The education of children in the family.

When the child feels that he is loved and cherished in his close-knit family, is a powerful stimulus in the development of his brain.

But the purpose of the education of children in the family not the child became a Prodigy, and especially in the fact that he was healthy, prudent, ethical, caring and sensitive person when I grow up. How to achieve this goal? How to raise a child right?

To achieve this objective, an important a good example of the parents in the manifestation of these qualities. Parents should be their child’s best friends, companions and teachers. And though every child has the innate ability to do the right thing, you need to constantly instill in them moral values.

Who shapes the personality of the child: parents or peers?

Opinions of scholars diverge on this question. Some believe that a great influence on the development of the child and on the formation of character have peers. However, the Pediatrics specialists emphasize that from the earliest years, parents lay in their children sensitivity and responsiveness. And the influence of peers and gain life experience can only Supplement something that is inherent in children from an early age.

Therefore, the main role in the upbringing of the child plays a family. Parents are very important to show children empathy and understanding. It is equally important to teach them restraint, which is characteristic of Mature people. Having received such education in the family, children will be more prepared to work in a team and be empathetic and considerate of others.

Young parents are especially not just from infancy to raise a child. Many books about child psychology, and the advice that they are given, often in tune with a reliable and reasonable biblical principles. Some wise principles will be very helpful to parents in the upbringing of children.

The education of children in the family – GENEROUS EXPRESS LOVE TO CHILDREN:

Children can be compared with the young grass that will grow well and develop, when to them show attention and care. As sunlight and water nourish a plant, and it grows strong and healthy, and parents who are not stingy to Express their love to the children, kind words and affection, help their children become strong and healthy emotionally and mentally. Constantly assure your child love and support that will be of great encouragement.

Child psychologists say that when parents Express their love to children, read to them at night and just playing with them, they mightily contribute to their development. All, what will the child become his life experience. Even when the child begins to learn to crawl, your reaction to this and the encouragement. The love and care of parents is extremely important that in the future children to become Mature, responsible people.

The education of children in the family – BECOME a FRIEND AND COMPANION:

When parents spend more time with their children, then the affection for each other will become stronger, and the child will develop communication skills. Child psychologists encourage parents, whenever possible, to communicate with children, both at home and somewhere else. For example, doing daily chores or walking in the Park can be about something to ask and to communicate. The time spent together with children is more important than expensive toys and entertainment.

The education of children in the family, PLAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN:

For emotional and mental development and for the formation of communication skills in children is a very important game. Especially when the children are playing independently and naturally. While playing in the brain of children are formed by interneuronal connections that are required for different functions. In the games of children led by adults, toys are often ordinary household items, simple and safe (cardboard boxes, kitchenware, etc.), which for kids is no less entertaining expensive, cutting-edge toys.

Experts warn adults not to try to paint the hourly employment of children and to lead their life. In this matter parents should be moderate, otherwise it is not properly will develop their creativity and imagination. Let the child discover his own world and to be creative, especially children, as a rule, will always find something to do. But at the same time, it does not absolve parents of the responsibility to look after the child: what it does, where and what is playing, and there is danger.

Playing with your child, remember that the attention span of the infants is very small, so play with it only when he likes it. Choose games that have a lot of action. For example, kids like to throw toys on the floor and force you again and again to raise it.

The education of children in the family READ to YOUR CHILDREN:

How important it is to read to children? Why in our time, most adults and children consider reading a punishment? It turns out that a child is necessary to instill a love of reading. If parents want their child were mentally developed and successful in school and in life, they should read aloud every day for 20 minutes.

Parents should start reading to have the baby when holding him in your arms. You need their voice to awaken his interest and gently to look at him. Such a reading would cause the baby a sense of security, pleasure and intimacy.

Reading teaches children to think and teaches understanding of people, the world and himself, and develops the imagination. When reading produced a sensitivity and compassion are moral values, self-esteem is formed.

Today, reading to children is much more important than before – it’s like the antidote to the bad effect on children’s minds and hearts, threatening from all sides.

Every day try to set aside time to read to your child. This is a good opportunity to instill in him moral values and tell what is good and what is bad. When you read to your children in their brain aktiviziruyutsya synaptic connections.

*Can be read to children before bedtime.

*When reading, it is important not to be indifferent.

*Topics for reading should be chosen such that the child is listened to with pleasure.

*Read to children regularly and better at the same time, then they with impatience will expect it.

*Read with good pronunciation and diction – listening to parents say that children learn language.

*Very young children can show pictures, naming objects and people depicted in them.

*Older children read books with their favorite topics.

Reading can be supplemented by drawing with paints and crayons, or music lessons, or going to the zoo, on nature with the whole family. This is a great opportunity to teach children good manners, morals, children’s minds and hearts are receptive soil for the education.

The education of children in the family – DISCIPLINE:

In the education of children in the family requires discipline. Experts say that for the proper upbringing of discipline are as important as love.

When parents gently correct the child, it will do him good. The impact on the child can provide a variety of ways: by word or by deprivation of something pleasant. Every parent usually knows what the punishment will fit his kid. With guidance the child learns to control their behavior and to keep their emotions and feelings. Every child needs to understand boundaries. When punishing a child should understand what he is being punished and feel that love him and care about him, and therefore punished.

Your efforts will be crowned with success!

Parents who are in a peaceful family setting try to apply these tips from early childhood – helping your children to develop mental abilities, to learn moral and spiritual values. Do not skimp on the expression of love, hanging out with kids, teach and nurture them. It will bring joy and happiness to you and your children. The child, instructed on the right path in childhood, will not depart from it when older.

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