8 books for those who want to know everything about sex

1. “The Bible for the boudoir. Guide for sex without borders”, betheny Vernon

If sex for you is 10-30 minutes in traditional poses, a little oral sex as a warm-up and rare orgasms, “the Bible for the boudoir” will open up a whole new world of pleasures.

You will learn that it is possible to refuse of the perception of sex as short as the pursuit of orgasm and turn it into a sacred action, which gives far more pleasure and satisfaction. The author tells about the features of anatomy and stimulating certain points in men and women, examines in detail the subject of anal sex and prepare for it. Talking about sex toys and techniques: shibari, erotic spanking, use, temperature and more.

If you are ready to abandon traditional beliefs and shame, embrace your body and experiment with it, “the boudoir Bible” is a good guide to the enjoyment.

Very often a quick fuck leads to that sacred Union is reduced to the obsessive, mechanical act that leaves one or both partners a feeling of emotional emptiness, physical lust and frustration… simply By improving sexual skills, lovers will learn to create rituals that can occur within a few hours, if not days.

Bethany Vernon, “the Bible for the boudoir”

2. “The Bible of sex. Updated edition”, Paul Joannides

If you feel some tension, if you are going to read about sex, feel free to choose this book – the tension drain away with the first few chapters. The whole book is filled with light humor, so read without a smile is simply impossible.

Attempts to define sex is often like trying to enter the vaginal diaphragm: every time you think you’ve already done it, the damn thing jumps on you like a ninja.

Paul Joannides, “sex Bible. Updated edition”

This is a real encyclopedia, which deals seem to be any aspect in any way associated with sex. There is information even about the kissing and undressing, sexual relations with colleagues, sex army, sex during menstruation, not to mention such expected topics as orgasm, sexual fantasies, contraception, and sex toys.

Therefore, even if you consider yourself a sophisticated person, surely you will find in the book something new.

3. “Intimate gymnastics for women” Ekaterina Smirnova

Many women go to the gym or exercising, developing muscles, but forget about intimate muscles, others are sedentary, even worse impact on women’s health and tone muscles of the perineum.

In the book, Ekaterina Smirnova, after a short theory (what and why to develop and how it will affect health and pleasure in sex) were given a list of exercises for different levels of training. The pictures of them performing shows dressed woman, and the efforts shown by the arrows, but the descriptions in sufficient detail for it is quite clear how it is necessary to strain.

4. “Strawberry on the birch. Sexual culture in Russia”, Igor Kon

In this book you will find tips and practices, but it can inspire those who are interested in Russian history and the origins of our attitudes towards sex. If you are looking for a light humorous book, suggest to avoid this difficulty. Here, of course, there are funny moments, but not too much.

Igor Kon describes the history of Russian sexuality from pagan times to the present day, tells how was the sex in Russia, how changing attitudes toward sex and the body in the Soviet Union and after its collapse, what changes await us in the future.

5. “Yes! The secrets of love for two”, Mantek Chia, Rachel Carlton Abrams, Douglas Abrams arava

Still many people think that ejaculation in men, is necessarily accompanied by orgasm, and multiple orgasms – a lot of women. Book Manteca Chia refutes this opinion. Taoist teacher and qigong master for many years, the Western world is teaching the Taoist practices of love that reveal the sexuality of people of both sexes and make you feel wonderful.

The ejaculatory orgasm is similar to a breathtaking flight, but after you experience the prolonged and ecstatic acrobatics aerobatics of multiple orgasms, ejaculatory regular fit disappoint you with its simplicity and simplicity.

Mantek Chia, “Yes! The secrets of love for two”

The author says and proves by the example of Western research and Eastern practices that multiple orgasms in men is not a myth that it is available to everyone and is good for health. Also in the book there are techniques to achieve pleasure for both partners, and the head homosexual, a story about how to keep attraction to partner for years to come and ways to cope with such problems as impotence and premature ejaculation.

6. “Sexuality, love and Gestalt”, Brigitte Martel

This book is dedicated to psychological problems that interfere the sexual life. Bridget Martel, French psychotherapist with extensive experience in individual and group sessions, talks about the challenges often faced by her clients: the lack of orgasm in women, premature ejaculation in men, loss of sexual desire in the couple and many other troubles, which successfully helps to cope Gestalt therapy.

There are no difficult terms or complicated explanations and theories. Everything is simple and clear, supported by real examples and very interesting. You may recognize your situation in the history of one of the patients of Bridget and you will understand what direction to go. In addition, the book helps to understand what any of your problems in sex can be solved.

This book is primarily for people who started their sexual life with injuries who were depressed the education of who have lost their sexual interest or began to treat sex life as a duty… but also for those who aspire to the fullness of experience of their sexuality…

Bridget Martel, “Sexuality, love and Gestalt”

7. “As a woman wants. Master class on the science of sex,” Emily Nagoski

The author reveals all aspects of female sexuality: from the anatomical features and ending with the social and cultural context. You will learn how arousal occurs, what factors influence pleasure, how to achieve orgasm, and why not get it done.

8. “Masters and Johnson about love and sex,” William masters Virginia Johnson

Guide to sex, covering different aspects: the anatomy of the genital organs, and sexuality at different ages from childhood to old age, sexual techniques and behavior, heterosexual and homosexual, sexual fantasies and more.

There are no specific techniques to enhance your pleasure and reach an orgasm, but there are a lot of other information that may be useful to expand the horizons. Best book suitable for adolescents and those who had little interest in the topic of sex and want to broaden their knowledge in this area.

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