The abuse of anabolic steroids: effects and dangers of steroids in the treatment of dependence

Anabolic steroids – drugs that are used in medicine for various pathologies caused by the disturbance of protein metabolism and an excessive loss of basic salts. Most often we are talking about diseases of the digestive system, General exhaustion in severe and long-lasting pathologies.

Their ability to increase muscle mass drew the attention of the people involved in various sports, particularly bodybuilders. But, in addition to positive effects, it was found that anabolic steroids create several serious health problems.

One of the dangers of man lies in the abuse of anabolic steroids, mainly by addiction, mental dependence.

What drugs belong to anabolic steroids

All medicines included in this group contain in their composition the male sex hormones – androgens.

The most used anabolics:

  • Methandrostenolone (SYN. – Nerobolum Et Al, Anabol);
  • Fenobolin (SYN. – Neropolis, UNBAL);
  • Retabolil (SYN. – Avalon, Aubelin);
  • Silabolin.
What kind of effect anabolic steroids have on the human body

Steroids are able to hold nitrogen, calcium, potassium, sulfur and phosphorus. Due to this, they affect protein metabolism, causing enhanced growth of muscle tissue and strength development with regular loads. The steroids reduce the fat depots of the body.

Please note: no physical activity this effect was observed only to a minor degree.

Supplementation has:

  • tonic effect;
  • improves the General condition and well-being;
  • toning effect;
  • increase reduced appetite;
  • regenerative effect (wound healing);
  • a decrease in the excitability of the cerebral cortex (moderate euphoric effect and sedative effect).
In some cases, prescribe anabolic steroids

In the practice of clinical medicine the effects of these drugs are used in ulcerative trophic processes, chronic inflammatory and degenerative pathologies in the intestine, liver, pancreas. In particular, their reception had an analgesic effect. Some steroids are able to regulate metabolic enzymes (trypsin, amylase).

Side effects and complications

In children and adolescents misuse anabolic steroids cause a slowing of growth, until the complete cessation. On the skin often develop acne, hair on the head is rare, there are pockets of baldness (alopecia).

Men long-term use these medications, may lose their ability to conceive children, due to disruption of the structure and functional activity of spermatozoa. The inhibitory effect on the testicular tissue leads to a decrease in their size. Often develop gynecomastia is irreversible the growth of the mammary glands of the female type.

Women, on the contrary, the process of masculinization (male formation of structural forms). Coarse voice, begins hair growth on the face and body, enlarged clitoris.

Anabolic steroid abuse leads to liver problems (occurs toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis). This process is manifested by development of liver failure. A failure of the pancreas causing pancreatitis and diabetes. The skin becomes rough, there is an increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands.

Please note: depression of the immune system contributes to the development of respiratory tract infections. Micropores, injuries and wounds heal slowly, are subjected to formation of erosions and ulcers.

Heart, due to the disproportionately enhanced growth increases in size, causing malnutrition of the muscles and the development of necrotic lesions with the rapid formation of coronary artery disease, attacks stenokardicheskie pain and heart attacks. Against this background, described multiple cases of sudden cardiac death.

Often, patients who use anabolics injured ligamentous-tendinous unit due to the disproportionate burden on them created by the powerful muscles.

Drugs taken orally, injection into muscle tissue or into a vein.

Note: anabolic steroids are used in cycles with breaks in between.

In the case of absorption of a substance in the stomach and intestines, the effect is more stronger destructive effect on liver cells. While steroids are rapidly cleared, which is important for a possible doping control. Intravenous administration is less toxic to the liver. But it is often done unprofessionally shot and violating the rules of sterility is the patient’s vein inflammation (phlebitis), thrombotic complications, infection infections, including HIV.

The development of dependence from abuse of anabolic steroids

Steroids have no psychoactive effect. Not marked and direct damaging action on the Central nervous system and brain cells.

