attractive,” adds Holly Richmond.

In conclusion, if you tried, but could not suppress his jealousy, it is also perfectly normal. In the end, your emotions are your emotions just because you feel them. Dr. Richmond says that such a jealousy, the partner may perceive as a compliment. “And believe me, it’s certainly better than apathy in the relationship,” concludes psychologist.

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