10 those that you should avoid on a first date

Going on a date, we all focus a lot of attention to clothes, shoes, hairstyle. It is certainly important to create the proper impression. But there is one condition necessary in order that the date went well, did not last.

There are topics to talk on which date should not be.

1. Previous relationship. No need to talk about your past relationships, especially to carry out some analogies and comparisons. That which was must remain a mystery.

2. His (her) past relationships. It is not necessary to ask on a date and his (her) past relations. You this information is absolutely useless. May all the memories of past relationships will not be on the way to creating new relationships.

3. Secrets of friends (of friends). If a friend (friend) their secrets with you, so I hope that you about them will not tell anyone. Therefore, to address this topic on a date is impossible. Besides, he (she) may give the impression that you are unreliable, if you do not know how to keep other people’s secrets.

4. Negative judgments about his (her) relatives. It is unknown whether the rest of you further relations, but the negative assessments you his (her) relatives will certainly be remembered. This can be perceived negatively, will spoil the impression about you.

5. Discussing his friends (her friends). It is not necessary to discuss Boyfriends, girlfriends. The person is not in vain befriends them, sees them as good traits, so to hurt his (her) feelings is not necessary.

6. The lack of ability. On a date don’t need to tell you that you do not know how to do something. If the relationship will develop further, he (she) will have the opportunity later to learn about it. If they will not develop him (her) know about your weaknesses to anything.

7. Having the ability to. Do not paint and your skills. Especially if they have to be inherent in him (her). For example, a girl doesn’t need to brag, she’s an excellent nails, and the young person to talk about their culinary abilities. This can lead to the fact that life together will have to do this work constantly.

8. TV shows or sports. The retelling of the events in the favorite TV show the guy will listen to boring, and the girl will get tired of talking about the latest football matches. Therefore, these specific topics on a date it is better not to touch.

9. Fashion and technical innovations. Uninteresting will talk about fashion, innovations in technology.

10. The memories of past failures. Even if he (she) have recently happened mistakes, failures, life was a rough patch and recall it is not necessary. It is better to praise for good solutions, good deeds.

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