Procrastination: what is it and how to fight it

Don’t know how to deal with procrastination and laziness? The choice of control methods depends on the causes of psychological traps.

Laziness is not a disease, so activities will be focused on the education of the willpower and skills of self-organization

The concept of “lazy” includes apathy, lethargy, unwillingness to do anything.

The above is typical for a person who does not want to work, but prefers wasting my minutes, hours, days and weeks, just mediocre parasitic on the neck of parents, friends or relatives. Laziness is a significant drawback, the feature of perception of the world and in this world. Such a person is unpleasant to either themselves or others.

Why are people lazy?

From birth to the end every man is a struggle between the desire to achieve heights in the profession, financial prosperity, recognition with the complete opposite – inaction. Psychologists found that the reason is the low motivation, a person who is lazy when you just need something to do, has a weak will.

Yes, we are talking about nutritional laziness. Let’s find out what it is in the General sense, and from the standpoint of the old psychology, especially that of the enemy must know in person.

Psychology treats laziness, as one of the violations of the emotional – volitional sphere. The reason – lack of motivation and purpose, or, if you wish, low motivation and unclear objective.

On the behavior of the bum is influenced by the surrounding social environment. Very often magazines, movies, TV shows, encourage inaction, especially if some material benefits from work not planned. Indeed, why need to vacuum, so warm, hearty and comfortable? Or, as a variant of latent perfectionism: “All the same, all the dust will not collect even start I will not!”

Laziness can be perceived only in one case from the positive side: if the person is really tired and needs to rest, in this case, laziness – a protective reaction that restores vitality.

Most often, laziness is born at the peak of the desired and valid.

Procrastination: what is it?

But what is procrastination? For many it is a synonym to the word “lazy”, but it is not. Laziness – lack of desire to do anything on a variety of excuses, and even without them, it is a conscious choice, by the way.

Procrastination is constantly postponing planned for an indefinite period of time.

People walk the whole day and looking for an excuse that would distract, not to get to work. Excuse is everything: telephone conversation, and a pet cat and transmission, and tea in the twenty-fifth time. The procrastinator always doing something, creating the illusion of constant employment, but not the main thing-result.

The danger of this scenario is that to do a deferred still have, but in emergency mode, perhaps sacrificing sleep and rest, feeling guilty that I haven’t done this before. The body in this situation remains under stress and shortage of energy resources, which, of course, affect the well-being, thus a negative. What to do? Self-education to help you.

The consequences can be unpredictable, but always negative: a failed session, completion of the unemployed, lack of money, a ruined marriage. In the end, people initially did not quite understand what can do with him this way of life, and the realization comes after some time, but it’s too late. The most offensive – awareness that misspent time it would be possible to achieve something.

How to fight laziness and procrastination

A little will rejoice, there are working ways to defeat laziness and procrastination in itself.

Try the 13 steps to change and leave the captivity of indolence:

  • Expand your social circle. Avoid negative-minded pessimists who look at the world through grey glasses, and sing along with you, in fact, a creative person, do not fit into the realities of a hard life.
  • Immediately get rid of your old things, please make the house a General cleaning.
  • Try to diversify your leisure: visit, movies, coffee shop, and just for a walk.
  • Eat right: a pan of fatty meat with a liter of beer even the most active worker put to digest.
  • Refrain from taking large doses of strong alcohol. The fact that the first alcoholic drinks cause agitation, perhaps even encourage a flurry of activity that lasts for long. Excitation in the cerebral cortex is replaced by a transcendent deceleration, and alcohol intoxication or what is better, a hangover, the question of what useful work does not go at all.
  • Do some sport. Professional athletes know that when laziness overcomes and the head is bad, the best way to recover is to do a little gymnastics.
  • Be sure to encourage a loved one (favorite) for the small victories. It could be a ticket to the theatre, and a CD with your favorite music, and purchase the desired books.
  • Do not forget about the rest. Build your day so that remained an hour alone with yourself in silence.
  • Develop such a useful habit as the adoption of a contrast shower in the morning. Believe me, it’s actually refreshing, but still is a good workout for the cardiovascular system and the prevention of varicose veins.
  • Learn how to allocate attention and to plan your day. For the first time can see into the pre-made routine and easy to follow written. If one or the other time something did not work, do not throw conceived, continue to move in the selected direction.
  • Get a notebook where you try honestly to answer the questions: “whether your goal is unattainable in principle?”, “What can I do to make you respect yourself again?”, “What’s stopping me do this?”, “Is apathy the result of a long environment alternative gifted individuals?”. After this psychoanalysis you will have a decision, a fresh look at things. From time to time, go back to my previous thoughts, maybe you have new ideas. And very interesting to watch over their own development: a week ago, thoughts were alone and now completely different. And life is getting better!
  • Take vitamin complexes with minerals, especially important for the spring-autumn period, when the lungs are signs of apathy are observed in all on the background of beriberi.
  • Engage in what has always dreamed, but postponed. Maybe you wanted to do dance aerobics or learn to play guitar? Courses macrame or diving? Forward! When if not here and now?

If you have already tried all possible and impossible methods, but the result is not seen, perhaps this is a symptom of any disease. In this case it would be correct to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Sometimes enough to pass a psychological training or individual work with a specialist, so don’t put life off for later.

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