Rude as infectious as the common cold

In 2016, the University of Arkansas (University of Arkansas), for example, for a long time watched the workers and found that those who in the beginning of the day somewhere insulted, often insulting his colleagues in the hours that followed. Psychological tests showed that the cause of this is loss of self-control.

How people respond to rudeness? If they respond “blow for blow” or trying to smooth things over? Studies show that, unfortunately for humanity rather characteristic of the first pattern of behavior, and people may not even realize. Being rude to them subconsciously processed by the brain, and these processes ultimately lead to retaliatory rudeness – and then the process is already underway on the thumb, sometimes taking the magnitude of the local epidemic.

The portal, Science Alert, along with scientists figured out how this happens.

One of the scientists, Christopher Rosen (Christopher Rosen), said that people tend to reflect over caused them pecuniary damage, it takes a lot of mental energy, and all this reduces the ability to control their own behavior – so people who have offended are more likely to be rude to others. In addition, the more often the participants of the experiment said trouble, the more they perceived innocuous, it would seem that words as a rude, for example, the words “nice shoes” could be perceived in an ironic manner, which again led to the offense.

It was also confirmed by another study, which was led by Trevor Fulk (Trevor Foulk) from the University of Maryland (University of Maryland).

If people before the start of the day, showed videos, where actors communicate with each other rude, the audience throughout the day was more receptive to the probable offense. Other people (those workers who in some cases were witnesses of rude) also noted that those who had offended previously, subsequently, communicate more roughly.

Experts stressed that incivility and rudeness can affect the productivity of the person and his life in General. Offended people work less, they have trust issues, anger, fear and other negative emotions. Scientists recommended that those who have offended, to resist the impulse, and instead do something that will restore self-control, but the researchers acknowledged, it is easier to write than to do, as often people do not even realize that spreading the negativity.

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