The psychology of kiss

The only species that takes pleasure study the language of your partner’s mouth, touching it with his lips, considered. A reasonable question arises why people are so fond of kissing, especially when they’re in love?

In the wild a kiss is uncommon, but not something amazing. Kissing swans, horses, dolphins, lions, but they do it quite well, as people.

British scientists who know the answers to all the mysteries of the world, I explain it this way. In fact, kiss (meaning “mouth to mouth”) has little to do with love. On the contrary. When you kiss the stimulation of the nerve endings of the lips, which produces the pheromones. Those, in turn, quietly accepted by the sense of smell and excite passion and sensuality. That is, we don’t fall in love and therefore love to kiss and kiss and fall in love during the kiss.

A great expert in the sensual world of psychology, Sigmund Freud argued that love for kissing is the remnants of the oral period of psychosexual development of man. This period is characterized by obtaining sexual pleasure through the mouth and the lips and ends in early childhood (for 3 years). However, a subconscious love for stimulation of the lips in a sensual world of man remains, and proves that the pleasure derived from a kiss.

However, the biochemistry and physiology explain only the origin of the kissbut don’t reflect his spiritual values. Often kiss on the lips is much more emotional, sensitive, romantic and tender than kissing in erogenous zones. Of course, kissing in intimate places, much more exciting, but the inner meaning of the kiss on the lips they do not convey.

Sociological research in the field of sensual relations led to interesting conclusions. In most couples, where relationships go into a routine or are nearing completion, kisses disappear before sex. It turns out that kissing – the invisible thread, the bridge that link the spiritual world of people. It is no coincidence that the “priestesses of love” in all cultures do not kiss their partners on the lips. The value of a kiss is celebrated in art: in music, literature, cinema.

Kiss is a certain degree of communication, the transition to the kind of level of communication, which involved only emotions. Often people find their halves, not least based on own feelings from kissing on the lips. Teenagers already know what a kiss is important, but the ability to kiss well is very valuable. Also, almost everyone cherishes the memory of his first kiss.
There are many different techniques of kissing. But no technique will not give the main thing – sincerity. This is the main criterion of a kiss. A sincere kiss, impossible to imitate, to recreate, as every single kind of kiss is unique, expressing something of their own, intimate, deeply intimate.

I should add that in addition to positive emotions, elevated mood, and General well being. a kiss carries many benefits pure Wellness in nature. So, it is seen that kissing helps to maintain the skin in good condition, therefore, they reduce the appearance of wrinkles. More than 30 facial muscles involved in kissing, a beneficial effect on the skin: it becomes elastic and smooth. When kissing, the body produces a significant amount of adrenaline, which activates all organs of the body.

Increased heart rate (150 beats per minute), blood circulation increases, resulting in the body’s cells are significantly enriched with oxygen. When you kiss, organisms exchange saliva, which contains the required antibiotics. Thus, mutually strengthens the immune system and General condition. Kiss is able to reduce pain: while kissing produces endorphins – the hormone that has analgesic properties.
From all the above we can conclude: love each other and kiss from the heart!

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