The questions men need to ask a new friend

Although absolutely contraindicated, to the man asked his girlfriend how many sexual partners she had before him, there are things he needs to know about the past of their partner.

There are many issues that cannot be set in a relationship, especially men. But there are certain aspects of women’s life which a man needs to know to better understand your partner. And this you can only learn by asking specific questions.

Depending on the response, a man can understand what kind of person his new friend, what she preferences what her view on relationships.

– Why did you break up?

For men it is important to know the reasons that led to the collapse of the former relations of his girlfriend. This answer can tell a lot about a woman. If she says “former”, it is strongly controlled, it can be concluded that this is a woman who will not tolerate restrictions on the part of men. On the other hand, it turns out that she always put the point in a relationship, not a man. In any case, starting with a simple question, can a man understand if his new girlfriend has confidence issues, broken her heart after former relationship, and the extent of her emotional maturity.

– Why were you arguing with your ex?

In the process of conversation can reveal other important aspects of the former relationship. It is important that the man knew the causes of the quarrels of his girlfriend with his ex-partner. Thus, he can identify her priorities and her fears. Moreover, he will be able to understand what type of behaviour annoys her the most.

– What is your biggest regret?

Women tend to highly value relationships and family. Even if they are not ready in the near future to get married, many women regret that they were too long in relationships in which they did not meet their expectations. Women differently understand the concept of time and regret the lost time, whether three months or seven. Depending on the answer, the man will be able to understand what she wants. Much depends on the reaction of the woman and of man’s ability to interpret what was said.

– You cheated on him?

About one in five women admits that she was wrong at some point in the relationship. But how can a man be useful to these data? Not that it helped him to beware from this in the future, but it may indicate sexual compatibility. Usually when a woman cheats, she’s unhappy sexual life, relationships. Even if a man knows that he must do everything in his power to create and maintain relations, domestic problems forced him to forget about it. Sometimes needs a moment to understand in what dose of attention needed by the woman.


The beginning of a new relationship – exciting period, when every meeting is important. Even more exciting moment comes when you need to choose a gift, because you are so familiar with each other to make a personalized surprise.

Gifts in these times should not be challenging, expensive, overly extravagant. If your intentions ceritanya, you should pay attention to the useful, and at the same time, a memorable gift. A good option might be electronic photo frame, because the photo is a symbol of remembrance and enjoyable moments.

From childhood, we live in a world regulated festive occasions and required visits, which must be accompanied by a gift. But the fact is that the thing that goes into the hands of the donee, remains associated with the donor. First, she reminds him about the situation, which was presented with a gift, working as a kind of anchor that draws from the bottom of consciousness memories of events and people. Second, the gift bears the mark, the nature of which can be described in terms of bioenergy or psychology: people are somehow “animate” the objects that have passed through their hands.

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