8 crazy sex positions that you hardly tasted

1. Gymnastic 69

Woman lies on the bed with your head to the edge and throws her legs behind the head, folded in half. Partner stands at the edge of the bed.

Feature: the woman must be very flexible. Will help at least minimal skills of yoga. Both partners get access to the many erogenous zones of each other.


A man sits on the floor with your legs straight. The woman turns back to him and standing folds in half.

Feature: in addition to the necessary flexibility, the partner need to manage their conditions – not to swim head down. But unusual sensations guaranteed.

2. The opposite

The man kneels with his back to the girl. She goes between his legs and throws back his legs to his shoulders. He enters her missionary position opposite angle.

Feature: the unusual angle of penetration gives you a bright new sensations.


A man stands on the elbows back to the partner and pull along her legs. A woman throws her legs on his shoulders.

Features: entry angle is about the same as in the previous option. But this position is less extreme and more relaxed. To move with a large amplitude, it will not work.

3. Balance

You should begin in a pose of doggie-style, in that case, where both partners are kneeling. A woman rests hands on the floor, a man enters her from behind. He then grabs her hands under my arms and lifts them from the floor. Partner hugging his neck, and thus keeps the balance.

Feature: the man can caress almost the whole body of the partner. This position is difficult for those who have a big difference in growth, although nothing is impossible.

4. Video spoon

The man lies on his back, a woman back on him. He enters her from behind.

This position has three options:

1. The woman draws with his feet on the bed while partner bends at the knees. In this case, can you move both.

2. The woman bends the knees and pulls me to him. All the movements performed by the partner.

3. The woman bends the knees and places them along the body of the man. Move both partners.

Feature: the man can caress the Breasts and clitoris of the female partner. This position is well suited for couples where the woman is petite and is much lower men increase.

5. Antimissionary

The man lies on his back, spreads his legs apart. The woman is on top, facing him, between his legs. In this position a more active partner: it controls the amplitude of movement and depth of entry, caressing the man.

Feature: posture, in which the partners, in fact, change their roles, very exciting.

6. Waterfall

In this position the main thing – to choose the suitable bed height. The man lies so that his head and shoulders were lying on the floor, and hips – on the bed (hence the name “waterfall”). The woman sits on top in the pose of a rider rests with his feet in the edge of the bed and hands on her hips man.

Feature: most importantly, that the man was comfortable in this position can get a neck or loin. Under his feet for greater stability, you can put a roll of blankets.

7. Water tower

This is an option for very prepared. The woman becomes the “birch”: lifts his leg up, rests his hands on the floor. Male “sits” on top of her.

Feature: partner in this pose, you need to be especially careful to count the efforts, not to hurt the woman’s neck. Successfully constructed “water tower” promotes a very deep penetration.

8. Car

Remember how in gym class you were divided into pairs and played “cars”, moving around the gym? This pose reminds me of the exercise.

The woman stands back to the partner, leans with hands on the floor and wraps his legs around the waist or under the buttocks. He rams her standing up from behind.

Feature: if partner’s weak hand, long she is in this position will not last.

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