Open relationship

In the modern world there is a kind of ideology mainly common among young people, according to which the most successful can be called a relationship without commitment or, as they are called, an open relationship.

So if this relationship is flawed, as it seems at first glance?

On the one hand, such a concept is partly justified. After all, everyone needs personal freedom, the right to a choice. In an open relationship, partners are not so tired from each other as a married couple. Many young people are pleased to realize that they technically have nothing to do with a partner, in addition to hanging out with friends and sex.

Practice shows that people may actually be happy in an open relationship, if you don’t get attached to your partner wholeheartedly. Some couples even move in together if they share a similarity in habits and willingness to compromise.

One of the parties to an open relationship, which can be attributed to positive is the replacement of formal obligations – personal. This direction appears contrary to the concept of a free relationship to individual responsibility of each partner to communicate. The formal stamp in the passport can get rid of that obligation by shifting the responsibility for the maintenance of romantic relationships.

The tragedy of open relationship that they, as a rule, sooner or later. There comes a time when a woman or man there is a desire to stability, confidence in the feelings of a loved one. Most often the initiator of the break in such a situation is a girl, after all, hardly anyone wants to wait years for your heart.

From a psychological point of view, any woman instinctively looks for a partner with whom she wants to build a life together, that she want to have children. And such relations are impossible without those or other obligations. A man is not ready to perform their duties, is unlikely to really be interested in adult and self-sufficient woman. Life scenario, including marriage and the birth of children, may seem boring, but only until they Mature women.

There comes a time when a woman is tired to be stood up, when she starts to feel the psychological readiness for something more serious and responsible. And then breaking down all the myths and illusions about the possibility of free long-lasting relationship. This may equally be true of a man.

Relationship without obligationsis not based on mutual responsibility and love, once themselves are becoming obsolete. That’s why they often take the young, somewhat inexperienced people who are not aware of their true purpose in life and are ready to enjoy your own freedom to end life.

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