Second marriage the chances of success

Everyone knows that marriages are made in heaven. But this setting only applies to the first Union 2 heart. All subsequent unions to heaven already nothing to do.

This is indirectly confirmed by statistics. According to her, the rate of decay of the second marriage is much higher than the first.

It would seem that everything should be Vice versa. The second Union make people with certain family experience. They took into account past mistakes, and now they are much easier to build a relationship of trust with each other. But that’s the theory, but in practice very different.

So really negative experience teaches nothing? And maybe those who are getting a divorce, just initially not adapted to family life?

There is a perception that men and women who survived one divorce, much easier to go to break relations if the partner they are not satisfied with something. Let’s look at several reasons that push people to another divorce.

One of the main factors influencing re-rupture of relations, are children. They can act as saboteurs and rebels. In some cases, this becomes a serious obstacle for the further successful development of their life together. Stepfather and stepmother since time immemorial negatively associated in the minds of people, and the child is initially traumatized by what my parents split up. Therefore, the appearance in the house of a stranger can be perceived in bayonets. It happens that the adult lacks sensitivity and diplomacy on this complicated issue. The result is a second divorce.

It often happens that the experience of first marriage is absolutely useless. There is the fact that every person on a subconscious level is looking for a partner that psychological type to which he is predisposed. After parting with one, it will look for the exact same copy. No wonder talking about the mistake, which comes twice. So you need to change the guidelines and to meet people of a completely different psycho. Only in this case it is possible to hope for success.

Quite often it happens that the past does not want to let go. This is especially true for women who tend to get used to men. Habit is very bad and after the divorce, she makes life difficult. The woman begins involuntarily to compare the new partner with her former lover. Such a comparison may not be in favor of the second husband, what’s to stop a woman to feel happy.

The negative second marriage is also evident in the reluctance to put the soul in a new relationship. A man once fired and already beginning to blow on the water. Partners are kept closed relative to each other. This life together can not last long, as people have no internal points of contact. It all ends in divorce, and begin the search for the next partner.

The negative impact can have and the surrounding. They liked the former partner, and in every way they can to emphasize this. Therefore the newcomer must be very good to try to finally began to consider a worthy replacement.

But the main thing is the analysis of past mistakes. If they do not, then don’t come and understanding the reasons for the collapse of the first Union. In the case of conflicts that arise in any account of marriage, should not behave according to the old and familiar pattern. This will inevitably make new relationships in a dead end. However, many divorced people are convinced that something they just analyze nothing, as the reason for the divorce was the incorrect behavior of the partner. They behaved perfectly. This is a very common mistake.

Preferably after a relationship breakup to go and spend some time aloneto carefully weigh and consider. It should honestly answer many unpleasant questions. If this is not done, the marriage will alternate one after the other, but will bring nothing but disappointment.

No one can say what will be the next Union. But you need to understand that the age, presence of children, duration of previous relations can not fundamentally affect the well-being of the new marriage. The determining factor here is the purpose for which all and was started. If she’s really serious, then the rest will follow with proper desire and zeal.

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