Stop worrying about what you are not good enough in bed

Not so important, is it about women or about men, many people experience sexual anxiety. If it happens rarely, then perhaps it’s no big deal. But if you think about it constantly, finding all the new imperfections of a sexual nature, it obviously becomes a problem. 

Family psychologists and sexologists call such behavior “sexual anxiety”, referring to the fact that it is very similar to the usual anxiety. The only difference is that in this case you are only interested in one area of his life – sex and its quality. The experts add that there are those who are at risk in the sense of sexual anxiety. It is characteristic of people of different ages, with different incomes and different sexual experience, if you ever thought that the reason may be.

“Women’s sexual anxiety usually occurs on the background of the loss of interest in partner or sex in General, difficulties with arousal or achieving orgasm,” says Medical News Today a sex therapist Claudia six (Claudia Six). He adds that both women and men have anxiety about sex is most often associated with a fear to disappoint the partner.

Sexual anxiety can also be a traumatic sexual experience, including sexual violence. Such people, experts say, in any case, do not be afraid to turn to professionals, because only high-quality therapy, coupled with the confidence to present the partner will help to forget about the nightmare that you once had to endure.

“Many cases concern is due to the fact how we were raised, our perception, body and social expectations that affect our relationship with their own sexuality,” says sex coach Amy Jo Goddard (Amy Jo Goddard).

What to do if you constantly worry about their own sexuality, their sexual opportunities and how do you partner, or he with you out of pity?

Love your body

Normal body image is an important factor in a healthy sex life, while dismorphia – path problems, not only sexual, but psychological plan. If we are not sure what the body looks good, we can’t be confident that our body seems attractive partner.

A study published in the Journal of Sex Research, showed that about one-third of students are dissatisfied with how their body looks and therefore will experience some difficulties in bed. Other studies that have examined young people, who had just returned from the army, showed that most of them do not think your penis is quite attractive, and in some cases it becomes a trigger of erectile dysfunction.

Despite the fact that Masturbation is still sometimes perceived by society as something shameful, studies indicate the opposite, noting that this is one of the easiest ways to improve our relationship with our own body.

Enjoy sex education

Another obstacle to healthy sexual activity, the researchers note, may be the lack of proper sex education. This does not necessarily mean that you do not understand what to do in bed, but perhaps you were not fully prepared for the realities of sex life and is now reaping the benefits.

Maybe you are not sure how to get pleasure. Or, another option, you believe some claims about sex, I met a few years ago, and now everything has changed and you don’t know how to deal with it. “Adults also need sex education,” says Amy Jo Goddard. And calls upon all who from time to time feels sexual anxiety, if not to address to the sexologist, then at least read a couple of books on the subject.

Talking about sex

Once you realize that you don’t like something, tell your partner about it in a mild form, urging him to do the same. The first time that you will hear, maybe a little hurt, but it is extremely important not to take offense at that. If you trust the person so much that want to have sex with him, why not make the sex perfect, admitting what is working and what is not?

Open communication in bed is the best way to deal with sexual anxiety and almost any problems sexually. A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy showed that 142 of those couples that freely inform the partner about their sexual needs and desires, have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, get away from it, which is logical, in times more satisfying.

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