Age difference and marriage

People never react calmly to the difference in age of spouses. On this question there are two opposing points of view. Someone thinks that a significant spread of years, the family just needed. Here in the emphasis on life experience of one of narrowed. It promotes a strong marriage and family happiness.

Opponents argue that husband and wife should be about the same age. In this case, the couple have many common interests, same friends, same attitude toward life values. All of this makes family life interesting and fulfilling. And who is right?

If we turn to the experience of the Soviet state, at that time marriage has been between people of the same age. Young people met in schools, colleges, manufacturing, and created family. Moreover, such unions remained for life, although sex, according to some experts, the USSR was not.

In our days the situation is somewhat different. The main number of marriages between the ages of 20 to 22 years of age, when husband and wife are the same age. However, after 2 – 3 years family breaks. Experts explain this by the fact that 25 years to change the mentality, interests, preferences and tastes. You should also consider the irresponsibility, infantilism and selfishness. They generate quarrels and strained relationships. The result is that young people diverge, causing the suffering of already born children.

Psychologists call optimal age difference, is able to provide a more or less strong marriage. A man should be older than wife for 5 – 7 years. In this case, his mental development, the husband and wife are suitable to each other. However, it is possible and tensions in family relations and the stumbling block may be the leadership. For example, a spouse would want to realize at work, and a successful career, as we know, destroys family happiness.

But if wife older than husband by 5 – 7 years, the tone in the family will ask exactly what it is. The spouse will be on the sidelines. If he agrees with this state of Affairs, some time the marriage will be quite happy. But after several years his wife may be bored with the role of leader and guardian. As a consequence, respect to a narrowing will be lost. And if he can’t justify the hopes of his weak half, then there will be a gap.

Now imagine that the husband is considerably older than his wife. The difference in years more than 10 years. In this case, the spouse gets the role of the recognized leader. If a woman is smart and the husband is a decent, quiet and measured family life. And yet a large difference in age can Express themselves, if a young and energetic woman wants a more interesting and exciting life. The spouse in this situation will be a burden. For his activity he will be able to be with his wife. Therefore it is not excluded the gap, the lawyers and all the other delights of divorce.

Sometimes Vice versa, when the restriction exceeds a loved one to age for 10 years or more. Relatives, colleagues and friends, such a Union is usually perceived with misunderstanding. But experience Mature wife smooths out many cons. She is well versed in the psychology of family relations, suppresses its tantrums and knows how to apply themselves. If a Mature lady is not jealous of man to very young girls, not trying to control his every move, the pair can live together happily ever after. However, welfare may be affected by a lack of children, a radical difference in the interests and rapid aging lady. All these factors often contribute to the breakup.

In conclusion, it should be noted that no one has yet come up with a universal prescription for happiness. The age difference in the marriage relationship is not a stumbling block. Considerable variation in years is only indicative of the potential problems.

The main is understanding of their role in the family and mutual respect. As for love, according to psychologists, it fades and passes after 5 years of marriage. So big and strong sense cannot serve forever as the connecting factor. But fortunately, there are other equally important values, is able to bring the pair to the diamond wedding.

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