Please note: all people taking these drugs, especially not for medical purposes get a kind of dependence on them. Especially young people, athletes who use steroids to achieve athletic results and to form the structure of your body.

It should be noted that the main customers of anabolic steroids currently are not professional athletes. With the 70-ies of the last century medicines have anabolic activity, were classified as doping, which significantly reduced their use in athletes held international competitions. But in the Amateur field, as well as among bodybuilders steroids is still an important place.

The cult of the body, dominating a healthy lifestyle, leads to uncontrolled supplementation with only one purpose – narcissism, self-aggrandizement, there is no one variant of narcissism. The human psyche is rebuilt, moral criteria are distorted. Health goes by the wayside. This phenomenon is particularly harmful at a young age when bodybuilding begin to engage young men with an inferiority complex. They often reflected the need to stay ahead of their age and development. Overpriced bar this goal is becoming unattainable for their own capabilities and carries negative consequences for health.

Develops a pronounced dependence on steroids. The mechanism of its development, in addition to personal motives plays a big role and psychological mutual inductance.

Social behavior of dependent people begin to dominate the aggressive forms of communication, stubbornness, conflict, tendency to resolving controversial situations. For any reason can cause a tantrum. In a joint communication of these individuals often have violent acts involving risk.


Rejection of steroids means in this case the loss of personal orientation, goals. Cessation of the drug is regarded as backward movement, physical and mental degradation.

Not surprisingly, if for any reason the dependent person has to leave the reception is concerned, he has observed a characteristic of the complaint. The following manifestations are regarded as the first phase of the syndrome, and lasts about one week.

Patients develop:

  • emotional swings, apathy and state subdepressive;
  • psychoses, which are described in the literature as “a steroid”;
  • pain in the joints;
  • nasal congestion and swelling of mucous;
  • the temperature increase has no reasons;
  • suicidal tendencies amid the oppression of the psyche.

The second phase of the syndrome can take many months, often six months.

It is characterized by:

  • sleep disorders;
  • asthenia, fatigue, thoughts of worthlessness;
  • loss of appetite, with visible weight loss;
  • thoughts and desires return to the intake of anabolic steroids.

A withdrawal syndrome may develop in athletes and in the period between the cyclical ingestion. In order not to allow patients to use small doses in between cycles. The second motive millionswho reception – preventing reducing the anabolic effects. Naturally, such an attitude exacerbates the dependence and increases complications.

Addiction treatment

Existing dependency requires the assistance of a psychiatric profile. Most effectively it can provide professionals narcologists. In most cases do not require treatment in a hospital. Except in situations with suicidal episodes, thoughts, psychosis. In this case, patients first therapy requires special monitoring.

Discontinuation of anabolic steroids can be simultaneous or progressive. The alternative is considered individually, taking into account all the features of a particular patient, his age, habits, character, temperament, anabolic experience.

When emotional instability, choleric type of conduct required anti-anxiety medications. Determine the duration, dose and frequency of administration of tranquilizers. In the case of pronounced depression – selected antidepressant.

Please note: the basis of therapeutic effects is psychotherapy.

With patients being re-awareness and motivational talks, focusing on methods of persuasion. When the initial phase of misunderstanding between patient and physician will be overcome, and the patient fully understands their problem, then we can go to the practice of suggestion. This goal best meets hypnotic.

Great importance is role-playing therapy, rational forms of persuasion. Especially in groups in which there are participants at different stages of treatment, from beginners to already freed from addiction. First get a huge boost they have seen the result, and the second secured its success by the desire of helping people with a similar problem.

It is very important to find a way to save the patients physical activity and fitness.

Aggressive types of thinking require the participation of a psychologist, capable of using aesthetic interventions to help people to find their real self, “crushed” abuse of anabolic steroids.

With the preventive purpose in the future, patients should periodically undergo counseling and non-drug types of supportive therapy – laserpuncture, acupuncture. Forecast after qualified treatment favorable.

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