The types of women who sidestep

Sometimes you have a way that men just pass you by, do not seek to learn, although with the looks and figure all in order.

You wonder why this is happening?

Try to understand…

Why scare the bitch, the fucker, selfish, cold woman, Mama’s daughter and “mom”?

Why scare bitch?

Bitch is dangerous enough, they do everything for their benefit, and they will stop at nothing. They are ready to pursue their goals, despite any obstacles. In the eyes of men bitchy, selfish and calculating. They look good, but no, not a drop of consistency. Men – big egoists, they realize that the bitch loves that he can give, but not him. A man chooses a more relaxed and sincere woman.

Why scare the fucker?

I think that’s pretty obvious. A woman who sleeps with everyone, no matter how beautiful, seductive she was, she would not be needed. The man, of course, will not refuse to have sex on the first date, but to continue the relationship, most likely, will not. Men are the owners, they appreciate the loyalty.

Why scare selfish?

These women like money, relationships, entertainment. They usually do not work and are funded by rich men. This relationship is quite strange, but there are men who are satisfied with it. But most men will not go to the woman was only with him for money.

Why scare away the cold women?

Such women are indifferent to everything, they make it clear that whatever she has with her man or not. It does not react to his actions, will not talk about love etc. of Course, why would a man want such a woman. Men like the sparkle in the eyes, liveliness, passion, and cold woman, most likely, will not satisfy man.

Why scare a Mama’s daughter?

This type of women is very frightening. They can’t take a step without the decree mommy. Mom starts to go into relationship, because she knows exactly what is best. Most likely, this Alliance will not last long, because the relationship for the two of you and no one else should not interfere. Men love confident women.

Why scare “mommy”?

Women like power, they can decide for the man, all his problems. Men like that, he may again feel like a child. Often these women marry, but time passes and the man realizes that he has no right, it solves nothing but this hate will not every man. Also will have problems in sex, because mothers love, but don’t want to.

So think, maybe the problem is not in the surrounding men, try to swap and see how everything changes around.

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