The age difference

You met the person with whom you feel completely happy or happy! That’s just an annoying warning relatives and friends make disharmony in your emotional state: “You are not a couple!” they claim, citing your age difference.

Eventually you stalled, and you don’t consult with anyone: all your family against your decision to marry a man older or younger than you to a dozen or more years.

Try in this in your life situation to figure out for yourself: don’t go on about the other. Take a clean sheet of paper, raschertite it into two columns. First write down all the things you have in common with the chosen one. You will immediately become clear what the prospects of your marriage.

If there will be only one thing – physical attraction, passion, then you really should not hurry to formalize the relationship. In the same case that the column will be very long, and there are common interests and common views, then probably the age difference to you is not so terrible: the spiritual bond is much stronger than the physical.

In the second column write down what difficulties can stop you to be happy or happy in this marriage, and then evaluate how they are actually real. For example, you fear that in 5-10 years age difference looks to be even more visible. But you know perfectly well that happy people grow old much slower. People surrounded by love and attention, looks much better than their single peers. In addition, because over the years will change and your partner or partner. The age difference is obvious, when people, for example, 20 and 30 years, and in another age category, say, 40 and 30, it is already not so visible. Moreover, if a person knows that the happiness of his family life largely depends on how he is smart, interesting, young, he will not allow himself to relax. We meet with you older people in great shape and young, lost all visual appeal. So the point of this column is irrelevant.

You can admit that fear of younger rivals or opponents. However, let me ask you one question: is there a danger for couples of the same age? Of course, there is. If the relationship is lukewarm, and neither age nor appearance do not play value. Hence, this item is discarded.

You worried, even scared themselves to admit it, public opinion. To become bolder, then I will write the problem on paper – it has already announced. Now think: would you be happier if all the time you’ll try to please others. Yes, they will not be able to say anything bad about you, do not condemn your careless, in their opinion, actions. Only will you have from this house warmer, more fun? You deprive yourself of the opportunity to be happy or happy in family life only because I wanted to be perfect or ideal in the eyes of society. Hope you and himself soon became clear how stupid that is.

Caustic remarks of relatives and friends can be endured. But how to explain its solution to children? Recorded with you another problem in the right column. Do you love your children, if you with them to build trust? If so, then none of your actions will never be condemned: they will understand you and will take as a mother your husband or your wife. If the same relationship with children is not built between you there is no trust and understanding, do not expect that they will appear only from what you sacrifice personal happiness.

And finally, listen to the voice of your own heart: what does it tell you? “Yes” or “no”? Suspect that you and he read our article, be sure that you need to make a decision to change your life for the better, only needed a little push in order for you to take the plunge. We hope that our article helped you to understand yourself, your feelings.

Remember: those who are afraid of making mistakes cannot become a happy person. Be happy!

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